Monday, February 26, 2018

Spread the Love Gift Exchange!

I am so sorry I am getting this up late! 
My interwebs were acting a fool this weekend and it was hard to get anything done. (Same old problem, AT&T disconnected ours from the port when they fixed or installed someone else's.  Again, they tell me, I am getting my very own port, but we will see in two weeks)
I participated in the Spread the Love Gift Exchange over at the Blended Blog
I had Penny from Penny's Passion.
We exchanged gifts via the snail mail.
Who doesn't love the snail mail?!
She was spot on with me!
I cannot wait to wear the earrings on a baseball Tuesday!
The bracelet and hair ties have already been utilized.
She also sent some candy.  Those melting peppermints.  They are my favorite.
They didn't last long enough for a picture.
My daughter got the mail the day the package came.  It was already opened and ready for me when I got home.

Thank you, Penny, for the awesome gifts!
I hope they have another gift exchange like this soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

All the cool link ups happen on Thursday.

This one is hosted by Penny over at her blog.  Penny was also my gift exchange person for February and her gifts were spot on.  More on that soon.  As in another post all together.

I think a lot.  My mind is almost always going with words.  Like, I should write that down, that sounds really awesome, but does anyone actually want to read my words.  Is that a confidence thing?   Should I be more confident in my writings or do I just suck at writing? 

Speaking of confidence, I’ve had some boosts in confidence with the roller derbs lately.  I’ve been doing things that people don’t except of me.  Like what the heck?  That girl can do that.  Why yes, that girl can transition around a whole line of people with only three inches.  It was done at both MADE speed and WFTDA speed.   Trying to get past someone and just pushing, then realizing I just have to get lower, just a few inches and past them like a flash.  Travel team tryouts were last night.  I did not try out for travel team.  Someone did ask me why.  She wanted to make sure it wasn’t a confidence issue.  It’s not.  It is one of my goals for next year.  I want to finish up school and travel this summer.  Derby will be there for me next year too.  The travel team will have thirty people on it.  More than thirty people are trying out.  It is going to be so hard to vote.  Everyone rocked it out.  Tonight is voting. 

The ice storms around these parts are getting old.  There have been two this week.  The first one was much more than the one today.  IT took the kids and me about 20 minutes to get all the ice off of the car this morning. 

I work in a government office.  We had more people in the office on the crappy, icy, unsafe day then we did on the okay day yesterday.  Today, we’ve had a fair amount of people also.

Here’s my small rant.  The schools are closed due to dangerous roads and icy conditions and freezing temps.  Why are you dragging your children out when everything can be done via internet or phone?  One child didn’t even have a dang coat on and it was cold in our office.  They were having issues with the boiler again.  The kid was all huddled up under his long sleeved shirt trying to keep warm.  The mom had a big puffy coat though.  I had three layers on.  My button up shirt was super adorbs.  It had the Eiffel Tower and other fun Paris things.  I found it at Marshalls for a whole $13.  Marshalls has been one of my favorite places lately.  I bet that mom could have found a coat at Marshalls for her son reasonably priced.  But then again, I’m not the parent of this child.  I know nothing.

Yesterday, my coworker gave me a recipe.  My brilliant self decided to go to the grocery story after work to get the stuff to make it.  I forgot the impending ice storm that was forecasted.  The store was packed.  Lines down aisles and all the bread, milk, eggs and hamburger meat done.  I wonder if they still had cinnamon since they are clearly making French toast with the first three items.  I didn’t check, I need to be better next time.  I got all my items that I needed and picked up a few lunches for the kids to have in case school is closed.  (Which it is)  I got in line to check out.  It was one of the self-service lines.  I had about 20 items.  I waited my ten minutes in line and when it was my turn, I use the app for the store.  That way I don’t have a printed recipe and they automatically take my payment out of my bank account.  It’s a brilliant app and I wish all stores had it.  The lady behind started making impatient groaning noises, I get it, she had five items and I had twenty.  If I let her go in front of me, should I have let everyone go in front of me that had fewer items?  I would never be able to check out myself.  People, get over it.  I don’t have to let you in front of me in line.  Wait your turn, just like I waited my turn.  I spent maybe a whole two minutes checking out, so she needed to calm herself.   It probably took her longer because she didn’t have the app and paid cash. 

This reminds me of another story.  I was at the same grocery store and a man had a receipt for one of the coin star machines.  The customer service was not open.  There were six people in line and I was the next one to be checked out.  The man with the coin star receipt starts to ask everyone in line if he can get in front of them to get his cash and that it would be real quick.  He asked the five people behind me and they all said yes.  He got to me.  I tried to pull the “I’m ignoring you so my back is turned” but he interrupting my ignore phase and asked to get in front of me.  I asked him “Why?” and he said because he would be really quick.  I again asked him “Why?” because that was not a good enough explanation for me.  He said because he needs his money and it would be quick.  I told him that’s not an acceptable reason to get in front of six people waiting to check out.  He, then, began whining that customer service was closed and it wasn’t his fault.  He bothered me enough that I was like whatever, hurry up.  I turned around to the five other people in line and said “Thanks for making me being the a—hole”.  They all looked at the ground, sad like.  It was rude what he did and people allowed him to do it.  We have become so impatient that we think we are the only ones that matter.  Guess what?  Everyone else matters and so does their/your time.  So…my point is….wait in line.  The only time you should be able to skip ahead is if you are in the ER and you are critical, not that person that abuses the ER because they don’t want to go to a regular doctor for their cold that the doctor can’t even do anything about….

Now…my mind is going…where can I buy purple potatoes?  What are purple potatoes even and what can I make with them?

And I’m going to end my thinking out loud there.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

crockpot recipe: honey garlic chicken

I was prepared for once.
I had watched the news Monday morning.
They were warning of ice and thunderstorms on Tuesday.
It actually happened this time!
Last time they canceled school, nothing happened.
I went to the grocery store Monday night and I did not buy milk and bread.
I bought stuff for a few crockpot recipes, snacks and lunches.
I got the call at 5:55 am that school was canceled, by the time I left at 7:30 for work the side roads were already getting slick.  The highways were okay when I was traveling, but soon after I arrived at work, we were getting pictures of wrecks and cars going off the side of the road.
When I got out of bed, I decided to go ahead and make dinner.
It turned out to be so yummy and the chicken turned out perfectly.
I have a pretty crockpot.  It is the Flea Market pattern.
So my recipe that you should try out.

Honey Garlic Crockpot Chicken
Chicken -- I used four boneless, skinless breasts
Small white and red potatoes (I found a bag of them mixed at the grocery store)
Baby Carrots
Whole Garlic (you just throw it in)
Green Beans (add for the last thirty minutes)
Soy Sauce

That's it.  I don't use measurements, I just add to taste.  Make sure you know what you want it to taste like.

Cook on low for 8 hours in your crockpot.

I love bread.
I also love my dishes.
They are IKEA, but one of their limited edition ones.
I hope the kids don't break them.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Four day weeks seem to last the longest! 
The office was busy on Monday.  Constant, non stop from 8 am to 445 pm.  People kept coming.
I tried hard to maintain a positive attitude all day long.  I succeeded until 4:35 pm when someone asked something completely dumb.  Like what's the difference between Family Support and Children's Division.  I was a bit of a smart ass and said "completely separate branches of the state government" and then she kept asking me questions about Children's Division.  I finally got her to go after continually saying "We are not Children's Division" and I gave her the customer service number.

For Valentine's Day, the four of us in the office had a make your own pizza party.  We all brought different ingredients and used a toaster oven to bake it.  I brought the toaster oven into the office about a year ago and I've just left it.  I don't utilize it at home so it might as well work here.
We do trivia via email.  I found Valentine's Day randomness and we had fun with that.
Who receives the most Valentine's each year?
I got those children of mine some chocolates and other random candy.

Alli's in the picture.  Making resting bitch face Purdy!
Alli and I went to her school conferences on Wednesday.  We were in and out in 30 minutes.  She has all As and a C in Science.  She's missing an assignment and he hasn't graded two of them.  She's aiming for a B this quarter.  Alli thinks I offended her Math teacher.  He said something about how after I shook his hand I would need to use hand sanitizer.  I said I work for Family Support and my immunity is high because everyone comes in sick.  He just gave me a look.  Alli told me he has like 9 kids and his wife doesn't work....
Her social studies teacher and I shared a conversation about books.  She gave me an author that she thought I would enjoy reading.  Edward Rutherfurd. Has anyone read anything by him?

Chin chin is happy on his heart eyed emoji pillow.
I ordered the rodents a bunch of treats and they are super happy.

Peyton's conferences were on Thursday.  I had met with all his teachers last week.  Pretty much the same thing.  I got his ipad back, it was in the office for repair.  I have a list of his missing assignments, I hope we can get some of them done over the weekend.  He refused to go to his conferences with me.

Please, someone explain this?  Why is milk better in the dark?  Is there like a new trend that I don't know about?

My Victory Vixens won last weekend.  Wanna check out the game?

KCRW Spring 2018 Season, 2-10-18, Bout 1, VICTORY VIXENS VS BLACK EYE SUSANS from KCRollerWarriors on Vimeo.

It was Girl Scout night and we had a packed Memorial Hall. At 12:19, my backside did a little damage for the jammer.  Sorry, not sorry.

I am participating in a mini boot camp this Saturday.  I figured I had to be there at 7:30 for insurance waiver signatures, I might as well stay and play.  (I am the leagues WFTDA insurance rep; I have to make sure everyone has the WFTDA insurance and primary insurance if they are part of the league.  If they are visitors, I have to have them sign the waiver or they don't get to skate)

Another three day weekend coming up!

How was your week?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top Ten Thursday -- City Trip

It's Thursday, so it's time to link up with Tamara over at Part Time Working Hockey Mom.  Venture over to her blog and check it out, she's pretty nifty.
Today we're taking an imaginary city trip! We picked a location we've been wanting to visit, googled the h*** out of the internet and put together the top ten things we want to see, do, experience, eat, etc. at that place! 
Random location:  Salt Lake City, Utah (and surrounding area)
1.  This is a little outside of Salt Lake City, it's the Homestead Crater.  I think it would be fun to swim in a Crater. Spend a little bit of time there. 
2.  Antelope Island: There are bison there.  Enough said.  I'm sure there is a lot more awesomeness too, but once I see bison, I'm hooked.
3.  The "Living Room" trail: all about the hiking.
6.  Ensign Peak
7.  Mormon Things: Temple Square, Beehive House, Tabernacle....not for religious purposes, but for viewing the "popular" things sort of thing.
9. Clark Planetarium because I love science and National History Museum of Utah.
10. The Spiral Jetty this one I found out about in my long ago undergrad years when I took an American Art History class.  My assignments for that class were to research the Spiral Jetty and the Burning Man Festival.   So, that class peaked my interest in that place and I always forget where it is then I have to look it up.

Where would you pick? 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bringing it Back Old School: Valentine's Day Style

Bringing it back to the Old School Blogging.
Remember when blogs first started and we all filled out surveys and posted them.  You got to know a lot about other people.  This monthly blog link up is going to bring you back old school style.  

Link up at the bottom and share it on your social media.

Our first old school blog is going with the Valentine’s Day theme since it’s coming up soon.  Questions are random, so answer and enjoy.  If you have some pictures to include; go ahead and do so.
When you were in elementary school, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Was it a big deal or not so much?
In elementary school, we always exchanged the little cards you would get from the stores.  Back then, Pinterest wasn’t a thing and there was not the competion for the perfect parent by hand making their child’s valentine’s day cards.  We made some cool boxes with construction paper on shoe boxes.  Easy peasy!  We would have homemade treats though and usually a juice box.  There would be some games and then we would go home for the day!  It was the exciting part of the week.  It wasn’t a big deal but it kind of was.
What has been your favorite gift you have received on Valentine’s Day?
Honestly, this is so sad, I’ve never really received a gift from a significant other for Valentine’s Day.  I tried to do something cutesy for someone a few years ago and I was quite proud of it.  The reaction from him was good, but that ended up being the last time I saw him.  So, in my mind, I should never do something like that again, even though it was super awesome and I would have loved a gift like that.  My mom used to give us chocolates and fun Valentine ’s Day gifts while we were growing up.   I try to do that for my kiddos.

Should Valentine’s Day even be celebrated?

Sure, why not?

Do you like to send Valentine’s Day cards?

I haven’t done that, but I’m sure I would.

Do you ever receive Valentine’s Day cards?

No.  I did sign up for a Valentine’s swap this year, so I will get a little gift in the mail.  

Do you think people spend too much on Valentine’s Day?


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Conversation Hearts! <3

What is your favorite movie with a love story?

The Notebook.  Because Ryan Gosling.

Do you believe in “love at first sight”?

Tell us about your first crush!

I was in second grade.  There was a boy that sometimes came over to his grandparents house and their house backed up to our yard.  He would catch snakes for me.  I would then lose said snakes.  We would eat gooseberries together.  They were gross.  He was cute.  Someone dared us to kiss.  It lasted like two seconds.  His lips were dry.  That was my first kiss.

Do you have a terrible dating story?  Tell it!

I don’t have a lot of dating stories because I don’t date.  At all.  I don’t get asked out.  At all.  That’s a lie, creepy stalker ex neighbor did ask me out in January. 

My story happened about a long few years ago.  I was dating a guy, we call him “Nobody” and we were hanging out at his place one evening.  We had been dating for around five months.  I look over and he is Tinder texting someone.  I got a look at the user name and the picture.  When I got home later that night, I looked it up because the picture looked fake.  It was fake!  He was totally texting a bot.  I did the google reverse image search and the picture came up on a lot of fake accounts.  I got the last laugh on this one.  I mean, if you are going to be Tinder texting someone, do it while I’m not there.  I left right after I saw him texting as I figured that was more enjoyable for him.  I also didn’t see him again after that.  He texted me a few months later and apologized.  Said he had been busy with work and wanted to take me to a baseball game.  This was after he posted on Facebook trying to find a lady to go to the game with him and asking his friends to help him out.  Apparently, he had no takers and I was the backup plan.  I never responded to him.  And he sent me mean messages back telling me I was rude.  HOW ABOUT TINDER TEXTING SOMEONE WHILE HANGING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!?  Now, that’s rude.

Favorite love song?

Lana Del Ray – Love  -- because I don’t like love songs and this one is kinda creepy.

Favorite Celebrity Couple?

The Obamas

The best break up song…

I don't know?

If you had a perfect Valentine’s Day, what would you be doing?

I would have a pizza party with my friends.  We would all make different kinds of pizza and then eat chocolate.  We would also try out Valentine drink recipes.  Good ones with a lot of alcohol.  Probably watch some movies that have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.