Sunday, January 13, 2019

Tanner's New Ride

Tanner bought a Jeep with his money from Basic Training!  It was the perfect ride for his first drill weekend because we had about a foot of snow on the ground!  He's pretty happy about the purchase.

Maggie missed me while I was gone over the week.  She was sitting on my shoulder. 

I found out that I made the Charter for KCRW.  I will still be playing on the Plan B team, which will be amazing!  But I am going to Clover Cup, where I probably will play since we have the chance to play so many games and fresh legs are needed.  We have a 20 person charter and 14 + 2 alts are rostered for any given game.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jefferson City

I traveled for work for the first time!  I've been with the state of Missouri for 6.5 years and I was recently placed on a committee for Business Process Re-engineering.  We had our first in person meeting in Jefferson City, which is the state capital and a lot of the state offices are there.  The committee changes a lot of the business practices within the Family Support Division.  We are working to make things more efficient for us and the clients we serve.  The meetings went well, I have a project to work on and I believe it will be successful.  We did stay overnight and ended up in a sort of janky hotel because the Inaugural Ball for the Missouri State Legislatures was the same night.  It was fine, just super noisy! 
Missouri River
Jefferson City does not have a lot to do.  I got there two hours before the first meeting started and wandered around a little bit.

I found the Missouri State Petitionary .  It has a haunted history and it was on Ghost Adventures.  I would love to go back and take a paranormal tour when they are happening and learn more of the history. 

Jefferson City also has a National Cemetery.  There are a lot of unknown soldiers from the Civil War buried there. 

Yay!  I made it through the meeting!

I walked around that night.  I parked right next to the Governors Mansion.  It is a lovely house, right next to the Missouri River.

The Capital Building is currently being renovated.  It looks like its surrounded by a big piece of bubble wrap.  Expensive bubble wrap.  And it looks like a light up water bottle.

Our next meeting will either be in St. Louis or Kansas City.  If we are going to St. Louis, I am going to look at the Amtrak option for travel!  I found out that I can also travel by train to Jeffs City next time.  It might be easier than dealing with Enterprise for the rental car.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Alli's Best Day Ever!

Someone got her braces off today!  After three long years!  We did a before selfie.  Please do not take into regard the no makeup and looking pale as whatever.
 They gave her cake, a soda, some popcorn and bag full of goodies, including a portal charger for her phone.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Game Day Shenanigans!

For games days with the Kansas City Roller Warriors, it's super busy.  I am part of Bout Production this year.  There are a lot of little things I didn't even know about before being on this committee.  I knew about the set up, day game set up and clean up, but there is a lot to actually do during the games and things that need to be decided.  Here are some of our pictures from setup and other fun things that are happening on game day.  My teammies are pretty dreamy!
Snacks and Drinks!

Derby Apparel

We are trying to map where our fans are coming from.

The Vixens are the cutest!

Ketchup, Mustard and Relish races!

A friend of mine came!  I had no idea he would be there!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy New Year!

What a first week it has been!  Happy New Year everyone! 
I fell asleep before midnight New Years Eve, but I did wake up to enjoy the fireworks and gunshots for around 15 minutes.  It didn't last all night like it sometimes does.  Then, I went back to bed.  I was completely okay with this NYE. 
I was off work the next day and we headed to my moms for our New Years Day lunch/dinner.  I ate a lot of black eyed peas.  I could use all the luck for the upcoming year. :)
I started a 101 things in 1001 days challenge.
I've been marking things off my list.  Realistic goals and realistic expectations.
I had Travel Team Try Outs for the Kansas City Roller Warriors on Wednesday and Thursday.  We voted and I made the team.  Our first game is February 9th in Milwaukee.  I am super excited and already planning travel.
Work has been busy.  Super busy.  It's always so.
I made a new to me Instant Pot recipe: chicken tikka masala.  It turned out perfect.  I think Garlic Parm Wings are going to be my next Instapot adventure.  This was seriously the most perfect Christmas gift ever.
My hot water knob in my bathroom decided to get stuck in the open position.  I was finally able to get it turned off, but not without a lot of work.  I went into the crawl space to turn the water heater off
 in case I broke anything and I wouldn't get spewed with hot water.  I forgot to go relight the pilot light last night though, so I'll have to do that after work because I need my hot water.

How was your New Years?  How did the week go?
Happy Friday!

Friday, December 14, 2018

We made it to Friday!

No choice but to be productive!!  We have so many people here everyday and Fridays are sometimes like Mondays!

Peyton and I went to see The Grinch on Wednesday night.  It was super cute and funny.  Go see it if you haven't.  Alli didn't want to go.  Peyton got his Dr. Pepper and popcorn and was a happy clam.

I'm behind on the TV show watching game.  I started watching Game of Thrones a couple of weeks ago.  I got the DVDs from the library and it took about a week to get through the first season.  Yes, I know, I suck at binge watching things.  The first couple of episodes didn't suck me in.  I was trying to figure out what was so great about beheadings and all the other stuff.  Then, I watched a few more episodes and I started to get sucked in.  I finished the first season and I cannot wait to get the second season.  Someone currently has them checked out, I put a hold on them, so hopefully, they come in soon.  The last episode of season one was great and I want to know what happens next.  Especially with the dragons.  I have the book set, but I haven't read them yet. 
Only four more Saturdays until my Victory Vixens play our first game. 
I am the captain this year.  As the captain, I've had to make some tough decisions lately.  I don't feel bad about it because it's not all about me, it's about the team.  We have had some teammates that have only made one or two practices since we started in August.  To me; this is in extremely poor form.  Why be on a team if you don't show up and work as a team?  Everyone showed up for picture day.  One of our new Vixens asked the other day "Where is everyone that was at pictures?"  Good question.  I HAVE THE SAME ONE!  Haha.  We do have this thing for nine free passes, you get nine attendance credits without actually attending practice.  I have to give these to people to get them up to 50%.  There are three that are really 18% and 24%.  They will be getting the minimum playtime, while the person with 124% practice will be getting ample.  (We even have extra practices to help with attendance points)
BUT...I am super excited for our first game!
Last night, Alli and I went over to my moms to make Christmas candy.  We've done this as long as I can remember.  I made 80 peanut butter balls. These things are delicious.  Some peanut clusters, fudge and pretzels with chocolate and m&ms.  I think my niece will love those.  I'm going to get some for my secret santa person.  Oh, we have to call them holiday heroes, I forgot.
Do you bake goodies for the holidays to give to people?
We watched the Chiefs game while we were over there, what a start.  I didn't see the ending, but I heard and I was reprimanded at work this morning because I did not wear the correct shirt yesterday.  Sorry, Chiefs, I didn't mean to lose it for you.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday isn't camel day?!?

How's your week been?  We are almost to the weekend!  It's been a busy week at work.  Everyone is trying to get their Christmas Food Stamps or Cash assistance (honestly, it's too late to get cash assistance in time for Christmas, it's a thirty day process, but it doesn't stop people from trying) 
On Monday, I came home with treats for the kiddos.  I've been ending up with a lot lately.  My friend is a security officer in the building I work in.  Everyone gives them a ton of treats and other things.  He's not a big sweets fan.  He'll eat one and he's done.  So, I've been bringing home quite a few things for the kids to eat.  We didn't even make it out of the school parking lot after cheerleading practice when she got into the chocolate covered pretzels.  She left some cookies for her brothers and she did the whole "Eat your cookies, Peyton, you fat lard."  I was cracking up.  If you've ever seen Peyton, you know he's the skinniest, tallest thing.

I told my friend that Alli did this and I ended up showing him a bunch of scenes from Napoleon Dynamite.  This movie makes me laugh until I cry.  I don't know why.  It's completely pointless, but it's so funny.  He's never seen it.  Idea for a Christmas gift?  I'll have to see how much it is on Amazon. What's your favorite Napoleon Dynamite scene?  The tots scene and the dance one is high on my list.  All the Tina scenes.  Llamas for life!
I get kitty cuddles every night!  Fred, the cat we are watching for now, likes to lay on my legs.  He's super heavy though, so I have to kinda kick him to the side of my legs because after a while it hurts to have him on there.  Maggie, my sweet baby Maggie, likes to lay right next to me.  Kibben is usually on my chest.  He also lets me move him over where I can cuddle him.  Haha.  Who said black cats were evil?!  They are the sweetest of the sweet.
Here is an idea I saw....who wants a Christmas card? :)