Thursday, October 12, 2017

top ten thursday: jobs I wouldn't mind doing

1.  Travel Planner -- I would love to plan everyone's trips and find fun and exciting things for them to do.  Like alpaca farms nobody knows about and you get the run of the place.
2.  Common Sense Instructor -- I made this up, but I think common sense would do a lot of good for some people.  Seeing so many people in one day with no common sense makes me want to teach common sense.  Where the hell has it gone?
3.  Party Planner  -- this would be so much fun!  I will make your party simply delightful and pretty much perfect.  Give me a theme and you can count on it being fantastic.
4.  Teaching camping classes to Girl Scout leaders.  Like real camping classes, not the crap that council puts on.  This would focus on packing minimally and reducing your foot print.  It would also include campfire cooking.  Oh and how to start a fire.  No Doritos allowed in my class!
5.  Book Reviewer -- some who gets ARCs and writes those little blurbs about how smashingly wonderful they are.
6.  Professional Blogger -- that actually makes money.  Not like fifty cents a year. 
7.  Developing Procedures for the Resource Centers at Family Support -- because some of them are ridiculous and make no sense.  Also, they are developed by persons that do not see the day to day operation. 
8.  Working at a fully funded pet rescue -- because meows.  And no, I am not a crazy cat lady.  There can be dogs and guinea pigs and the occasional bunny there also.
9.  Running a Resident Camp  -- because outdoor skills are lacking in today's youth.
10.  I can't think of a 10th.  :)

Wanna link up?  Check out Part-Time Working Hockey Mom's Blog for more details.  Next week is a fun one!


  1. Society needs you to assume a couple of those roles, Megan!!! Common sense, family support and outdoor skills, yes, yes and yes!
    We have #1 and 3 in common, not surprised!
    Can's believe I forgot #6, I guess that one goes without saying. We should totally get paid for our top ten lists!

  2. I totally agree with Tamara, the world needs a common sense instructor so badly and I could refer you several clients straight away. #5 and #6 are ones I should have thought of as well - I love reading and doing it for pay would be fantastic.
    Have a great week.