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Friday, November 17, 2017


The North Kansas City Fire Station #1 recognized the girls for staining the Fire Station deck this past summer.  The ceremony included all the new Firefighters getting their pins and promotions of Fire Fighters already working there.  The girls were the only community people recognized during the ceremony.

The certificate is nice.
It's at my home now.
Not sure what I should do with it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

writers workshop: five things

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  • I only have 3 papers, one test and a work sample before my Masters is complete.  People don’t know this, since I just passed my high stakes exam yesterday and that was my big class to pass. 
  • My exact stance on political items.  If you know me, you can probably guess, but I don’t talk about things.
  • I have a Monster problem.  Not really a problem for me.  Because I love the stuff.
  • I hate having to ask people if they are registered voters while I’m at work.  Some people are nasty about it when they answer.  I have to ask, Missouri got sued previously because we were not asking. 
  • I have a big beautiful bruise on the side of my thigh.  Nobody knows this about me because they can’t see it.  I do have a picture though.

5 Things I’m Knowledgeable About

  • Missouri Family Support policy and procedure and all the Federal mumbo jumbo that goes along with it.  I’m good at my job.
  • Biology Education
  • Baking and Inventing new Recipes
  • Planning vacations and road trips.
  • Target.  I know where all the things are.

5 Things I know Nothing About

  • Cutting a Turkey
  • Saving money
  • Hunting
  • MCLs
  • Why some people are just asses.

5 Things I Believe

  • All people are good people until you prove me wrong.
  • I trust people until they prove to me that they can’t be trusted.
  • Hard work does pay off. 
  • People can change their circumstances for the better, but sometimes it’s just easier the other way.
  • Cats are the best animals in the world.

Monday, November 13, 2017

a few throw back pictures...

Last year, we were in Texas fighting for the MADE Championship title.
My first year of Daisy Scouts.  I barely recognized some of the girls in the pictures.
I barely recognized my own daughter.
Only two girls from our original troop remain.
This was eight years ago.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day

My friend, Sue, has been trying to get me to go paint with her for the longest time.
She goes to this place called Blanc Palette.  It is at the square in Liberty, Missouri and is a convert bank.
They use a bank vault for lockers and for keeping all their supplies
Sue getting us some wine.
They take care of all the supplies.
And we did these awesome palette paintings of flags.
I did mine with dabbing and made the paint thick because the texture looked cool.
Sue did the Police flag one since she was a former police officer. 
Here's my flag.
I have a place I want to put it in my home.
Thank you to all the Veteran's in my life.
My grandfather who served in the Army during the Korean War.
My sister and my Brother in Law.

Friday, November 10, 2017

new kitteh

What do you do on a Friday night?  Get a new kitteh, of course!
Great Plains SPCA had fees waived for Black Cats and Kittens.
Tanner and I went and had dinner then I suggested that we go to the shelter and look at the cats.
Tanner had been wanting a cat for a very long time.
He had one he was looking at, but we couldn't find her when we went back to the shelter.
We spent about 1.5 hours looking at cats and kittens, testing them out.
Tanner decided on this little bit of joy.
His name is Jager.  Jager means hunter in German.
My kitteh sitting.  Tanner ran to the gas station.
I couldn't find the kitten!   I seriously spent so long looking for him. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

writer's workshop: most recent favorite things

Current Favorite Things:

Doing the Thanksgiving Planning!  I am hosting this year and I’m more excited about it than I should be!

Derby things!  I’ve been jamming lately.  That means I am donning the star and scoring points.  It’s exciting especially when you get lead on a travel team jammer and score 15 points on her.  Hard work eventually pays off.

Pen Pals!  They are the best and I love writing! 

Having everyone back at home.  My oldest son recently moved back in with me.  He’s been trying to do it for about a year and it finally happened.  I feel Tanner is in a much safer environment considering his dad posted surveillance video of someone coming up to his house with a rifle in hand.  We just saw a little coyote this morning.  Much safer in my opinion. 

ER reruns.  I loved ER the first time around and I am enjoying it even more this time around.  I feel for Dr. Romano even though he is a cockroach, I think Abby is a jerk and I’m glad Carter ran off to Africa and left her selfish, inconsiderate ass.  I am just at those Africa episodes, so the crazy episodes haven’t started yet; you know the helicopter falling on Dr. Romano and the patient stealing the tank.  That’s coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Take your Child to Vote

Politics are not over children’s heads.  They hear about it every day regardless of if you want them to or not.  I took Alli to vote with me.  She also went to the polls with her friend’s mom earlier in the day.  She went through the whole process with me.  She saw the ballot, recognized names on the ballot (probably because our area is so small and we actually know the people on the ballot) and gave opinions on those people.  Every vote in KCK was important yesterday, especially for Mayor.  The incumbent Mayor Holland was beat by his challenger Alvey.  Alvey won with a 51.8% vote.  Holland is taking it hard.  I’m not displeased with the change, as it was needed. 
Take your child to vote with you!  It's okay and displays civic responsibility.
The pen pal adventure is going well!  I have a few e-pals and a few snail mail pals! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017


It's starting to get dark earlier and earlier.  That's just how it goes.
I go to work when it is still dark and soon I'll be leaving work and it will be dark.
When will I ever get to see the sunshine again?
On the weekends, I suppose.

Halloween was low key and fun.
I dropped my youngest off at a friends house.
He didn't have a costume.  He didn't want a coat.
I didn't fight with him about it.
What's the point?

The two teenagers that ended up in my car, went looking for the red balloons.
My friend, Dana, had tied them to the sewers around the Highland Crest Area.
We found the red balloons.
Cole and Alli waiting for Riley. 
The red balloon and the creepy swinging child.
I really loved the red balloons.
And Jack Skellington, of course.
Riley and Alli with the little pup.
I totally just showed up at Dana's house.
She offered us food and drinks.
That was the second time I had just shown
up at someone's else. 
And it all worked out nicely.
Cole's red balloon
After we left Dana's, we went to Target.  It is
the place to go on Halloween.
The lonely aisle and all the shopping.
After shopping, we went to Sonic and snagged some
fifty cent corndogs.
Two teenagers in the backseat with their corndogs.
Peyton came home.
He did alright.

But dang, it was dark.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

writer's workshop: Halloween This or That

I haven't done a This or That ever on this blog, so play along with me!  You can post on your own blog and link up over at Mama Kat's or post in the comments.  I'm game for both.  Plus, a little fun post every once in a while is okay. 

Halloween This Or That Tag Questions:

1. Chocolate candy or fruity?  -- Chocolate makes the world go round.
2. Witches or Vampires?  -- I have no explanation.
3. Trick or Treat?  -- Who doesn't love a treat?!?
4. Halloween Party or Scary Movie? -- popcorn, twizzlers and a scary movie!
5. Skeletons or Zombies?  -- I'm picking skeletons because I think Zombies will get all the attention.
6. Trick-or-Treat or Hand Out Candy?  -  I would say neither, but that's not the game.
7. Hay Ride or Corn Maze?  -- BOTH!  I can't pick just one because I LOVE both!
8. Scary Costume or Funny Costume?  --  I guess?  I don't care much about costumes.
9. Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie?  -- I have the best recipe.  Will share later.
10. Bottle Feed A Baby Zombie or Walk Alone Through A Dark Forest? -- because I've done this before.
11. Bats or Black Cats?  -- Another one that I love both on!  Bats are the bomb and Black cats are the best!
12. Pumpkin Spice or hot Chocolate?
13. Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall?  -- Neither.  I like to do my own thing!  I didn't even know celebrating at the mall was a thing?

What are your picks?!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th!

Guys!  I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until my daughter mentioned it.   She said she had some funky dreams and I can relate because I had a funky one too. 
I was at work.  Isn’t that where all bad dreams start?  I was in our back office and hordes of people all of sudden flooded it.  Like people coming in and being incredibly loud and messing up the office.  If you know me, I keep it nice, neat and orderly to the best of my ability.  I went up to the front office after I got people cleared out.  They just disappeared.  In the front office, there were firefighters with yellow balloons and bags on popcorn on the table.  The lobby was filled with clients.  All of a sudden the electricity went out in a wave and it felt like the ground shifted and there was water under our feet.  I fell into one of the counters but everyone else acted like nothing happened.  The wave of water happened again and this time, the floor started tilted and collapsed.  Kinda like a boat capsizing.  Then, we were all outside.  No one was hurt.  There were children outside, playing in a sandbox, acting oblivious to a building collapsing right next to them.  The last thing I heard someone say before I woke up was “Look at Jillian, playing all by herself again”  Who the heck is Jillian?  It was vivid and I don’t have many of those.  It was right before I woke up and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.  Dream experts, weigh in….
What makes Friday the 13th so unlucky?  Some believe the origins to go all the way back to Friday, October 13th, 1307.  King Philip IV of France detained hundreds of Knight Templars accusing them of various things.  Many of them were executed.  Pretty much the King wanted their financial riches.  Money is the root of all things evil, right?  The origins are still pretty sketch though, because Templar history is hidden well.  Secret society and all.
I am superstitious over a few things and Friday the 13th is not one of them.  I also love black cats.  I think everyone should adopt them! 
How’s your Friday going for you?
Also, throwing some pictures in from four years ago when my children became the Children of the Corn.  I'm glad they played along with that.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

top ten thursday: jobs I wouldn't mind doing

1.  Travel Planner -- I would love to plan everyone's trips and find fun and exciting things for them to do.  Like alpaca farms nobody knows about and you get the run of the place.
2.  Common Sense Instructor -- I made this up, but I think common sense would do a lot of good for some people.  Seeing so many people in one day with no common sense makes me want to teach common sense.  Where the hell has it gone?
3.  Party Planner  -- this would be so much fun!  I will make your party simply delightful and pretty much perfect.  Give me a theme and you can count on it being fantastic.
4.  Teaching camping classes to Girl Scout leaders.  Like real camping classes, not the crap that council puts on.  This would focus on packing minimally and reducing your foot print.  It would also include campfire cooking.  Oh and how to start a fire.  No Doritos allowed in my class!
5.  Book Reviewer -- some who gets ARCs and writes those little blurbs about how smashingly wonderful they are.
6.  Professional Blogger -- that actually makes money.  Not like fifty cents a year. 
7.  Developing Procedures for the Resource Centers at Family Support -- because some of them are ridiculous and make no sense.  Also, they are developed by persons that do not see the day to day operation. 
8.  Working at a fully funded pet rescue -- because meows.  And no, I am not a crazy cat lady.  There can be dogs and guinea pigs and the occasional bunny there also.
9.  Running a Resident Camp  -- because outdoor skills are lacking in today's youth.
10.  I can't think of a 10th.  :)

Wanna link up?  Check out Part-Time Working Hockey Mom's Blog for more details.  Next week is a fun one!

writer's workshop: I won!

I won an award once.  In eighth grade.
I got an invite for the awards ceremony.
I said to one of my teachers, “Who in the world would give me an award?”
She shrugged her shoulders.

The awards ceremony was a week away.
My family was so excited.  I was so excited.
I won two awards!
One for science and one for PE!
Who wins an award for PE class!  Me!  I did!
For my positive attitude and not being afraid to try things.
The teacher that I had asked the question to; she had given me the award. 

I will always remember that conversation, because I didn’t think I deserved one award.
Alli competed in her first debate tournament on Tuesday and won a speaker award! 
Proud parent here!
I totally woke her up from her nap to take the picture.

Wanna link up? 
Head on over to Mama Kat's Blog and check out what other people are winning!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Masquerade Party: KCRW Awards Dinner

I joined KCRW mid season last year.  I was feeling stuck in a rut in my derby life and needed to see improvement.  KCRW did that for me.
This past weekend, the league had the award dinner for the year. 
It was held at Memorial Hall, where our bouts take place, but it was up in the ballroom.
I had no idea there was even a fancy pants ballroom in the joint.
There was a black "carpet" and balloons leading the way to the ballroom.
The theme was a Masquerade Ball.
They did an amazing job with the d├ęcor and made it feel like a real
award banquet and that it was something special.

I love this ballroom. 
All of us received dinner and two drink tickets.
Margaritas are the best.
I don't drink much but when I do I enjoy tequila.
Dinner was a spicy chicken alfredo and it was the bomb.
The catering company we used is the one we use during games.
So if you want their yummy food during the game, I recommend the BBQ Nachos.
Someone had a little too much fun :)
My mask.  I'm sad it doesn't show all the feathers and such in the picture.
I didn't win anything.  I never have for derby.  Not even an MVP.
I'm one of those that are not noticed but I do a lot of work for my team.
Anyway, it was a fun night and I appreciate all the work that people put into it.
It was nice to see all my friends dressed up and not in helmets.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Case of the Mean Girl

Shelby* is our temp worker in the office.  She helps out in the back part of our office.  She scans documents over to the file share and tracks our mail for us. 
She likes to tell me I am mean on a regular basis.  She once told me if she was one of the clients she would have punched me in the face.  She is also confused by me because according to her I sound mean but I do it with a smile. 
Last Friday, it got to me.  Am I mean?  Like is that a for real thing?  I feel like I go out of my way to be nice, sometimes not even expressing me own opinions on issues because I don’t want to come across as mean and hurt anyone’s feelings.  I wanted to start crying.  She was making me feel uncomfortable at my work place.  I am good at my job.  I am efficient and get stuff done. 
I expect people to take personal responsibility for their children and self.  If you are writing on one of our clipboards, I will call you out on it.  If you child is tearing up our office, I will ask them to stop.  I realize I work in a welfare office, but that does not give anyone the right to deface and destroy government property.  And who has to clean up after people?  It is us.
I give clear and concise directions on what needs to happen to get their cases completed.  I do not sugar coat things.  We do not have enough time for sugar coating information here.  Either you do it correct the first time or you are in the office whining that the state “cut you off”.  95% of the time, it is the clients fault.  That is why I try to be clear and concise so they know exactly what they need to turn in and what processes they need to do.
In real life, I am nice.  That’s what people tell me and my friends gave me lots of plausible explanations as to why she would say that about me.  Thanks friends, I appreciate your faces.

Monday, October 9, 2017

a day

One Sunday morning, I woke up and decided to tell about my day in pictures.  It was the first day of October.  The temperature was grand and I decided this will probably be one of the last couple of days that sandals are acceptable.
I went to the City Market.  I wanted Beignet.  It's yummy and delicious and that was what my heart was set on.  It took longer than I thought to get a parking space.  I found a free one and headed into the market, straight for Beignet.
Beignets with sea salt caramel cream cheese dipping sauce.
I had the majority of it left over.
I took the street car to Union Station from the City Market.  It was windy out.
I was there for the Educator Stem Fest.
I arrived early.  Left with a bag full of stuff.
My favorite are the bison and bees posters I picked up from the MO Dept of Conservation.
Bison and Bees are my favorite.
I left Union Station.  Hopped on the Street Car.  Took a short walk around the City Market again.
When I arrived back home, I watched the episode of Hell's Kitchen I had recorded, made my shopping list, headed to the hell store to do said shopping.
I still have a couple of roses left.
The kids came back home.  Chili for dinner.
Looked at travel brochures for ideas on the next vacation.
I put laundry away and the cat decided she needed to frighten me.
I didn't see her there.