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The 39 List

I mentioned in my A to Z Challenge posts (April 2017), that I had some goals that I wanted to reach by the last day of my thirty-ninth year of life.  So, I'm going to use this page to continually update.  I guess I should have 39 things?  Since that corresponds....

Numero Uno
The first thing is a big one.  I want to visit all of the United States.  I've been to 25 out of the 50 as of 5/15/17. I'm half way there but I am not counting places where I have only been in the airport (Arizona, Utah, Ohio and New York.)

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Read 39 Books
Master's In Biological Education and to attend the graduation ceremony
A teaching job
Throw Tanner the best Graduation Par-tay!

Visit some cities for an adult only trip:  Chicago, New York and New Orleans
Overcoming that fear of falling by:  I've realized I really don't have this fear.  Mind over matter.
Thirty Days of Pinterest -- Make something or do something everyday that I have found on Pinterest
Complete the #atozchallenge each year

Attend/Compete in a WFTDA championship. 

Completely research one branch of my family tree.  If that goes well, attempt more.

I still want to do the Midnight Picnic with someone and we can count stars.  I'm sure we can count them all.

Adopt a Family at Christmas time
Donate Blood
Another Polar Plunge and raise a lot of money for Special Olympics
Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House
Collect Cars for Henry's Haul (toy cars)
Create homeless bags to give out to...well...the homeless....
Leave encouraging post its in random places

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Scuba Dive -- with turtles.  Turtles are cool.  The fish can't touch me though.  There is a story behind that.  I might tell it one day.

See a Solar Eclipse -- August 2017

I want to visit an Ice Hotel and have drinks in the bar

Fifteen -- Foreign Travel
Get a flipping passport  -- need to get for the whole family before June 2018
I also really want to visit Iceland
Australia.  Seriously.
Canada with the fam
Tropical Vacation
Sixteen - National Parks Travel
Badlands National Park - May 2017
Devils Tower National Park - May 2017
Yellowstone National Park - June 2017
Grand Tetons National Park - June 2017
Olympics National Park - July 2017

Things to Still be numbered and categorized. 
Family Pictures!  Every year!

Go on a Cruise!  That might be how I make it to Alaska.  -- scheduled June 2018
Play Bingo at one of those huge Bingo Halls. And Win!  I have to keep going back until I win.
No Credit Card Debt
Be a Tourist in Kansas City
Complete a 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Achieve a Happy Weight
Find a Pen Pal -- either snail or email
Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip -- THIS!  This is going to be hard.
Pan for Gold -- May 2017!  We did this while on vacation!
Make my house, my dream house  -- I have the space and the house.
Write a Xenogogy -- about all my adventures and places we go. 
Float Trip!
Take a Train Somewhere
Buy my domain name
Attend a State Fair
See the Northern Lights
Boundary Waters
Alli wants to go to an escape room, so we will do that.
She also want to try Bubble Tea?

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