Thursday, October 11, 2018

One Night: Two Trophies

The Sheilas:  we have been second place too many times to count.  We make it to the championship game, just to be in second place.  This year it changed.  We won.  We won the trophy.  We won all the bananas!  The Sheilas had won a championship while I was on the team, I had not been rostered for that game, so it wasn't my championship.  It wasn't my trophy, it wasn't my win.  This one was. 
The Usual Suspects:  This is four years in the waiting.  We have built our team up to a strong, unbeatable team.  And we won.  We were the underdogs.  For three years, we had our asses handed to us.  I am one of the three remaining founding members of the team.  Now, I can "retire" from coed with a happy heart. 
I got to hold two trophies!  I am one of two people in my league that won two trophies that night with my teams.  Such a long time coming.  Hard work and determination.
My friends from work came to watch!  :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The House of Cats

I have three cats living in my house now.  My friend needed me to take her baby for a little while.
This is my Maggie.  She's the queen of the cats.  She lets them boys know it also.  She rules the roost and they know not to mess with her.  The tortitude is alive with her.
Here is the middle child, Jaeger or Kibben.   He doesn't know his real name because we just call him Kibben.  He likes boxes.  In fact, I set up a bunch of boxes in one of the bedrooms for the cats and THEY LOVE IT!  I don't need to spend money on expensive cat toys.
This is our visitor, Freddie.  He has already received the nickname of Fredward.  He hated me at first.  I mean, I would hate me at first too.  I was the one that took him from his home and brought him to a strange place.  He bit me.  I've never been bitten by a cat.  It's healed now and didn't get infected, thank goodness.  He loves our family now.  Him and Kibben play all the time.  It's a black cat wrestling match.  He's gigantor.  So big.  He's so cuddly and sweet though.  (And yes, I know I need to have my table redone, I will get there...eventually)
Here is all three of them enjoying the lazy, rainy day.  My couch has lots of blankets so they can lay on them.  Kibben is staring out the window. Mags is enjoying the comfy part of the couch and Freddie is sprawled on the table.
Come over and meet the sweet babies sometime.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Open Spaces Kansas City

Kansas City is just rainy now.  The possibility of tornado weather this afternoon.  Tornado weather in October, for real?  The sun did peak it's head out yesterday for a short while.  It warmed up and it was quite a change from the dreary.
Kansas City has an art experience going on, it is called Open Spaces.  On Saturday, Alli and I, along with one of her friends ventured out in the city to explore the places.   They are in five sections.  We visited everything in the Swope Park area except the pink tree.  We couldn't find it.  We visited the 18th and Vine area and saw the three non performance pieces there.  We ventured over to the Crossroads area and went to one of them and the other one was closed.  I'll have to go after work one day.
It's all free.  It's interesting. And it is worth the time to go and find these places.
This is not actually one of the exhibits.  It is a pavilion high on a hill.  You can see it from the primate area of the zoo, far below.  I always wondered what it was and we found it.  It's worth the short drive up the hill.

The pool is filled with flowers, stuffed animals and candles.  It looks as though people are borrowing with no intent to return, some of the flowers.  People are silly.  Leave things where they remain.
This one is one of my favorites, hard to get a picture of though.  It's an abandoned park shelter.  They have homeless bird persons living in it.  They have a barrel for fire and their nest set up across the way.
This was one experience that is hard to describe.  It takes a good five minutes to even get orientated in this building.  It's hard to walk because you feel like you are trying to walk against water.  I have a few videos of it that I will try to post on Instagram.  The hashtag to follow is #openspaceskc