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Thursday, September 7, 2017

writer's workshop: book reviews

This summer, I have come to enjoy books by Mary Kay Andrews.  They are easy reads and always have a happy ending.  Thank goodness.  With so much doom and gloom, it's nice to have a little nice.

The first book I picked up by Mary Kay Andrews was Ladies' Night. 
I randomly found this book at Half-Priced Books.  (That place is awesome, I buy books, I read them and then sell them back)
Ladies' Night is about a lifestyle blogger, a popular lifestyle blogger, that loses that glamorous lifestyle because her husband was screwing her assistant.  Somehow things got flipped, turned upside down, looking like everything was her fault due to the judges dislike of women.
Her liked women to go to a counseling sessions to complete and receive an anger management certificate.  With our blogger, her sessions have four women and one man.  It's unusual for a man to be assigned to this.  The sessions are a little cray and sometimes end early due to the therapist and her own probs.  When they end early, the blogger invites others to her moms dive bar for food and drinks thus creating Ladies' Night.
The blogger learns to create lemonade out of her lemon of a situation and comes out on top.
Of course, there is a little romance and helpfulness of others a long the way.
If you want a quick, cute read pick up this book!

Since I enjoyed that book so much, I found another book of hers.   Summer Rental.

Banker lady loses her job of oh so many years.  That's all she had and did.  Work.  She received a nice compensation plan and already had the summer rental planned and paid for.
She and her two other girlfriends go to the Outer Banks and have a summer full of fun and mystery.
One of them meets a lady at a dinner looking for a room, they had an extra, what a coincidence, and invite her to stay.  This lady is mysterious and suspicious.
Banker lady is particular about her things and how things should be.
Rental house is not up to her expectations and she is constantly bothering the owner via email.
The readers of the book know who the owner is, but she doesn't find out until later in the book.
Anyway, fun, sun, romance and happy ending.

The last one I've read of hers is Itty Bitty Lies

Perfect wife, mother and friends perfect husband left her.
He just upped and disappeared and took all the money.
She's a school teacher, she doesn't make much money.
Perfect husband did dirty things to get a lot of money.
She fakes his death.
It catches up with her.
But don't worry, she ends up on her feet in the end, with lots of money and
man falling for her left and right.
If only, that was the real world.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

IWSG #3 -- September

I use this time to put my goals in place and review my goals from last month.  I feel like September has been going on forever already.  J

Round up of my goals for August!


Goals for August:

  • Finish Chem II -- any tips or tricks or motivation is appreciated.  -- I still can't get the course mentor to approve the final for me.  Bleh.  Weekly meetings still under works.  Cross your fingers for me for approval. 
  • Actually start the Missouri National Parks Challenge.  -- Fail
  • Start cleaning out the extra bedroom and see what treasures I can find. -- I started on the extra bedroom, but I completely cleaned out the shed!  That was something that was almost four years in the making!
  • Solar Eclipse goal will be accomplished.  -- this was the most amazing thing!  I blogged about it.  It made my heart so happy after what a day it was.
  • Participate in blog link ups.  -- did this. 
  • Start rebuilding my teaching portfolio.  -- Working on this!
  • Participate in the August Baking Challenge-- Fail
  • I want my August to be a month to get things done.   -- I did get things done other than what was on my list.  I was made Head of Recruitment for my roller derby league and had to do a lot of things in a short amount of time.  But it's going well.  Getting people in to play the derbies.  Check out the recruitment blog I'm running. 

September Goals:

  • Keep running the recruitment blog and have people stop by to check it out.
  • Work on getting more people into training.
  • Up my own training for Derby.  I have slacked tremendously this summer and I feel it.  Need to make a plan and stick with it.
  • Keep participating in blog link ups.
  • Finish Science, Technology and Society Class
  • Study, study, study for the Biology Praxis.  (November or December test date)
  • Make more contacts for my Northland Encampment programs.  Even though I am not fond of the theme everyone but me voted for last night.  I wanted an Amazing Race – World type theme.  Everyone else wanted “There is no place like camp” So corny and I can’t do anything with programs around it.   The reasoning was that the girls wouldn’t know what the Amazing Race is.  Really?
  • Apple Picking. 
  • Visit the Sunflower Farm.
  • It's Birthday month for two of the children, so we will have fun with that.

September’s optional question - Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn't think you'd be comfortable in?

 I have not surprised myself with my writing.  I am boring.  I like to stick with the same old things.  Travel, Girl Scouts, Education, Sports, Books and children’s things. 

I’m not terribly creative and I don’t know how I would fair in the world of fiction.  I love reading fiction, and I know I will never be able to write like others. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

I guess I've always been goal driven

I cleaned out my shed over the long weekend.  I was long overdue and needed to be done.  I hadn't touch it in the almost four years since I moved here.
I found my "Me" book from my AP Psychology Class from my junior year in High School.
I thought I would do a recap of my "Hopes and Dreams"/goals page of the project.

First Goal: To Graduate High School -- pretty damn easy.  I graduated early.

Second Goal: To go to a Good College -- I didn't go to MU or a school in Washington state, but I did attend UMKC and I am currently attending WGU.  So good college goal was accomplished.

Third Goal:  To major in Pre Med or Secondary Education -- well, my bachelors is in Secondary Education-Social Sciences and my Master's will be in Secondary Education-Biological Sciences.  So goal accomplished.  What is funny though, is that I stated I wanted to teach Chemistry.  Bwahahahaha!  Chemistry is the debbil!

Fourth goal:  To get a good job -- I have that.  Hoping for a better job in the near future doing what I really want to do.

Fifth Goal:  To get married to someone that treats me "good" -- please excuse the horrible grammar.  I cringed when I read that.  I was married for quite a while.  It was not a good marriage.  
I don't know if I will ever get married again.  I am not even with anyone and I'm not looking.  My heart was crushed and maybe it's slowly putting the pieces back together.  I try not to focus on that and think of all the other awesome in my life, even though I do get lonely.  

Sixth goal:  To have two or three children.  Done!  I have three of them.  Two boy and one girl.
Goal accomplished.

All in all, looking at the big picture, I don't think I let my high school self down.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Photo Round Up

Voting happened.  It was just the primaries and only 17% of registered voters voted in it.  I know it's the primaries, but now we are stuck with the same two people that are always going for Mayor/CEO.
Fountain City Roller Derby had a street team event at Up-Down, which is pretty much the coolest bar ever.  They have pineapple beer and I collected lots of names for recruitment/training this year.
Later on that same night, I ended up in Westport.
That girl is my twin.  Not for real, but people frequently mix us up.  Her own
husband even took pictures of me one game, thinking it was her.
Maggie meows and keeps me company on rainy days.
The Walking Stick greeted me one day when I got home from work.
I won a cup.  Full of junk. :)
Royals game with Mimi and Rogue.
It was the first I-70 showdown that I had been to.
Sometimes, I am matchy.
Back to School Night.
Since Peyton wouldn't let me get a picture at his school, Alli found her face in the
picture they took when she was at the school.
Alli's Back to School night.  Same night as Peyton's.
We had to rush from one school to the other.
Green Day concert.  We originally were in the upper section.
The nice usher gave us floor passes.
It made the concert experience amazing.
I found my friend Kate!
Up in the front!  Alli made it all the way up there.
Tanner practicing his photography skills on my phone.
He didn't do too bad.
Alli obtained a drumstick.
Wine Tasting at Belvoir Winery.
First day of school  He didn't want a picture.
She didn't complain
He was making a fish trap for the creek.
Alli made the A team in Volleyball.
This is how far the delivery truck could get to my house to deliver my new washer.
Make Up for Pictures.
Lukey and Jukey
We went through a lot of wine bottles and glasses.
We all look pretty in black and white.
And our office was ransacked and broken into.
But the eclipse made it better.
Peyton naps a lot.
After the zombie game.
Recruitment Night for Fountain City
Another Royals game.  This time they won. 
The older girls helping out with a Daisy Troop.
The little ones loved my daughter a whole lot.
I have to end with this one.  The lady at Little Caesars kept telling me
I could upgrade for a penny.  She didn't make the mistake once, but
about five times.  I didn't upgrade and I also didn't tell it was a dollar, not a penny.
I was tempted though.

Friday, September 1, 2017

writer's workshop: last

I woke up Sunday, it was bright and shiny out (well, not the first time I woke up, but when I actually got out of bed)
Not long though until we were enveloped in a torrential downpour.
I had a pond in my front yard.
And my backyard.

The waterfall was created by the church parking lot west of my house.  Thankfully, everything ran down into the creek and not into my house.  It was almost high enough to come through my backdoor. (five inches)
But, about that creek...

This creek is normally around 2 inches deep.  And that mini pond over on the other side.  It's not a pond in real life.  It's the other half of my property.  It is normally dry.

The creek did recede to it's normal depth about two hours later.

In the end, I am glad it stopped raining.  I'm sure it won't last.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: On the Brink of Fall

We are on the brink of Fall!  Fall is my favorite season of all.  I absolutely love it.

1.  Apple Picking!  I love apple picking!  The smell, the walking around with the wooden buckets, the bees.  I love it all.  I still need to use my new pie pan and I think an apple pie would be perfect.  The fam and I will be visiting Cider Hill Farm.  It's close to home and they have apple cider slushes.  Who doesn't love a slush?!
2.  Pumpkin Farms and Corn Mazes:  I am known to get lost in corn mazes.  Not for a few minutes, but not quite a few hours.  One of my favorite corn mazes to get lost in is Gary's Berries.  They have a pumpkin patch you can take a ride to and a ton of things to do.  On Friday nights, they have fireworks and $1 hot dogs. 
3.  The smells:  I love autumn smells so much.  The apples, the cinnamon, the fallen leaves and pumpkin.  If I could keep the fall smells in my home all year long, I would. 
4.  Roller Derby Recruitment:  For Fountain City Roller Derby, Fall is our recruitment and training season.  I, for some reason, was trusted with the job of recruiting new members this year.  I make sure they make it through training and are ready for draft in December.
5.  Holidays:  Halloween!  Decorating is so great and fun for this.  My children are a little older, so they don't dress up anymore. :(  Our trick or treating days might be over for the older two.  Also, Halloween movies are the best.  Especially, Hocus Pocus.  If you haven't watched it, you should. 
Thanksgiving:  So much food!  I love preparing a majority of the dinner!  The side dishes and desserts.  I love decorating and making things for the kiddos to enjoy.
6.  Boots and Scarves:  It's just cool enough to start wearing these items again. 
7. Soup season!  I love soup and chilis.  I have so many recipes.  Honestly, I could eat soup every day in the fall and winter.  I know the kids would get tired of it, so I have to have some variety and add other foods in. 
8.All things Pumpkin:  Pumpkin Spice makes everything nice.  I go to stores and get all the seasonal pumpkin stuff.  Same thing goes for Apples.
9. Football Season
10.  Being outside and enjoying the weather.  The beautiful fall colors.  Campfires.  Hayrides.  Bonfires.  All the amazing outside things to do in fall.

Link up over here.

What are your favorite fall time activities?!?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

writer's workshop: what's your story?

Photo by Zaftig Unicorn aka Kate the Great

Hey Thursday peeps!  How's your week been going?  I am hoping less "exciting" than mine.

Thanks for coming over to visit from the Writer's Workshop link.
This week I decided to write about my Facebook profile picture.

I am not a huge Facebook fan.  It’s an incredibly big time suck and too political now.  Does anyone know my views on politics on Facebook?  No, they don’t.  I do not post about politics on Facebook.  I don’t post a whole lot on Facebook.  I share events and roller derby related items; sometimes pics of the kiddos and little stories about them.  Mostly, I post in groups because of derby things or Girl Scout things.

My Facebook picture is a derby picture.  Of course, right?  Honestly, that is about the only time I get my picture taken, other than the occasional selfie. 

This picture was taken at an event called Winter Wonderslam.  It was a winter themed WFTDA mashup mini tournament.  My team, Resting B*tch Face won 2nd place!  My team was pretty amazeballs and we had a guest playing with us for some of the games; V-Diva from Gotham Girls Roller Derby fame. 

I made some awesome blocks and played well.  This is what made we want to start playing for KCRW.  I think this is a ruleset I can excel at much more than others.  Plus, it is super fun and you can make big hits.

What’s up with your Facebook/Twitter profile pic?  Tell me your story and link it up with MamaKat’s Writers Workshop.