Monday, November 23, 2020

Weekend to a short week!

 I start my new employment today!  What?  I am so excited.  I have a meeting with HR to virtually do my ID process,  First Day Orientation online and a meeting with my new manager.  I don't have my computer yet.  HR said it's on it's way.  I can do all the things listed above on my own computer, so it works out just fine.  Nice, easy first week!  I think I made the right choice on starting this week.

It's been a busy morning already.  I met with Alli's remote teacher.  She is on target with most of her classes.  She can use the holiday break to get caught up in one of the them, but the other one she is sitting on a test that has to be supervised.  She will have to wait until next week.  I met with Peyton's geography teacher.  Peyton is doing a good job, has attended all the virtual meetings and his teacher said he can still do the project he is missing.  I know Peyton had started on it, just not sure where he is at with it.  I am going to have him turn it in this week.  I had already warned the kids if they have missing work, they would be doing it over Thanksgiving Break.  Thank goodness, neither of them have a lot missing.  

This weekend I decorated the front room.  I've also been going through things.  I found a couple of boxes with DVDs.  Probably around 100 of them.  Maybe more.  Half of them are missing.  That means they are floating around this house somewhere.  I will donate a majority of them.  A few I am keeping because they are classics or favorites and can be passed down.

Here is Kibben in the tree before I can even get the lights on it.  He hasn't gotten up in it since I put the ornaments on.  I let him have his fun for a few minutes.  :)

I went shopping on Sunday.  Aldi's has a bunch of fancy cheeses for not fancy prices.  I am making a charcuterie board for Thanksgiving.  I bought a bunch of meats, cheeses and crackers.  We are not having Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Our family needed to postpone until Sunday.  My niece was exposed to COVID 19 and quarantine ends for them on Saturday.  So far negative tests and no symptoms.  Whew!  On Thursday, my mom, the kids and myself are going to my grandpas apartment and having a small dinner.  Chicken, scalloped potatoes, rolls and a cake.  My grandpa is making the cake.  He has been wanting to bake one for a while.

I picked up a few things for him at the store and brought them out to him on Sunday.  We are keeping him out of the stores as much as we can with the rising cases.  Gotta keep him safe.  :)   My mom shopped for him yesterday, but he had forgotten a few things.  We watched a little TV and I told him about Big Sky, I figured he would like that.  He plans on watching it on Tuesday when the episode airs. 

I did some online shopping and worked on gift lists and what I need to purchase.  I need a few more ideas for my teenage boy.  He will probably end up with some money for shoes.  It will make him happy though.  

Peyton attempted his permit test on Friday. He missed it by two questions.  He will have to try again.  It took Alli a few times to pass also.  Some of those signs are ones that you do not see often.

Here are some pictures of Peyton.  He loves those doggos and they were helping me sort socks....kinda.

We can't forget a picture of Freddie, sunning himself on the bench.

I'm just going to watch my First Day video and wait for my computer to arrive.  It should be around 10 am!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Fall List Revisited

 Happy Monday!  I am giving a small recap on my Fall List, mostly to hold me accountable!  The orange is what I have completed and the black is not accomplished yet.  One I won't be able to do, but the other ones I should be able to get finished.

  • Visit the Pumpkin Patch  -- I am counting the pumpkin patch at HD for this one! 
  • Get Lost in a Corn Maze  -- we didn't get to do this before they closed!  (We had a doggo emergency come up when we were supposed to go!)
  • Decorate pumpkins or use them to decorate things.  -- yep!
  • Get a huge mum plant for the front porch  -- yes!
  • Make some apple cider and bake an apple pie
  • Make some chili!  (Multiple times probably!)  -- yes!!
  • Make a bonfire and have s'mores!
  • Visit a haunted house/maze!  -- yes!  The Zombie Bus and terror trail!
  • Make a pumpkin bread or muffins  -- yep!  Pumpkin Choc Chip Muffins
  • Take a few hikes!  The weather is perfect for it.  -- Does the Spooky Trail count?  I'm counting it!!
  • Visit a zoo.  The animals love the cooler weather!  -  We are doing this on November 28th for my nieces birthday!  We are going to the Zoo Lights in Topeka.  I've already purchased tickets, so I am going to cross this one off!!
  • Volunteer somewhere.  -- yes!  I donated Blood and ran the blood drive in terms of volunteers from my organization.
  • Go on a paranormal tour!  -- yes!  Belvoir Winery

Friday, November 20, 2020

Happy Friday!

 Was November 10th really my last post?  It doesn't seem like that long ago.  

Today was my last day with the State of Missouri.  I am sad, but then again, I am not.  I said my goodbyes.  Forwarded any emails I needed to to my personal email (phone numbers, addresses, etc.. of coworkers).  Worked all day, doing the same amount of work I would normally do.  If we were actually in the office, we would be having a going away party for me and I would receive a signed card from my teammates.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little sad not to be receiving that.  I would be something I could look back on in the future.

I thought I was going to have more to say, but it has all slipped my mind.

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


 Where did Monday go?  I sat down to write this post yesterday and it never came to be.  This weekend wasn't bad.  Peyton and Alli spent it at their dads.  His birthday was on Sunday and they went to spend time with him.

On Saturday morning, I saw my white squirrel buddy while letting the dogs out.  He stays either in my yard or the neighbors yard.  He knows where it's safe from the streets.   Both of the cats escaped.  I had to hunt them down for about 30 minutes before I convinced them that the house is best place to be.  I need to invest in brightly colored collars for them and tags if they decide to run off again.  

After our little romp outside, I went inside to enjoy some caffeine and the People magazine.  Draco wanted to help me read.  The puzzle this week was a little harder than normal or I just didn't know the pop culture people they were referencing.    

I watched "The Impossible" on Netflix.  I can't imagine the nightmare that family went through.  Absolutely terrifying.  I remember reading/hearing stories about families in the tsunami at the time it happened.  I started watching the Amanda Knox documentary when the news came in that Biden/Harris are going to be the next President/Vice President.  I cried tears of relief and joy.  I didn't realize how weighing this election had been.  It's a first step, but it's a first step towards progress.

I know people don't want to talk politics on their blogs, but this is my record keeping of life and this is a pretty big moment in it.

Alli had come home to get some clean work clothes and take a shower and asked if we could have Taco Bell.  I agreed.  I was in such a good mood.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning around the house and perusing Pinterest in search of home ideas and recipes.  I watched a couple episodes of ER and read some books.  I finished the Humans by Matt Haig, I highly recommend it.

On Sunday, I went to lunch with my Grandpa and my mom.  He kept mentioning Chipotle to my mom and me, so we went there.  He loved it.  We made a quick run by Walmart, he needed to pick up a few things and my mom did also.  

After we dropped him at this apartment, we went back to my moms house to sort through pictures and watch the Chiefs game.  They won, barely.  But barely is still a win!  We heard of Alex Trebeks passing during the game.  So sad.

We went and did a little bit of holiday shopping.  I got a few thing for people as did my mother.  We had a quick dinner than I headed home.  Peyton ate my left over Chipotle.  It was a not very exciting Sunday night, just preparing for Monday.

I received my onboarding paper work for my new job and filled that all out.

Monday, I turned in my resignation letter.  Once I get the acceptance back from HR, I will email inquiring about how I get my vacation paid out.  I have 99.33 hours owed to me.  Not too shabby, it's a whole another pay check plus some.  I scheduled Peyton's parent/teacher conference with his home room teacher.  I checked Peyton's grade and one of the projects he did in Geography was turned into extra credit and he received 90 extra points for the class.  That's bananas.  It makes me think that not a lot of kids turned it in.  I helped Peyton with it.  It wasn't hard, just took a little time to do.   I know school is struggle this year and I know my kids get irritated with me and keeping on them all the time.  I helped Peyton with his math project too.  It's like I sorta get to take a Freshman year of high school all over again.  He's doing very well in Auto Services, which I am grateful for.  I know nothing about auto services, but I'm learning.  He had videos that he watched in the same room with me.  His teacher is very nice also and I've had email convos with him.  He works as an actual mechanic also and had something dropped on his head that caused a brain bleed.  He is doing better now, but still needs a little bit of therapy for his speech. During that whole time though, he was caught up with grading and giving feedback to the kids.

Off to work now.  

Oh!  And it's Kibben's third gotcha day!  Both my cats are three years old!  Freddie is younger than Kibben, but so much bigger than him.   

Friday, November 6, 2020

Happy Friday!


True story!  While we knew that it would take longer to count the votes this year, it's so hard to wait.  But patients is what we must have.  As I write this, states are very close to their final tallies.  Whew!

I've had trouble concentrating on work this week on top of the computer issues.  But I've still done more work than others, so I am good.  

The kids are out of school today.  Thank goodness.  Peyton's been up since 730 doing things outside.  Why doesn't he get up this easy for school!?! :)

Thursday night was our Board of Directors search meeting for KCRW.  We got all the interview questions categorized and put in order of importance.  The next steps will be to put out the application.  Once an application is received, the list of questions will go out to applicants so they can prepare.  It's only fair since some of our possible applicants have access to the documents and are part of the search committee.  We want everyone on a level playing field during the interviews.

It's not my bed, it's the cats bed.  

Things I want to do this weekend:
  • read
  • yardwork 
  • meet my grandpa and mom for lunch
  • catch up on my writing (I have some daily things and letters to write)
  • catch up on blog reading
Also, I almost did a perfect budget for this pay period!  I am so proud of myself.  I have been trying to do that all year.  

Today was supposed to be our first in Disneyland.  I hope to replan for maybe late next year.  It looks like Japan might be pushed back a year also.  I am okay with that.  I rather go when it's fully open and the sites aren't closed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  

Thursday, November 5, 2020


 Whew!  The computer troubles have been plaguing me at work this week!  Wednesday morning, I had to get someone in the office to do a complete shut down of my remote computer because I kept getting error messages.  That is all fixed now.  Simply a restart fixed it.  

I was dragging all day long from it though.  

Day 2 of online virtual attending classes was complete.  It's actually going pretty well.  The community group though...there are a lot of parents that just don't know what's going on.  One parents went directly to the community group when a teacher didn't show up to an online meeting.  My first steps would have been to email the teacher....maybe something happened.  They could have been called away on an emergency or they could have gotten sick.  I wouldn't have gone straight to the community group b*tching about it.  Then, a lot of other parents started in, then parents started defending and suggested that maybe she call the teacher or school before starting in online.  Peyton has three more assignments to turn in before the quarter.  One of them is doing a video and he's very reluctant to do it, but by not doing it, it's making his a B instead of an A.

Alli is all caught up except in one class.  Even though she's not caught up, she has a high B.  I want her to get ahead for the Thanksgiving break coming up soon.

Peyton and I got our COVID tests back...

and we haven't been exposed or in contact with anyone that was positive.  We just did the test to get in back in school, but it doesn't even matter now.  It's all good.  I understand the precautions.

I had a thought while watching the election returns on Tuesday night.  The governorship for Missouri was up for re-election.  In early returns, Nicole Galloway was in the lead.  I was so hopeful to have a new boss next year and a female that dons blue would be icing on the cake.  In the end, she did not get it and Mike Parsons will again be the governor.  I was saddened by this.

Then I get a call yesterday afternoon.  Actually the same time Peyton's COVID results came back.  It was from the company that I had interviewed with a while back and I was 1 of 6 that made it to the final interview.  I got the job offer.  More pay, yearly bonuses and yearly pay raises.  There is also the opportunity for growth.  I have signed the job offer and submitted for my background screening.  I'm not worried about that since I have worked for the government for the last eight years and they love to run background checks on us.  I have talked to my manager at the State to get guidance on how to submit the resignation and how to cash out my vacation (96 hours) and sick time (437) hours.  I am so excited about this.  I have been looking for opportunities within the state and in the private sector and came up dry for the longest time.  I guess sometimes the fortune teller knows a bit. ;)

I got Chinese to celebrate.

I hope everyone's week is going as well as it can be!
I will do a whole post on the books I received and the book exchanges.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Day 4 of 30 Days of Thankful

 Today, I am thankful for new opportunities coming my way! 

Oh, and for two negative COVID tests. (even though I knew they were going to be!)