Thursday, July 13, 2017

Top 10 Thursday: The To Do List

The Top Ten Items on my current To-Do List!

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I love lists.  I have a lot on my To-Do list.  Who doesn't?  There are always things that need to be done!

1.  Finish Chemistry II.  I should have done Chemistry as an undergrad.  I think it would have been a lot easier.  I am scheduled to take my assessment on Sunday.  Let's hope all goes well.  

2.  Clean out my extra bedroom.  Everyone in my home keeps piling all their extra crap they don't want in their own bedrooms in there.  It's driving me bananas.  

3.  Go Blueberry picking.  I will have to wake up early this weekend and achieve that.  Anyone care to join me?  I have a new pie plate I want to try out.  I found one at Hobby Lobby for 80% off.  True story.

4.  Find a school to do my short student teaching rotation at.  I don't have to do full on student teaching since I already have my Bachelor's in Education.  I have to do one unit and then turn my practicum in.  

5.  Buy a new washer.  It decided it was time to go. :(

6.  Pick my meals out for next weeks Home Chef delivery.  If I don't do it by Friday, they just send me whatever.  Ever try Home Chef?  No?!?  Use this link here.  Trust me, you will not regret it.

7.  Back To School Supply shopping....why....already?!?!  Back to School nights are coming up soon.

8. Install the new light in my kitchen.  It's from IKEA.  I know, I'm shocked too.

9.  Meet up with Kate the Great Photographer to figure to figure out exactly where we want to do our team pictures at Belvoir Winery.  So many possibilities.  We might try a few wines also.

10.  Hang up the lights on my porch.  I've only been trying to do that all dang spring/summer.

What's on your list?


  1. Morgen, so much going on! Good luck for your chemistry test, I'm glad it's not me who has to take it, I wasn't any good at it back then.
    Good luck with your IKEA project - as much as I love IKEA as a company and shopping (and restaurant experience) those assembling projects can be challenging.
    I'd love an extra bedroom, but the same would probably happen to it: people dumping their sh**
    Don't forget to link up this post over at my blog:

    1. One time we got IKEA bunkbeds ::facepalm::

    2. Sounds like a blog-worthy experience ;-)
      Speaking of IKEA, a couple of blogger friends and I made a birthday cake for IKEA a while back:

  2. That's an awesome list you have. Back to school aready? A fellow teacher, cool! I have been teaching for about 15 years now.

    1. It starts mid-August so stores get picked clean fast! My children also get out mid-May, so they definitely get a long summer!

  3. #6 - home chef sounds good

    #8 - isn't that good? I thought Ikea have good products, I have no problems with them

    good luck with your list.

    have a lovely day.

  4. sounds like you got a busy week ahead of you. I just ran accross this blog hop, sounds like fun. Do you participate in it every week? Thanks for pointing it out, I will be joining you guys next week.



  5. I hope your chemistry assessment went well - really didn't like this subject at school so really impressed that you're doing this. Home chef sounds fab - need to see if they have something like that in Scotland where I live. Good luck with the spare room and getting everyone to keep it clean.