Friday, December 29, 2017

Giving Back: my ideas for the upcoming year

I have always had a strong sense of community.  In high school, it was heightened even more by one teacher.  Ron Poplau.  He even has a book, all about community service and how it helps everyone.  I didn't know he had a book until I googled him so I could link him to this.  He did retire in 2015 from teaching.  But here is something I found for him from 2005.  In 2005, he had been teaching for 43 years, so that makes it a total of 53 years before his retirement.  Just think of how many students he has impacted and made their lives better.  Also, he was teaching when my mom was at the high school.  My mom and I shared two teachers.  The girls PE teacher and social studies teacher.  My mom and I graduated from the same high school, which I think is actually pretty awesome.

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How are you going to help your community this year?
Here is my short list of items that I would like to do with my family or groups I belong to that will help others:

Donate Blood
Collect Cars for Henry's Haul (toy cars)
Create homeless bags to give out to...well...the homeless....
Volunteer at the Spay and Neuter Clinic again and maybe at the Great Plains SPCA (Where we adopted our cats and guinea pigs from)
Helping out at Harvestors Food Drops

I need a group to help me create the homeless bags, I know where to go to distribute them.  (We get a lot of homeless in our office and they let us know where their camps are)

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  1. Great ways to give back!
    I learned that I can't give blood anymore - some kind of antibodies from pregnancy that can sometimes kill people?
    Homeless bags are great, and make us thankful for what we have.