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Thursday, December 14, 2017

writer's workshop: gift giving guide

We are keeping Christmas simple this year and hopefully, every year from here on out.
My family is small.  I know I've mentioned that before.
The four adults (my mother, my sister, my brother in law and myself) all exchange names and we have a money limit on what we are buying that person.
I got my sister this year and she made it super easy on me.  She wanted a bunch of kitchen stuff from Avon. I ordered her an 8x10 print from Shutterfly and I am going to have it framed when I get it.
It's from when we were at the Olympics on Ruby Beach.  My son got a picture of her family in between the sea boulders and it was quite beautiful.  Then, she is getting a jacket from Forever 21.

I have a hard time thinking of actual object things that I want.
I don't have a lot of wants.

My Christmas List consisted of:
A Crockpot
Dishes from IKEA (since the kids are rough on mine)
LUSH Bath bombs and Soaps

Each of my children will get one gift from me.
I have Alli's figured out but I don't have the boys.

I rather spend my money on experiences for the kids.
There are two long weekends in February that I will find something to do for us.
I am planning a short trip in March.
We have our big trip at the beginning of June.
And I would like to do something before Tanner goes to basic on July 11th.

What does your gift guide look like?
Do you like things that you can actually hold or do you like experiences?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Betel Nut Chew?

I saved this on my phone a while ago.  Maybe I am turning into the cat lady.  Probably not, I only have two cats.  I think cat lady status happens at about 4 or 5, so I have a few more to go.
With all the recent stuff that has happened with purr bucket, Jager, it's going to be a while before we get any other animals.  I have a vet bill I have to pay.  Plus all his kitten shots are coming up next week.
Just hanging out in the boys room.  It's all cleaned out and Jager is loving the extra space to run and be crazy.  This picture exhibits the many chins I have.  I actually have a running joke with one of our derby photographers about the many chins.  He didn't start it, I did.  We always try to capture as many chins as we can on camera.  The helmet strap really helps to create more chins.
Tanner and I made a meal from Hello Fresh last night.
It was the Crispy Cheddar Frico Cheeseburger and it was
delicious.  He made brownies for us for dessert.  Hello Fresh sent us the cutest
little ketchup, I had to get a picture of it.
And yes, Maggie cat is hanging out on the counter.  That's her place.

Alli had her school nurse call me because she had a rash on her face.  The school nurse thought it was poison ivy.  I had Alli send me pictures and after I saw them it looked like contact dermatitis.  That's what I told the nurse.  Alli had her stepmom come pick her up.  The school nurse told her she needed to go to the doctor immediately because she believed she had poison ivy in her eye.  Sigh.  Her stepmom took her to urgent care and guess what it dermatitis!  Alli got some steroid cream and an antihistamine.  I have all that stuff at home, but it's okay to have extra.    I wish the nurse would have listened to me though......and not freaked out her stepmom.
Now, I just need to figure out what Alli got in to.

Work has been work.  I've had to explain Medicaid to a lot of elderly clients and they don't understand.  We try multiple ways to explain.  The Medicaid program is difficult to understand anyway.  If an elderly client has any income other than social security, they have a spend down (like a premium) that is pretty much impossible to deal with. For some reason, the state believes people can live off of $855 a month and all the other income is supposed to go to medical expenses.  I'm not going to get into how the whole Medicaid system is so screwy with policies.  It's very frustrating, even for those of us that work with the programs.

Twenty-two percent of our clients are non-English speakers and no they are not Spanish speakers.  We have a lot of Somali, Nepali, Burmese, Karen, Vietnamese, Kinyarwandans and Swahili.
The Burmese people are who I want to talk about.  They almost always have red mouths and their saliva and teeth are red and red coming out of their mouths.  It actually makes me quite sick to my stomach with the spit and the smell of it.  I looked up what it was and found an interesting article. 
I'm all for culture diversity, but I don't think I could try this custom out.
I couldn't look at a client yesterday because he had such a big wad of it in his mouth and was drooling.  I do not have a weak stomach, but spit and vomit just turn it.
What cultural customs of others can you not get around?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Early Mornings

Everyone in my house was up early this morning.
I heard the front door open really early.
Usually this means the kids forgot something in my car and they went to
grab it.
Then, I get this text from my daughter and I LOL'ed a whole lot.
Look who came home last night!?!?
Little Jager!
I gave him his antibiotics around 6:30 this morning.
I couldn't get the eye ointment in, so I had to have my son
do it for me.
When I walked in the room, he popped his head up from the top bunk
and started purring and going crazy.
I think he knew I had his food with me too.
We are so happy to have him home.

I, also, feed the Maggie cat, Peanut dog and put the Guineas water bottle back up (They always knock it down) and got Peyton ready for school.

Tanner doesn't have to work until this afternoon, so he went back to bed.

How was your morning?
What did you do?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Wonderslam

Winter Wonderslam was on Saturday!
Last year, this tournament was the one that got interested in KCRW and WFTDA.
I love this ruleset.
I got there early to help set up.  We put up signs, got snacks and drinks ready for skaters/officials, set up tables and got everything ready for the day.
My team was the Carol-ers.
We lost both of our games.
The first game was super close.
We should have lost by more because our jammers were in the box...
all the time.
One time I had two jammer penalties in the same jam, but still managed to score more points than the other jammer.  I won the jam even though they had two power jams. Our defense was amazing.
The bruise is looking so much better!
I love my team!
Singh, Karma and myself.

My bout duty was social media. 
They gave me control of the snapchat, twitter and instagram account.
I don't know how to use SnapChat, but I do love the Insta-stories.
I also posted a little on Twitter.
It's a fun bout job and I don't mind it at all.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Update on the Kitten

Friday, as I was walking out of work, I got a call from the vet.  It appears the kitten was in kidney failure.  I had to make decision and decided to treat the kitten as she thinks the kidney failure might be because of the upper respiratory infection. 
So kitten is on fluid treatment.  That means he is going to get continual IV fluids and antibiotics for three days.  She called me and asked if it was okay to take him home with her to make sure the IV is working as some of the machines can be finicky.
She's going to check his kidney levels on Monday to see if he is okay.
Keep your fingers  crossed for a little kitten friend.
Tanner works at this vets office, so I think that is why she is taking super care of the kitten.  For Tanner.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is the last day of work this week.  I am worn out.

We no longer have a temp in our office, so all the clerical work now falls upon us to do.  It’s a lot for a four person office to handle.  All of the clerical duties fall upon the person scheduled in the back office that week.  This week it was me.  So along with clerical duties, I still had to do my normal duties of getting clients on the phone for their interviews, scanning and indexing paperwork and helping them when they finished up.  Normally, I have my flow and everything goes great.  This week, we have had extremely extended hold times when we were able to get through on the phones.  If the hold time exceeds 25 minutes, the phone actually gives you a message and hangs up on you.  What clients don’t realize is that we do not have a fast track number to get to the interview centers; we call the exact same phone number they do to get an interview and puts us in the same queue was those that call in.  It’s not advantageous for people to come in and use our phones. 

Our phones are gross!  People are sick, coughing all over them, spitting in our trashcans, wiping their noses with their hand then placing them on the desks.  Oh, there is even vomit in one our trashcans at the moment and I am trying to keep all the contents of my stomach down as I cannot handle the vomit smell.  There is also a child with what smells like runny diarrhea in his diaper in the back office right now.  I am inundated with smells I cannot handle.  I feel sorry for this child as he is grabbing himself trying to get away from what is stuck in his diaper.  I’m sure this poor child has a rash.  And no, there is nothing I can do about it.  We cannot offer diapers or wipes to parents that neglect to properly prepare to take their child somewhere.    Pretty much, I am saying our office is a cesspool of germs and funky smells.  My nose actually hurts at the moment.

Out of the 340 clients we have seen in the office this week, 110 have been interviews.  I’ve put 110 people on the phone to speak with the interview center.  I have also processed 246 pieces of mail as of right now.  I am tired.  I would say it will get better soon, but it will only get worse with the holiday approaching.  People procrastinate.  People who are way over on income for assistance; apply, waste our time and get rejected for over income.  There is a lot of work that goes into every single application.  I’ve date stamped so much mail, I feel like the librarian in Indiana Jones. 

Yesterday, we found out one of our co-workers passed away.  He was my supervisor’s manager when I first started with the state six years ago.  I’ve been promoted since then so I am not in the same structure as he managed.  He was a processing center upper management person.  The right hand man to the big dawg.  I work under the resource center tree now.  He was an outstanding leader and someone you could bring problems too.  He was also totally ADHD and played games on his phone all the time.  He found out he had cancer 39 days before he died.  He had a rare colon cancer that had spread to his liver.  He tried all the options given to him.  He leaves his wife and three daughters.  He will be missed.

Yesterday, our little kibben got sick.  He spent the night in the vet’s office.  Tanner works at the vet office and had to work off the x-ray they took of his belly last night.  He’s still eating, drinking, peeing and pooping, but the vet said his bowel was not happy.   She believes he is either constipated or he ate something he was not supposed to.  He will be fine.  He received IV fluids to perk him up a bit.  Still I started crying because kibben!  Tanner will update me on him later this afternoon.   Last night, I told Maggie her brother was in the hospital.  I don’t think she cared, she just asked for more food.

This weekend should be good though.  I have Winter Wonderslam on Saturday.  I will be playing on two teams and be running the leagues social media account for a game I’m not playing in.  I am getting there early to help set up.    Afterwards, I am going to a trivia fundraiser at one of my favorite little burger joints in Westport.  I have a token for a free burger, I must find it. 

On Sunday, just practice and relaxing.

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

writer's workshop: instagram story

I know I've said before that Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms.  I like it so much more than Facebook.

I made a post recently about the evolution of a bruise.

This is the first time I've ever taken a wheel to my shin.  It hurt when it happened, but I never imagined what it would blossom into in the coming weeks.  Yes, I said weeks.  It happened two weeks ago and it is almost finished healing.

Have you ever been kicked in the shin?  How did it turn out for you?  A big, beautiful bruise?