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The 39 List

I mentioned in my A to Z Challenge posts (April 2017), that I had some goals that I wanted to reach by the last day of my thirty-ninth year of life.  So, I'm going to use this page to continually update.  I guess I should have 39 things?  Since that corresponds....

Numero Uno
The first thing is a big one.  I want to visit all of the United States.  I've been to 25 out of the 50 as of 5/15/17. I'm half way there but I am not counting places where I have only been in the airport (Arizona, Utah, Ohio and New York.)

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Read 39 books
*We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach  -- Finished April 2017
*The Flood Girls  -- Finished May 2017
*The Thousandth Floor  -- Finished April 2017
*We are Unprepared
*Luckiest Girl
*In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware

 *Ladies' Night by Mary Kay Andrews

Master's In Biological Education and to attend the graduation ceremony -- July 2018
A teaching job
Throw Tanner the best Graduation Par-tay!

Visit some cities for an adult only trip:  Chicago, New York and New Orleans

Overcoming that fear of falling by:  I've realized I really don't have this fear.  Mind over matter.

Complete a whole thirty
Thirty Day Fit Bit Challenge
Thirty Days of Pinterest -- Make something or do something everyday that I have found on Pinterest
Complete the #atozchallenge each year

Attend/Compete in a WFTDA championship. 

Completely research one branch of my family tree.  If that goes well, attempt more.

I still want to do the Midnight Picnic with someone and we can count stars.  I'm sure we can count them all.

Adopt a Family at Christmas time
Donate Blood
Another Polar Plunge and raise a lot of money for Special Olympics

Have a movie themed dinner party at my house.  Will anyone show up?
Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Set Up a Progressive Dinner

Scuba Dive -- with turtles.  Turtles are cool.  The fish can't touch me though.  There is a story behind that.  I might tell it one day.

See a Solar Eclipse -- August 2017

I want to visit an Ice Hotel and have drinks in the bar

Fifteen -- Foreign Travel
Get a flipping passport  -- need to get for the whole family before June 2018
I also really want to visit Iceland
Australia.  Seriously.
Visit family ruins in Europe  -- so Scotland, yo.
Canada with the fam
Sixteen - National Parks Travel
Badlands National Park - May 2017
Devils Tower National Park - May 2017
Yellowstone National Park - June 2017
Grand Tetons National Park - June 2017
Olympics National Park - July 2017
Complete the Six Missouri National Parks Challenge

Things to Still be numbered and categorized. 
Family Pictures!  Every year!

Go on a Cruise!  That might be how I make it to Alaska.  -- scheduled June 2018
Play Bingo at one of those huge Bingo Halls. And Win!  I have to keep going back until I win.
No Credit Card Debt
Be a Tourist in Kansas City
Complete a 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Achieve a Happy Weight
Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip -- THIS!  This is going to be hard.
Pan for Gold -- May 2017!  We did this while on vacation!
Make my house, my dream house  -- I have the space and the house.
Write a Xenogogy -- about all my adventures and places we go. 
Float Trip!
Take a Train Somewhere
Buy my domain name
Attend a State Fair

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