Friday, October 23, 2015

MADE Nationals

MADE Nationals are this weekend!  I am super excited for all my friends that are playing in it!
The Sheilas have lots of representation on the all female team Fountain City is sending:
Zombina, Ensane Gwen, Tilted Halo, Pippi, Luckey Strikes, Driver and Aneeda Hurtcha!  Wyatt is coaching as well as Mimi. 
My coed teammates are also representing on the all-female team:  Striking Dervish and Candii Crusher!  Slayer is helping on the coaching end.
Good luck to everyone else playing  from our league:   Ginger Ninja (who helped get me started in derby!), Yoshi, Ewing, BP, Boom!, Ally, Cuppa, Kenny, Dixie, Rager, Fire, Shenanigans and Rogue are representing the coed!
Mel Breakdown, Red, Johnson, Freddie and Shak for the all-female team!
Also, I can’t wait to watch my friends from the other leagues playing!  I am super happy Empire State decided to play this year! 
The games start on Friday.  You can catch them on LiveStream.
4 pm (Eastern Time):
                South Jersey vs. Hazard County (coed)
                FountainCity vs Empire State (coed)
6 pm (Eastern Time):
                SouthJersey vs DC Secret Cervix (ladies)
                BlackSnake vs Fountain City (ladies)
The women's champions from last year, Penn Jersey, will not be there. 

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