Hi everyone!  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I know that you have many places to visit, so I am happy you picked mine!

In this little corner of the blogosphere, you will find posts about family, travel, roller derby and recipes.  I enjoy linking up with other blogs and expanding my blogging circle.  I appreciate each and every person who has visited. 

My name is Morgan.  I live in Kansas City, Kansas, which is nice because it is in the middle of the continental United States and allows for easy travel in any direction.

Tanner, Alli and Peyton are my three children.  They show up frequently in blog posts.  They are cool.  I like them.  We have lots of pets; Peanut the dog (passed away 3/1/18), the Maggie Cat and Jager Kibben, Furby the Chin, Linny and Kermie: the guineas.

I love to travel.  Check out my 39 List.  Lots of travel plans to be had on there.

I play roller derby for two leagues: Fountain City Roller Derby and the Kansas City Roller Warriors.  I am the Head of Recruitment for Fountain City Roller Derby and have a blog specifically for that.  You can check that out here.

I am one class away from my Master’s in Education—Biological Sciences from WGU.  My bachelor’s degree is in Education with an emphasis in Social Studies.  I have learned to become a social studies teacher it is best to be male and coach a sport like wrestling or football.  I am not a male and I do not coach either.  I am hoping the science will get me in the door somewhere.

I currently work for the State of Missouri.  I don’t talk a lot about that because government. 
I read a lot.  GoodReads
I watch TV a lot.  I love "reality" shows; the Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother are still amongst my favorites.  They are like the Big Three, right?

I can sometimes be a slave to my FitBit.  Now if I could just figure out how to eat correctly.

You will see me posting new content a couple of times a week.  Leave me a quick note when you pop in!  I love reading others blogs and subscribe to a ton of them. 

If you want to know anything else about me, all you have to do is ask.

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  1. Hey, we were just out to Kansas City in August visiting friends in Lee's Summit. It's a long way from West Michigan, but so worth the drive to see these special people. I've never seen a roller derby other than on TV. You gotta be tough to do that! Congrats on the work you have done toward your MA. Enjoyed meeting you.
    JQ Rose