Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Friday!

 Whew!  This week felt long for some reason!  But, we've made it to the weekend side!  

Last Friday night, Alli and I went on the Zombie Invasion Bus ride.  It was so much fun.  We got in this huge bus and hit zombies with paintballs.  Peyton would have liked it too, but he declined.  We were on the second ride for the night.  Once the first group left, they cleaned the entire bus.  They limited the number of participants.  Everyone had to wear masks.

After the Zombie Bus, we went for a walk down the Terror Trail and into the Clown Fun House.  We were there about an hour.

Saturday, I took my grandpa to do his shopping.  We had an extra thing to pick up this time...a TV.  He wanted a new and bigger one.  We found one he liked.  When we got back to his place, I had my mom meet us there with a pizza (I did a barter -- pizza for Mary Kay products I had. lol)  I set up the TV for him, showed him how to use the remotes or I should say I thought I did.  He called me twice this week to figure out how to work it.  :)

On Sunday, I made funfetti pancakes.

On Monday, I woke up to snow.  I might have said a few choice words as I have not been watching the news much and had no idea it was coming.  Haha.  Peyton missed his bus, so I drove him to school.  We actually missed the bus twice this week.  It must be coming earlier than usual  or maybe just running really late?  Regardless, it's not a big deal to drive him over to the school.  Drop off isn't as horrible as it used to be.

I had a meeting that evening with the other Executive Leadership Team members plus the Board of Directors President.  She appreciated my candor.  Oh.  I am meeting with her again next Monday.  

I listened to the 10 Things to Tell You podcast.  I am going to try a few prompts and write on them.

Tuesday, I had my big "Reflect" at work.  This is like our annual review, but they renamed it.  Mine was awesome.  I expect no less of myself.  I've had three managers this year, so I had to break things down.  We review ourselves and the manager reviews us.  

I made chicken alfredo for dinner.  I went to eat it and realized I forgot seasoning.  Eck!  So I had to mix some in after making it.  It made it 100x better.  It was pretty bland before that.

Peyton worked all day on his biology work.  He got all caught up except for his assignment due today.  Some of the ones he had to do were long and it seemed like a lot of busy work.  One was worth 30 points of extra credit though and he needed it.  He had missed an assignment and wasn't allowed to make it up.  It's weird.  

We had three deer in the side yard.  They were pretty big!

Wednesday, we missed the bus.  He only rode the bus home once this week.  Alli picked him up the other day.  We ordered pizza for dinner.  I sent out a few books for a RAOK.  I haven't received anything yet from any of those.  It's okay though.  Maybe I will eventually get one.  I don't mind sending things out.

On Thursday, I started listening to Dr. Death: season 2.  It's so good and they have only released two episodes so far.  I helped Alli with her English test.  I helped P catch up in his Social Studies and PE.  We only have three assignments left for PE and social studies we have a few maps to finish.  I helped him start his Europe one last night, but we only did about half of the political one.  I like it much better when we used colored pencils to label maps.  I'm not a fan of doing it on the pdf.  It makes maps difficult.  We did get his unit test done though and he got an A.

And that brings us to Friday.  I have to work, like every day.  Peyton told me his dad is getting him.  He said his little stepbrother wants him to Trunk or Treat with him.  Peyton doesn't want to go.  I didn't realize he was going to his dads until I asked him if he wanted to go to the Corn Maze with me today.  I guess I'm not going to the corn maze and from what I've seen online, all of them close tomorrow.  I asked my mom, but she's on call and can't go.

Any fun plans for your weekend?
Also, check out this website:
You can see windows from around the world.

Thursday, October 29, 2020


On Saturday night around 6 pm, Sam walked out of her home and kept going.  By Sunday morning, the police had launched a search for her.  You know if the police launch a search for a 42 year old women 12 hours after her disappearance it's serious.  They know she is in danger.  Word quickly spread, news articles and posters were shared.  Hunt parties were formed for her and it was a lot of area to cover.  This went on for two days.  Early Tuesday morning, her body was discovered.  This outcome was not something anyone wanted.

           Samantha, aka Sam-I-Automatic, started derby the same year, 2012.  It was still acceptable to call us Fresh Meat then and Fresh Meat we were.  We worked our tails off to be drafted to a house team.  She was drafted to the Lovely Lethals.  That first year was so much fun.  It was how derby should still be, but isn't.  Sam had medical issues.  She was epileptic and it kept getting worse.  These eventually lead to her being a volunteer.  She still came to all the things and brought her bright, bubbly personality.  I remember her dad pulling up in his van to watch derby.  She was very close with her parents.  They both died within a couple of years of each other.  That was rough on Sam, as it would be on anyone.  She had a little dog, Lily, that was the light of her life.  She loved that little thing more than words.  Sam and I hung out a lot.  We were often on each others team those first couple of years.  We were friends.

Sam will be missed.  The police are investigating it as a possible suicide.  The thing I thought first was about my friend, Angie.  She works at the ME office.  She would have been the first to find out.  My heart goes out to her.

It's hard to express my feelings of sadness of her life being lost.  

Team mates on the Black Plague.  Sam is in the pink tights.

Team mates.

Zombie walk for hunger.  Sam is on the right side.

Remember when the Harlem Shake was a thing?  We were Harlem Shaking.

A Masquerade Birthday Party

Teammates again! Gang Green!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sixth House Anniversary

 On October 27, 2014.  I purchased my home.  It's something that people never thought I would be able to do.  It was on my list of 35 Things Before 35.

This is a photo of my house from the realtors website.  All the pics are still up and my house looks so empty and not full of life.  

Anyway, the 1244 square feet was mine.  Four bedrooms, one bathroom.  I know, it doesn't look that big in the picture.

I have no plan to leave or sell anytime soon.  I am happy here.  I have so many things I want to do.  

It was my escape from a bad situation.  It allowed me to free myself from a person and a lot of worry.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

When Fortunes Get Told....


I went to a Fortune Teller at the Carved Experience.  Her name is Melissa.  She's a psychic medium and she is deaf and reads lips.

Both Alli and I had our Tarot Cards read.   I had never had them read before and have always wanted to.  

I wanted to know about my career path.  My question was should I stay or should I go?  The answer is both...what?  How does that happen?

Melissa conversed with the other side.  She wrote lots of notes and then did the card spread.  Both sides looked good.

Current employer...I will move up and there is much more stability.  Mainly because I am excellent at my job.  I know what I am doing and I have the passion.  There isn't a big pay increase for a while according to the cards.  She said the cards are telling me to assert myself and brag on my accomplishments.  Sell myself.  Let everyone know that I am powerful and can use my power for good.  She said I need to be a b*tch and not to let people walk over me.  I would see successful if I stayed here and would move up the ladder of power.

If I search for new opportunities, I will also succeed, but it's going to take a lot more work because it's in a field that I don't know.  I will learn quickly and work my butt off up the ladder.  This is where I am going to make a lot more money.  The cards and the spirits both said so. :)

Have you ever had your Tarot Cards read?  Or just visited a psychic medium?

She said the worse part about being a medium was having to give people news they do not want to hear (the lady before us started crying, so I think she was thinking of that), but was happy that she gave Alli and I both hopeful news.  I will share Alli's essay sometime that she wrote about this.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Yoga With Cats

 If you are looking to take a serious Yoga class, I wouldn't suggest this one.  If you are looking for one with lovable cats that want to cuddle, this one is a winner.

I signed up for Yoga with Cats at Whiskers Cat Cafe.  It was $20 and included an hour long yoga session, 15 minute cat session and a beverage.  I forgot my beverage. I didn't really want it anyway.

So, it went like this....

Thursday, October 22, 2020

It feels like actual Fall this morning!

It feels like actual Fall this morning.  A balmy 57 degrees at 7 am.  
This week has been like every other week.  Work, school, social distancing.

On Tuesday night, I did meet up with someone at Memorial Hall to pick up some merch.  It is being carried in a local skate shop called Legacy Skates.  This will generate a little income while we sit and wait through this pandemic.  It gives a lot of time for contemplation on if I even want roller derby as a big part of my life anymore.  I will finish my leadership role full on, but will not go up for re-election next year.  It's time to move on and the pandemic has taught me that.

This pic is from Wednesday morning.  Notice anything out of place.  It was so foggy all day.  I went to my moms to feed her dog and cats while she is out of town and I almost missed the exit.  Alli spent the night over there and took care of the animals this AM;

Look at the cutest in this pic.  Draco, Kibben and Peyton are so happy.  Kibben in the background rolling around cracks me up!

I learned that a semi was trying to turn around on our private road and crashed into our neighbors mailboxes and the street sign.  The mail boxes are demolished.  It's happened a few times with ours, so I was grateful ours didn't get the impact, but feel back for the neighbors because mailboxes are a pain in the butt to put back up!

Our official official summary!  Woo hoo!
One of my leaguemates has AB neg blood and didn't realize it was the rarest of the rare!
I plan on setting up another drive, probably January.

Officially dropped off my ballot!
I only took a pic of the envelope so it's legal.
Did you know in Kansas, if you take a picture of the actual ballot, they could decide not to count your vote?  Crazy times.  

Peyton and I tried this mug treat after dinner one night!  It was delicious.
I had made shrimp poppers and curly fries for dinner and this was our dessert.  Peyton has declared that shrimp poppers are his new favorite and even tried to learn the air fryer so he can make them on his own.  Haha.  He asked me to pick some up every shopping trip.

I can show off my sticker!  I like the one we got!


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Weekend Fun

 So, I've figured out Blogger is being difficult and won't let me reply to comments.  Ugh.  I'm not ignoring them, I promise, it literally doesn't give me the option.  Oh, technology, what would we do without you? :)

At the beginning of the warm season, I had planted a bunch of seeds, then Draco, being the kinda dog he is, tore up all the pots and got them all over the yard.  I know a few have survived and I found three bunches of daisies on the side of the house.

TOMS keeps sending me emails about their fuzzy shoes.  I want a pair.  Haha.  I don't want for much, but those look so warm and delightful and as crisper weather heads our way, I want some.  I will probably break down and order them in the next few days.  I like to sit on some purchases because of the want vs need thing and that the holidays are coming up.

Speaking of holidays, our family has officially exchanged names for the season.  I have my BIL.  Hopefully, he gets me a list.  I have already started some of the shopping. Not much.  The kids exchange names also.  I already ordered a book for my niece that will be from Peyton.  Everyone is going to get Tanner something small to mail to him overseas and everyone will get my grandpa a gift.  I already got his.  I found out that his Antique Eagle magnifying glass was broken by those we do not speak of until everything goes through the legal system.  I found an exact one on Ebay!  I make a bid, it was accepted and the Eagle should be here next week for him.  Well, he won't get it until December.  I am just happy I found it.

My official Ballot came in the mail on Friday!  Along with some postcards.  The one in the pic is from Canada.  I got one from Japan and Lithuania also.

I received my COVID antibody test back.  I have none.  

I finished up The Guest List.  It's a quick read, v heavy on the foreshadowing.  Also, I want to know what happened to a few characters after it ended.

We did a family fun day on Saturday.  Peyton did not join us because he said there are too many girls and we are too girly.  Haha.  I actually think he might have enjoyed himself, but what do I know. 
We visited the Mahaffie Farmstead and took a stagecoach ride.  We learned how to make whip cream, visited the blacksmith and the animals and did a scavenger hunt in the house.  

We went to my moms for a quick dinner and then went to an event called Carved.  They had a kids "spooky" trail (definitely more cute than spooky), a Haunted Trail (we did not do this, the line was an hour long), a Fortune Teller (we did do this, more on that later) and side show performers.  I love Carnival performers and seeing the fire performers, hoop dancers, illusionist and the sword swallower was a delight.  The kids each got a little pumpkin.  Oh, and I got everyone light up necklaces so we could find each other in the dark.  I'm such a dork.  My mom took my nieces home after a while and Alli and I stayed to visit the fortune teller.

Did you think I forgot animals pics?  Nah,  here is two of them.  We got a Freddie and a Buster on this post.