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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guinea Baths!

The Guineas managed to make themselves super dirty.  So dirty, disgusting and smelly.  Look at that water!  They seemed to enjoy their baths a little.  They didn't squeak or throw too much of a fit. 
How to Bathe a Guinea Pig:
  • Grab the dirty guinea pigs.  One at a time.  Because they are really dirty.
  • Put the Dirty Guineas in the Bathtub.
  • Start water in the bathtub.  Don't make it too hot.  That might cause squeaks.
  • Use baby shampoo.  You can't use regular shampoo on them.  They are sensitive.
  • Soap up the guineas.
  • Let them run/swim around a little.
  • Rise them off.
  • Wrap them up in towels and cuddle them.
  • Let them run around a little.

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