Monday, April 24, 2017

T is for Town....1880s Town that is....

You know my oldest is all excited about the Ghost Towns, he's just as excited for the 1880s Town.
This stop is located about 22 miles west of Murdo, SD.  This town offers a nice stop during our long drive through South Dakota.  People have described it as being in the middle of nowhere.

We will be hitting up this place a couple of days before Memorial Day weekend, so I am hoping it won't be too crowded.

Have you ever been here?  Tell me your stories of visiting replica old West towns!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

S is for Stalker

Wait?  What does this have to do with vacations?  I don't know how much it really does, but I'll be happy that I won't have to deal with it.  Even if it's only for twelve days.

Here is my story.

Where my house is there are only two other houses in the intermediate area.  We are surrounded by a creek on one side, woods on the other and a church hides us from the main road.  It's cozy and hidden.

I have lived here for almost four years now.  I love my little hidden house.  (It's not super little either, I have four bedrooms and I think that's more than enough) 

One of my neighbors moved within the last three months or so.  Every once in a while we would chat (I thought he talked too much and I wanted to just get inside my house most of the time).  We would chat about dumb things, like the other neighbors, the lawn and stuff about the houses (they both had the same owners previously).  I didn't talk about my life or anything about it.  Maybe my car.  But's that about it.

One day when he wouldn't be quiet, he mentioned something about me getting new curtains.  I didn't think about it at the time, but I was like, yep, even back here you need curtains for the front room otherwise anyone can look in.  Someone had been looking in and it had been him.

Anyway, back to the stalker thing.

So he moved,  last week I received a friend request on Facebook with no common friends and no message.  Being the person I am,  I declined the friend request.  I work for the government in Social Services and every once in a while a client of the agency likes to friend request me.  A few days later, I got a message saying he was my old neighbor and I was like, oh yeah, that was your first name.  I didn't know his last name.  Come to think of it, he shouldn't have known my last name either.  I never gave it to him.  (Although you can look it up on the property records in the county we live in)

We chatted for a little while asking how I was and asking about the new neighbor and wanted me to tell the third neighbor "Hey" when I saw him.  He also mentioned things about me that he shouldn't have known.  I know I never told him.  He sent me another friend request and I accepted it this time.  He got my phone number off of my Facebook page.  (It's still on there from when I set up my Facebook account way back in 2006, when you had to put a phone number on there)  He started texting me.  I was leading a Girl Scout meeting, when I got a text that said "I feel really dumb, but I want to tell you something"  After Girl Scouts, I answered him and I was like "What's that?" and I get "I've been really attracted to you for the entire time you lived there."  and I was like "Oh, I had no idea"  Which is true, I didn't.  I have no interest in him what so ever.

And this is when he starts to make me feel uncomfortable.  I get the question "Do you ever wear thigh highs?"  Ummmm....WTH?  The answer was "Nope" and he was all "Well, that's okay because you look really sexy in your black yoga pants" and my reply was "Okay" and I get "They show your curves off really well and I also love that you are so busty."  I didn't respond.

The next day, I get a message with the purple devil smile face emoji.  I responded with a ?.  And he was all like "Hey, what are you wearing?"  "Jeans and a T-Shirt" and the response I got was "Do they show your curves well."  I never responded.

When I pulled into my driveway I get a text "Is it bad that all I think about is caressing you from the back?".  I didn't respond. 

The next day,  I get a message "Do you like to spoon?"  I didn't respond.

A few hours later, as I'm pulling into my driveway I get a sad face emoji.  I didn't respond.

That night, I finally look at his Facebook page and find out he is a homophobic racist.  He also has a strong dislike for immigrants, both legal and illegal.  Obviously, we would not be a good fit for each other.  Does he not realize what I do for a living?  Does he not realize that I will not deal with intolerance of other humans?  I'm more of a peaceful, accepting person.  I don't want to hear talk about how one person is superior to another. 

Number one, this type of behavior is just rude.  He thought it was okay to go from just acquaintances to sending me messages like that.  He might have watched me for years, but he should not have felt comfortable enough to send me messages like that.  Ever.  That makes me worry about what he would do in real life.

Number two, they might not seem like much, but the perverted behavior is uncalled for.  No women deserves to be sent those things.  It makes one uncomfortable.

I don't have enough time for that crap and now I feel like I have to keep a watchful eye out at home.  I shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable in my own home.  Thanks a lot guy, you did that.  I am so glad you moved.

Friday, April 21, 2017

R is for Relaxation

Vacations.  Relaxation. They are supposed to go together.  More and more, I hear, I need a vacation from my vacation.  I don't want our vacation to be like that.  I want us to be, we get there when we get there.  We will still be able to see all the places we want to see even if we take it slow.  We don't have to be on the road traveling long distances every day.

Sometimes I relax by watching the webcam for Old Faithful.  The abundant crowds of summer are not upon the park and somehow the steam calms my nerves at times.

What do you do to relax, while on vacation, or just in your everyday life?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for a Quite a While Ago

Once upon a time, I went to Yellowstone with my grandparents.  I don't remember it being extremely crowded and I don't remember the trip taking that long to get there.  I know we stopped in Loveland, Colorado for a few nights.  I loved the campground we stayed at.  It had a pool.  I remember my grandparents telling me about a boulder that fell on someone's car while they were driving, so I was always looking out for falling boulders.
It has been 27 years since I have been to Wyoming.  I have wanted to go back for the longest time.
To stick my feet in the water of the river.
One thing I can remember is that I dropped one of those plastic t-shirt holders past the boardwalk.  Remember, this was the early nineties.  I had an awesome watermelon shirt and matching shorts with my t-shirt tied on the corner, because that was the thing.  I was playing with it and dropped it.  I was so upset.  My grandpa didn't think twice.  He jumped off the boardwalk and grabbed it for me and scrambled back up. 

So happy throw back Thursday!  Show me your nineties pics!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

P is for Packing

P is for Packing
With every vacation comes packing.  With packing comes a list!  I love lists!  So very much so!  Especially when I check mark something off of that list.  It makes me so gleefully happy.
My Camp Kitchen List
  • Cast Iron Skillet/Dutch Oven
  • Cast Iron Flat pan
  • Table Cloth/Picnic Blanket
  • Trashbags
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Napkins/Paper Towels
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Dish Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Dish Towels
  • Dish Tub/Sponges
  • Cooking Oil and Spray
  • Cutting Board/Knives
  • Oven Mitts
  • Can Opener
  • Scissors
  • Mixing Bowl/Spoons
  • Camp Stove
  • Propane
My Inside the Tent Tub
  • Toiletries – I don’t have to list them, do I?
  • Shower Bag
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Jackets/Sweatshirts
  • Rain Gear
  • Lanterns
  • Flashlights
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Flip Flops/Sandals
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
Camping Supplies
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Toilet Paper
  • Glowsticks
  • Bug Candle
  • Rubber Mallet/Hammer
  • Compass
  • Pocket Knife
  • Tarps
Misc. Stuff
  • Cooler
  • Firewood
  • Water
  • Air Mattress and Pump
  • Swimming Stuff
  • Food
  • Reservation Info
  • Paper Maps
  • Coupons/Budget
  • Camp Chairs
  • Roasters
  • Tent
 What am I missing?!?

O is for Outdoor Fun

On vacation we are going to be outside….a lot.  A lot of the things we have planned take place outdoors.  I know I’ve already blogged about quite a few of our activities; adventure parks, ghost towns and national parks. 

Cooking, tent camping and hiking.  All outdoor fun things.

Pretty much everything on our trip will be a big bunch of outdoor fun.

Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for Nighttime

Vacation.   The nighttime during vacation. 

Nighttime will be filled with campfires, star gazing and visiting a few places that are amazing in the dark.  I already blogged about the nighttime at Devils Tower we are excited for.

We will be visiting Crazy Horse at night.  My sister and brother-in-law told me it was better at night when everything was lit up.  They were also not crazy about Mount Rushmore and loved Crazy Horse.  I’ve heard the opposite from another person though.  I’m going to go with my sister and brother-in-law though; I trust their opinions and my sister and I are similar in some of the things we like.

The admission for Crazy Horse is normally $28.00 per car for over two people.  The weekend we are going, we can donate three cans of food per person and have the admission fee waived.  I need to get twelve cans of food for us to donate.  I believe it goes to a local food pantry.

The memorial has a Legends in Light Laser Show at 9:30 pm while we are there.  It turns the side of the mountain into a light show.  My sister said it was pretty awesome.  Have you ever been?
The stargazing is supposed to be wonderful.  Less light pollution.  I can’t wait. The stars outside are big and bright, deep in the heart….of South Dakota.
Picture from NPS website
The smell of the campfire and roasting s’mores and hanging out.  Possibly falling asleep next to the fire.  Never done that before.  Not ever.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Once upon a time, I was the cute little girl in the background with the bunny ears.  Once upon a time, my grandpa was a funny character who puts paper bags over his head.  I found this picture at my moms house and I love it so much.

Happy Easter friends!  I am not a religious person.  My church is the church of derby.  But Easter is a time for family and to get together and eat good food.  I'll share our Easter menu in another post sometime soon.  

I love to dye eggs and watch the kids hunt for them.  You are never too old for egg dye and Easter egg hunts.  I love to decorate my ugly mantel to make it look a little less ugly.

What do you enjoy doing for Easter?

Friday, April 14, 2017

M is for Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore.  Sigh.  I know this is a place that everyone wants to visit while in the Black Hills.
I have to tell you though, this is the place I am least excited to visit.  I'm torn on a few things.
I know I need to take the children here so they can say that they have been to Mount Rushmore.
I know it's an amazing feat of sculpting, but the person who designed it, their values hit me in the wrong spot.

Let's start out with the sight.
There is no entrance fee, but you do have to pay $10 to park.  The fee you pay for parking does not go to the monument.  It actually goes towards the company running the parking garage. 

Once you get into the memorial area there is a visitors center and a Presidential Trail that leads you closer to the memorial.  It states on there it is a .6 mile hike, so not very far.  They have an audio tour you can go on.
They have some Ranger Programs.  When I go to parks, most of the time I really enjoy the programs, so depending on the time of day we make it to Mount Rushmore, we will have to take in a program or two.
I was reading Josh Gates "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" and I came along a little bullet point list of the places that didn't live up to their hype of being as awesome in real life as they were in pictures.
He mentioned Mount Rushmore.  Sure, it looks awesome in pictures, but it looks awkward in real life and the creator was a member of the KKK.
Now, that made me gasp a little. So being the person I am, I had to research it.
Gutzon Borglum.  He was in the KKK, even though after a falling out with them (he was dismissed from the Stone Mountain in Georgia project) he claims to not be a member.
He worked on the Mount Rushmore project from 1927 until his death in 1941.
His son took over the project for one year after he died.  He finished all that his father had needed to do for completion.
How many people know about Gutzon Borglum?  He was a fantastic artist, but still.

That's why I'm torn.

Have you ever been to Mount Rushmore?
Share your experiences with me!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

L is for Lunches

L is for lunches!

Lunches while on vacation.  My mind keeps going to McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc….  Then my mind goes to how upset my stomach will be while on vacation and how much money that it will cost with the four of us.

Here are some things I’ll be bringing with us on our journey to stave off the hunger and won’t make us have to make more stops on the road than we want to.

The Classic Brown Bag lunch (sans the brown bag): Sandwiches!  PB&J, Ham and Turkey, all the things the kiddos enjoy and that will keep well in the cooler.  Chips: same bag variety pack and Pringles.  Fruits and veggies with dips. Granola bars and snack mixes.

Tuna Salad packs.  They have them at Aldis and they come with crackers.  My daughter loves them.  They do not need to be refrigerated, so they are pretty much perfect.

Salads in a jar.  Enough said.  They were the rage on Pinterest a while back, I know because I pinned a lot of them.

Pita Bread and hummus.

Tortilla Roll-ups!  Prepared with cheese and meats ahead of time.

Cheese, pepperonis and crackers.  My favorite.  So much yum!

Quesadillas!  Prepared ahead of time and still taste yummy!

And we could always get Lunchables. J

What are you easy, over the road lunches?

K is for Keepsakes and Kindness

Keepsakes (Souvenirs) and Kindness
Every trip deserves a few dollars in the budget for Keepsakes.  I can tell you, I’m not a huge fan of souvenirs.   I think a majority of them are a waste of money and quite tacky. 
My daughter does like to get patches from places she visits.  I think that is a great idea.  She has a box full of patches from places we have visited.  We need to figure out what to do with them.

Sometimes I’ll get some cute shot glasses that will barely be used, from places I visit.
The boys just want food and candy.  Very rarely do they ask for anything from the gift shops.
Sometimes we get t-shirts.  I think in Yellowstone we will have to get some t-shirts.

What kind of keepsake/souvenirs do you like to get on trips?
Kindness is my second K word.  
We must be kind to those around us and the things around us.  I was trying to think of some kind things I can do for others on our trip. 
I plan on picking up a lot of donuts at Wall Drug to share with people that will be camping around us.  Everyone loves donuts.
At Crazy Horse, they are doing a food donation drive during the time we are going to be there.  I am going to get some food to donate while we are there.
I am going to give people the benefit of the doubt; that we are all here to be kind and visit a beautiful place.
What kind things do you do for people while on vacation?  How do you pay it forward?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J is for....

Jacket, Journey, Jewel, Judge, Jump.....

J words are hard. 

I know we will need jackets on this grand vacation (JOURNEY!) of ours.  Jackets are okay, but I like hoodies better.  They seem warmer to me.  Maybe I'm cray.

South Dakota temperatures are fairly cool during the end of May and beginning of June.    The temps for Wyoming look to be in the 60s and 70s during the day.

Yellowstone does have a place that we can jump in a river.  It is called Firehole Canyon.  The River is supposed to be warm year round.  This is the only sanctioned swimming hole in Yellowstone that will be open while we are there.  We will definitely have to make the jaunt to jump in this River. 

Jewel Cave is a place that we can go if we have extra time. It's a first come, first serve cave tour.  It's warned if you don't get there super early, that you probably won't get in on the cave tour.  That's why I'm opting towards the Wind Cave instead.  I like caves but I'm not going to spend half a day waiting to tour one. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

::On my shelf:: “The Thousandth Floor”

::On my shelf:: “The Thousandth Floor”

“The Thousandth Floor” by Katharine McGee takes place in New York, one hundred years from now.  And it’s a book set in the future that is not a dystopian novel.  Wha?!  You mean, not everyone is predicting a future of dismal and despair? 
Now that I say that, the novel opens with a girl falling to her death from the Thousandth Floor.  We don’t know who the girl is and how she got into that situation.
The story revolves around five main characters.  After the dramatic opening, it goes back three months to give us a backstory that leads up to the events.
Avery is a GMO, she is genetically perfect, genes taken from both of her parents to be perfect.  She has a brother named Atlas.  He’s adopted.  That’s important.  She also lives on the Thousandth Floor.
Watt, he’s a genius and he has a computer in his head. He makes money using that computer and hacking things.  He expectantly meets a girl, a girl who uses him and then hurts him.
Rylin, she’s an orphan, raising her sister, fell into a job that helps her and fell in love with her boss who loves her.
Eris, she falls from the top to the near bottom when a family secret was discovered.  And then it gets worse.
Leda, her family moved up in life, but that doesn’t stop her drug problem.  Leda has dirt on everyone and wants to blackmail them and make their lives miserable.
The novel takes place in New York, in a skyscraper that nobody ever has to leave to live life.  They have everything within the building.  Parks, churches, movie theaters, stores, streets, street lights, cars, etc… you get the picture.  It’s a self-sustaining environment.  The higher you go up, the better the living.  The bottom floors are depressing and the slums.
When I finished the book, I didn’t realize that the book was a trilogy.  Thank goodness for that because I was going to be really upset if the book ended how it did.  No real conclusion or ending to it.
You will like some of the characters and you will hate and despise a few of them.
I don’t want to go into the plot because it will give things away.  But, I would love to talk to you if you have read it!

I is for Itinerary

Every trip must have some sort of Itinerary, right?   We most certainly do.  I’m going to give a brief outline.
First off, we have to leave home.  Since the oldest child is getting out of school that day, we cannot leave until 2 pm.  That’s the plan anyway.  I have the day off before so I plan on getting everything loaded and packed up then.  Also, to grocery shop and prepare any meals that I can ahead of time.
Our first destination on our trip is Sioux Falls, SD.   It’s almost 5 and half hours of driving time.  We will have to stop and eat at some point.  Kids get hungry.  Sioux Falls is mainly just somewhere to sleep.   If we aren’t too exhausted from all the driving, we will visit Falls Park and Sculpture Walk.  They are free and not too far from the hotel we are staying at.
The next day we will be traversing most of the state of South Dakota.  There are a few places we might stop at depending on what everyone wants to do.  We will have to stop at the famed Mitchell Corn Palace and take a glimpse.  There is also the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village that the kids seemed interested in.  We will have lunch in the car because I’ve been warned there is NO WHERE to eat along the highway.  Also, I was warned, get gas whenever you see a gas station.  We plan on stopping by the 1880s Town and Wall Drug.  Wall Drug is super important as that’s where we are going to get our breakfast for the next morning.  Donuts.  Enough to share, because who doesn’t love donuts!  That night we are staying in the Badlands National Park. 
Picture from visit Rapid City
After leaving the Badlands in the morning, we will visit the alpaca farm.  We will head into Rapid City for a while.  There is the Museum of Geology, Dinosaur Park (picnic lunch here) and Chapel in the Hills.  We will visit the Cosmos Mystery Area and then head to our campground for the night.  We will visit the Crazy Horse Memorial at night!  Super excited about that one.  It’s supposed to be beautiful.
Picture from Trip Advisor
The next couple of days, we will be camped out in the same place, taking in the places of the Black Hills.  A visit to the Wind Caves National Park, Custer State Park, Rush Mountain Adventure Park, hike Black Elk Peak, lunch at the Alpine Inn, Galena  and we can’t forget Mount Rushmore.
Picture from their website
When we leave our campground, we will be heading toward Wyoming with a few stops in between.  HomeStake Visitor Center, Deadwood things: Broken Boot Gold Mine, Mt.Roosevelt Memorial, Dough Traders for Pizza!, DC Booth Fish Hatchery all before we head to the hotel.  We will have dinner at the little diner than head to Devils Tower for the night show.
The next day is a heavy travel day.  We will be heading from the Devils Tower area all the way to Yellowstone Park via Montana.  The next three days will be all Yellowstone and Grand Tetons exploring.  We could probably spend a lot longer there, but we have to head home sometime.
After we leave Yellowstone, we will travel to Cheyenne to our hotel.  The only stop we have planned is the historic Wyoming Frontier Prison.

From Cheyenne, this is where it gets iffy.  Either we will spend the day and night in Denver than make the long trek through Kansas or we will just knock the rest of the way home in one day.  I opt for the Denver stop over.
I’ve been accused of over planning at times, but hey, I am who I am.

Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for Holiday

As in, I am a terrible person and took a holiday from writing because I was so dang exhausted from the weekend that when I sat down to write a blog post, I fell asleep with my hands on the keyboard.  :)

Friday, April 7, 2017

G is for Ghost Towns

My oldest son mentioned he wanted to go to a real ghost town.  Did you know that South Dakota has an abundance of them?  I didn't, but now I do.
The Black Hills have mining villages/towns that have long been abandoned.

The name Galena caught my attention.  Probably because Galena is the state mineral of Missouri (not where I live, but where I work for the state).  Galena is lead sulfide, which is a major source of lead ore. 

Galena, SD was a boom town that sprang up in 1876.  The Black Hills were invaded with people during the Gold Rush, though the hills produced mainly silver and lead veins.  There were trace amounts of gold around.

Galena is fairly easy to find and I think we will make a stop by.  Read more about Galena here.

photos from Blacks Hills Blog

Photos from Black Hills Blog

Have you ever been to a ghost town?  Let me know your experiences!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

writers workshop: if I had a garden

If I had a garden it would be the ones that I have been Pinteresting for years.

I want a garden.  I want someone to help me with a garden though.  I feel like this is a task I could not take on by myself.

First things first, I want those fancy raised beds.  I would plant flowers and herbs and pretty things in those..
Something like this:

That's pretty snazzy, right?

Also, I would love a fire pit.  This is because I want people to come hang out with me and drink adult beverages and tell me funny stories by the fire. 
Honestly, I think I am totally capable of making a fire pit like this.

I picked up solar lights, similar to these, to place upon my pathway to my house.
I got string lights to hang on the porch.  I just have to figure out how to hang them.  That's garden-ish...
I found a barometer, thermometer, clock combo at Marshall's the other day for my dream garden, but the BAROMETER hand was broken.  I was pretty much hurt in the heart because of that.  I can't find an example of it.  I'll have to keep searching for one.

Flowers I would include in my garden:
 I actually already have four extremely happy rose bushes.  One is even climbing the side of my house.
Sunflowers!  Because Kansas state flower! 

What do you have in your garden?  Give me fun, cheap and pinteresty ideas!

F is for Food...

Yesterday, I blogged about some of the campfire EATING we would be doing.  I'm going to follow the same theme with food, but explore the restaurants we will be stopping at.  It's a short list. 

Alpine Inn for some German Fare  -  This restaurant is located in the Black Hills.  We will be stopping by for lunch since their dinner menu consists of two items.  I need more choices.

The Dog Pound Grill and Ice Cream  -- This is our restaurant stop before we head to Devils Tower.  Super simple food and Ice Cream.

Dough Traders  -  I really love Pizza, that's all.

I told you it was a short list.  I know there are probably a ton of places to eat around there and I did research a few other ones.  This is the list I decided on that would be the best for my family.  I know them, I know what they will eat.  I know that they will eat more food prepared at our "home" than the restaurants.  I, also, could not cook food every single night, especially on heavy travel days. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

E is for Eating!

Well, we have to do it, we might as well make it good!

I love cooking over a campfire!  I'm going to share a few good and easy campfire eats! 

My first one is the "Walking Taco", seriously the easiest thing you can possibly make.  We will be making this one at the Badlands where we cannot have an open flame.

Walking Tacos

Small Bags of Chips: Fritos and Cheese Doritos taste the best
Preference of meat: chicken and ground beef are the easiest, seasoned to taste
Shredded Lettuce
Sour Cream
Taco Sauce of your choice (I'm going to utilize all those extra Taco Bell sauce packets that accumulate in my kitchen)

Picture from Betty Crocker website
For time sakes and convenience, I am going to prepare and cook the meat ahead of time and keep it frozen in the cooler.  We will warm it up on the camp stove.

The only things you need to do is open the bag of chips, put all of the toppings and meat in there, then enjoy.  Easy as pie....wait, did you say pie?  Okay, our next recipe is more of cake, but you saw where I was going there....right?

Apple Pie Dump Cake

A box of yellow or white cake mix
One can of lemon-lime soda (I like Sprite!)
Two cans of apple pie filling

You will need a Dutch oven and aluminum foil

First things first, get that fire going with some nice glowing coal.

Line your Dutch oven with aluminum foil.  This makes easier clean up and disposal.

Pour the two cans of apple pie filling into the bottom on the Dutch oven.

In a bowl, mix the cake mix and sprite together.

Pour that over the apple pie filling. 
Place the Dutch oven, with the lid on, in the fiery bed of coals.  If you are using charcoal, you can place a couple of bricks on the top.

Check on it in about thirty minutes,  if it's not cooked entirely through, keep checking it every 10 minutes or so.

Now, share with all your friends that will come visit because of the awesome cake smell!

Campfire Pizza

At the store this past weekend I found a flat cast iron pan.  I feel I really need to make a pizza on this.  Campfire pizza!  yes, please.

It's pretty simple:
Get your pizza dough, spread it out, prep all the pizza prepping things and put on all those yummy toppings.

Warm up the flat cast iron skillet for around 20 minutes.  Before putting your pizza on, you will need some high heat oil to place on it.  Once the oil is on, put your pizza very carefully on there and watch the wonderful baking occur..

Here are some other items I am planning on us making:
Chili and hotdog night
Cinnamon Rolls
Campfire Cones
French Toast
Grilled cheeses and soups
Spaghetti and garlic bread
Orange Brownies
Hamburgers, fries and corn

What are your favorite campfire EATINGS?!  Share with me below.  I am always looking for new ideas!