Monday, January 30, 2017

Principal office blues

I went to the principals office once.  The entire time I was in school.   I did only one thing that warranted going to the principal. 

It was 2nd Grade.  I know it was 2nd Grade because that is the only grade I was in class with Rebecca B.  She was smart, could play all the sports, had the friends and teachers adored her.  She just moved here from Mississippi at the end of the last school year.  I remember people asking her about the cotton fields there.  She said they were messy.  She didn’t like me.  I’m not sure what I did to her.  Maybe it was because I was an easy target.  (Honestly, I still am)  I was easy to pick on.  Easy to make cry.  I had three friends and everyone else was just mean.  We didn’t call it bullying then, I don’t think I would call it bullying now.  It was just what happened in life.  Anyway.

I was mad at Rebecca B.  She got the last poster that our teacher was handing out about the Challenger.   I had really wanted one.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if everyone else in the class hadn’t already gotten one and Rebecca and I were the only two left without one.  And the teacher, Ms. Kim, picked her.  My face crumbled as did my heart.  I wanted that dang poster.  Rebecca laughed at me and told me I should have been better and I would have gotten one.  ( I eventually got one.  One boy in my class gave me his.  He didn’t want it and felt sorry for me. Ms. Kim wasn’t happy with him.  You best believe that poster hung on my wall for two years.)

Days went past and I was still mad at Rebecca B. 

We sat at the same lunch table.

They teased me all the time.  Rebecca being the main culprit.

One day, Rebecca got up and dumped her food tray at the same time everyone else did.  I was the only one left at the table.  She left a nickel sitting there.  I looked around.  I took that nickel!  I stuck it in my pocket.  Smiled a little half smile.

Rebecca came back.  Rebecca couldn’t find her nickel.  She immediately accused me.  She went and told whatever teacher was on lunch duty.  The teacher made me stand.  She told me to turn all my pockets inside out.  I did.  I also effectively hid the nickel.  In my back pocket.  When they didn’t find the nickel there, she told me to pull them ALL the way out.  I didn’t that again.  This went on for a little while.  Everyone in the lunch room was staring at me.  I didn’t care.  I liked Rebecca being mad.  I liked Rebecca missing her nickel.  Eventually, the teacher grabbed me by the arm (yep, they used to do that) and plopped me down in front of the office.  I was not to move until that nickel was located.  I sat there a long time.  The principal was actually too busy to deal with my nonsense. 

Eventually, Ms. Kim came to get me.  She sat down next me to and actually asked me if I took the nickel.  I told her I did and handed it to her.  She asked me why.  I didn’t answer.  She already knew why.  She walked me back to class.  She didn’t give Rebecca back her nickel.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Things I learned....

Something I learned this month:

I learned that my daughter made the councils Girl Scout camp catalog.  
They blew up a watermelon using rubber bands.  It was pretty awesome.
Their counselor was from Germany.  They enjoyed her.

I learned I can be pretty basic at times. 
I mean, Starbucks in Target.
I'm okay with this though.

I learned that it really sucks to have your alternator in your car
go out on the way to work.
I also learned how grateful I am to have my
insurance company pay for the tow.

I learned that sometimes people take super sneaky pictures of my sad
face.  I don't even know what I was sad about!

My friends give great white elephant gifts.
It was perfect for that Friday night after work
when the week was trying.

I learned..toe matter.

I learned a really awesome pitcher from the Royals died.
And I learned that it's okay to be upset over that.
(Stole the picture from my friend, Mollie, because it's an awesome pic)

It's Derby Time! - Two Days until Game 1

I love this Instagram video so much, I just had to share! That's my team! I think he got every single one of us in the video.  We are going to be working ourselves to the First Place finish this year.

Also, check out the FCRD instagram page!  It has the videos for all the teams.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day....the supposed peaceful transfer of power from one leader to another  in our great United States.  This peaceful transfer of power has many people posting on social media that they will now be boycotting Girl Scout cookies, because Girl Scouts are going to be the Inauguration Parade.
Guess what? By boycotting Girl Scout cookies, you are actually boycotting the individual troops and girls that you are not buying from.  None of the profit goes to GSUSA or the local council.  The troop retains all the profit.  The profit helps to pay (using my troop as an example) for the Silver Award, Day Camp and Indoor Sky diving. (The girls have to have fun too!) 

I am linking to an article from the Girl Scout blog that states that all the girls participating are volunteers.  This might be a once in a lifetime experience for that girl participating.  This might inspire a girl to run for her own place in government.

Another point the blog makes (that makes me extremely happy) is that there will be even more girls at the Women's March on Washington!  These girls are involved in civic action and standing up for what they believe to be right.

As a Girl Scout leader, I encourage my girls to form their own thoughts and opinions and it is completely okay to differ from one another.  My girls are never forced into an activity and they do not have to participate in anything they do not want to.

I am not excited about the new President entering the White House, but I also know that he does not have all the power.  Get involved in your state and local government to make changes.  It does not all take place on the national stage.

Snow Day!

I'm not going to lie.  I'm not a big snow fan.  The animals above.  They are fans of snow.

A snow day is pretty much impossible to get if you are "essential" personnel in the state government.
Yes, the Governor may declare a state of emergency but I would still be expected to show up at work.  And I do.

But, if for some reason, they do allow us a snow day...

I would spend it...

Doing absolutely nothing...

Well, maybe make some yummy food, watch some movies on Netflix, spend way too much time in front of the computer and maybe even study a little.

How would you spend your snow day? 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Least Favorite Part of the Day....

You know that time, when you are nice and snuggled up in your warm blankets and the first alarm goes off...the Fit Bit is first.  At 5:30 am.  You remain warm and snuggly in your blankets.

The second alarm goes off.  5:45 am.  This one is on the phone.  And you struggle to reach that one.  To turn it off.  Because you don't want to hear it anymore.

It goes off again and I reluctantly get up.  Most likely to put the clean laundry in the dryer because I fell asleep before accomplishing that task the night before.

Then, up the stairs.  To wake up the teenager so she does not miss her bus because it comes at 6:42 am.

After that is done, we can get to the better part of the day.

Least favorite part of the day.....waking up so early, then waking up the teenage daughter.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

bubble bath day: Lush Bathbombs

Happy Bubble Bath Day!
After a two and a half hour super tough practice, I decided to try out my Lush bathbomb.
I've had them for a couple weeks and finally decided to use it.
I love the social media story that is going around about Lush.  A grandmother bought her granddaughter some bath soap at Lush and didn't see the sexual content on the label.  
First off, the place is called Lush.  Second off, why would you spend that much on an eight year old girl.  Go to Target and get a cute, age appropriate gift set there. 
I hope you enjoyed your bubble bath this lovely day.

Friday, January 6, 2017

soups: spicy chicken chili

It’s January!  And we all know that January is a really SOUPER month!  January is Soup month, as well as, Get Organized Month, Brainteaser Month, Be Kind to Servers Month and Oatmeal Month.  January is busy. 
Since I like soup, I will be blogging a soup recipe each week.  I found some really yummy ones off of Pinterest that I will be making and sharing this month.
First up, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Chili:  This recipe is easy.  It doesn’t take much time at all.  You can let it sit and simmer as long as your heart desires.
Here is how I make it:  Shred two cooked chicken breast.  Size of the chicken is up to you.  You might want big chicken pieces or small.  I prefer medium sized.
Add tomato sauce (2 – 16 oz cans), chili beans and ½ a bottle of Frank’s Buffalo Sauce to a medium size pot.  Add the chicken last.  Mix it all up.  Bring it to a simmer.

Serve with crackers (I prefer the Market Pantry Rounds) and cheese (I like Colby Jack with mine)

Try this out, let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Goals, Resolutions, Things....

New Year, New Me?!?  Right?!?
Isn't that the super popular Facebook post at this moment?

Well, I don't really want a new me.  I think I'm pretty okay as I am.
I do have some things I want to work on.
So here is my short list:

Finish Chemistry by the end of January.
Become a Roller Warrior. Yep, joining another league.
Eat better.
Post more often.  I have ideas, yo. All the ideas.
Take an awesome fam vacay to South Dakota/Wyoming.
Finish my Master's by December.
Get the car fixed

What's on your list?
Are they fun things?
Also, what's your favorite soup recipe?  I really like soup and it's really cold outside and soup is so flipping yummy.

First Practice of the Year.
My left leg was Pb for two  days.

My new favorite derby picture.
I would like lots of compliments on this.
Please and thank you.
Oh look, snow. in January.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Day Hike: Prairie State Park

Alli, Clara and I went to the Prairie State Park for a First Day Hike.
Prairie State Park is in the southwest portion of Missouri.  It contains almost all of the remaining prairie left in Missouri.  Prairie used to cover 33% of Missouri, now it is down to 0.5%.
We went to go see the American Bison.  There is no buffalo in Missouri, we are totally on the wrong continent to see buffalo.  You would have to travel to Asia or Africa to view those wonderful creatures.  The First Day Hike provided for a Naturalist to lead the Hike to find the Bison.
There was a large group of people who showed up.  Not surprising, it was around fifty five degrees out.  Perfect temp for a hike.
We started up the prairie.  Once we rounded the first turn, we could see four bison in the distance.  One small, one large and two medium ones.
The Naturalist then discussed the biodiversity in the area.  How there are only 100 native prairie chickens left.  How the farms that are in the area have destroyed the prairie lands.  How everything comes with a price.
He also found an owl pellet and pulled it apart.  There was an intact mouse skull that was amazing.  I pulled apart an owl pellet later during the hike, mine had gotten smashed though.  Yes, I used my bear hands to pull apart owl puke.  Hands are washable and totally a teachable moment.
Toward the end of our hike, we did find a herd of bison of around 11.
They kept getting closer to us as we watched.

Did you participate in a First Day Hike?  Where did you go?
What did you do on the first day of the New Year?
The Bison in the Interpretive Center is the only one you would want to get close enough to, to take a picture with.
The Interpretive Center actually had some pretty awesome exhibits and informational things.

This large fellow lead us to the rest of the Bison Herd.
It was exciting to see them.
The size of them are amazing.

The girls are both taking picture of them.

To the left is the Bison heard.

There are around 11 in this herd.

Wild Indigo

Passed out teenager.

New Years Eve

Alli and I had a pretty low key New Years Eve.
We made dinner, watched a movie, watched Mariah Carey's horrid performance, watched the ball drop in New York and the Fleur de lis drop in New Orleans, then bed.

I made dynamite shrimp tacos.
Pretty simple to make:
Shrimp, whatever size you want.
Brown Sugar to taste.
Garlic to taste.
Sriracha to taste.
Put it all in a skillet and let it go.

The dip was pretty simple also:
1/4 of a Lime
Small container of Sour Cream
 We watched Whip It and I think I have every line memorized....
Also, this movie is not what derby is like...
It's still fun to watch though...
And to send off the old year, we had some sparkling apple cider.
Alli was enthralled to use the champagne glasses. 

How did you spend your New Years Eve?