Monday, September 30, 2019

Last Weekend in September

Happy Monday!  It's the start of the work week.  October begins this week! September was awesome and I loved it.  There is a quote floating around Instagram that states there are no bad Mondays, that is just a state of mind.  I know I need to get past that state of mind.
Friday was Ps birthday!  He went out to Golden Corral with his dad and spent the night at his friends house.
Alli had cheer.  They ended up calling the game early due to the lightening.  They made it home by 7:30 pm.  The storm was bad.  I'm glad they called it for safety.
Here is a pic of the clouds before the storm.  The sky was v. dreamy.
Saturday night was the big Championship game.
Here is my before picture.
Here is the after picture!  We are back to back champs.
This has never been done in the league history! 
My team hosted the afterparty.  We had pizza.  It was delicious.
One of my teammates made a cake.  I didn't have any, but 
others thought it was wonderful. 
 Sunday, we celebrated Ps birthday with the family.
We had steak, corn, fries and bread.  That was his list.
He got an ice cream cake.  It was also wonderful and only a 
little piece was left at the end.  He got the trick candles
Now, both of my nieces are requesting those for their birthdays. 
Alli and her cousin, Violett, hanging out.
How was your weekend?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Happy Saturday!!

Hey!  Happy Saturday!  I normally don’t post on Saturday, but I wanted to talk about this past week.

All the new shows started this week.  I’ve only got to see one of them.  New Amsterdam.  O.M.G. it was so good.  I wanted to know who survived and who died in the ambulance crash.  You didn’t find out one until the end, but it foreshadowed where you figured it out.  I am hoping to catch up on the rest of the shows this weekend.

I watched the finale of Big Brother.  I am disappointed.  Neither of the final two deserved to win.  I did like America’s House guest Winner.  I am so glad Nicole got it.  The whole season was full of bullying and racism.  While the winner may have played a good game, that doesn’t overshadow his behavior as a human being and what he said during the season.
I am enjoying Rob Lowe's account on Instagram.  The comments from his kids slay me.  They are amazing.  You should go take a peak at it.

Steve Kazee has been all over Buzzfeed this week.  Who is Steve Kazee?  According to Buzz Feed and all the celebrity gossip sites, he is Jenna Dewan's boyfriend that she is expecting a child with.  Well, he's famous in his own right.  You might have seen him on Shameless as Gus, Fiona's hot ex-husband that she totally screwed over and he's a Broadway star.  His voice is to die for!  He was also on a Lifetime movie with Alyssa Milano called Tempting Fate, where he again got screwed over by his spouse!  Anyway, his celebrity news is really exciting!  I'm not much into celebrities, but there are a few I enjoy keeping up with.  I'm such a dork.
Alli cheered at a soccer game this week.  The team is 7-0!  And they have all been shut outs!  She taught the Lil Leaders this week and that continues into next week.  She always picks the itty bitty girls.  They moved the Friday night Football game up to 5 pm in anticipation for the big storm.  A lot of the area high schools actually moved theirs to Thursday.

Peyton had one game this week.  It was at 7:45 pm!  It didn't end until 9:30 pm.  Peyton is normally asleep by 9 pm.  We didn't make it home until after 10.  He went right to bed.

His birthday was yesterday!  He wanted money to buy a game, so I gave him money to buy his game.  Not quite as fun to give a gift of money.  He went to Golden Corral with his dad.  I thought I was taking him, but it's okay he went with his dad.  Sunday, we are having dinner at my moms.  He has still not told me what kind of cake he wants.

Tonight is the big Championship game for Fountain City Roller Derby.  You can read all about it here.  My team is the Shotgun Sheilas.  I'm excited.
Wednesday I ran league practice.  I always have so much fun doing that.  I get a lot of compliments.  I keep it fast paced and moving.  No standing around for us.  We learn as we go, we don't need 20 minutes of explanation with each drill.

This week has been a little quieter.  Which I have enjoyed so much.  

Enjoy my favorite cider recipe!

Caramel Apple Cider (Slow Cooker)
  • 64 ounces apple cider or apple juice I have used both and they both work great
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup caramel sauce or topping, found in the ice cream aisle, plus more for garnish
  • Optional garnishes: whipped cream caramel sauce, sliced apples
  1. Combine cider/juice, ground cinnamon, and caramel sauce in the slow cooker; whisk well to combine.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 3-5 hours (however, you can't really overcook this). Serve in mason jars or mugs, top with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and garnish with apple slices. Enjoy!

Friday, September 27, 2019

It's Peyton's Birthday!!

Happy Friday!
It's Peyton's Birthday!  Enjoy some pictures of him!  He doesn't like his picture taken.  But, I have a few!

Here is a fun video of Alli's Spanish teacher!  It made it all the way to Good Morning America a couple of years ago.  He has gotten a few new shirts, but he pretty much wears the same ones. :)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fall Favorites: Perfect Fall Day

This was such a fun link up!  We are wrapping things up with our perfect fall day!

On my perfect fall day, I would wake up when I want to wake up. No alarms.  I would make pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls for my family and we would enjoy those on the porch.  It would be a perfect temp, high sixties, so we would have to wear a blanket to keep warm.

I would dress in the fall uniform.  Plaid shirt, tank, jeans and boots.

We would visit the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  We would do the corn maze first because we are sure to get lost for a while.  That's the fun of it.  It's happened a few times in my life and it's more fun than anything.  We would venture into the pumpkin patch and pick out a few large pumpkins to carve and decorate to put on our porch.  We would enjoy hot apple cider and donuts.

In the evening, we would get our spooky on at a haunted house.  Before going out for that, we would make some chili and watch some of the fall time shows.

That night, everyone would fall asleep to the rain gently falling on the leaves.  Leaving an earthly smell for the next morning.

What is your perfect fall day?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What's Up, Wednesday?


Monday -- Quesadilla
Tuesday -- McDonalds!  We were on the go!
Wednesday -- Fried Ravioli and Garlic Bread
Thursday -- Mac and Cheese Casserole
Friday -- Golden Corral for Peyton's Birthday (not sure how I feel on this one)
Nothing too much!
3. What I’m loving:
The chillier weather!
My Iphone 11!
Fall decor
New TV shows!

4. What we’ve been up to?
Lots of things!  Cheer, baseball, fall activities, roller derby
5. What I’m dreading:
working at the front desk for the rest of the week.  It's truly a waste of my knowledge and talent. (Gosh, that sounds conceited) 
6. What I’m working on:
Presenting a project to executive leadership of FSD.
All the roller derby things
7. What I’m excited about:
Peyton's Birthday on Friday!
playing in the championship game on Saturday
8. What I’m watching/reading:
All the new shows!
Unbelievable on Netflix
Carnival Row on Prime
Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews
Ghosted by Rosie Walsh
9. What I’m listening to:
I've been listening to the radio a lot lately.
Also, music from movies and powerful, instrumentals (is that what it would be called?)
10. What I’m wearing:

11. What I’m doing this weekend:
Celebrating P's birthday!
Playing in a champs game!
Maybe something off the fall list if we have time!
12. What I’m looking forward to next month:
Watching my daughter cheer.
Watching my son play baseball
Night of the Living Farm
Weston Applefest
Turner Days parade
Day of the Dead celebration
Chili Cook-off
Fall Fling at Powell Gardens
13. What else is new:
The same old, same old!  Working, taking care of the kiddos and enjoying life as much as I can!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall everyone!
I walked outside this morning and it was sooo nice!  It was 57 degrees and foggy and you could hear all the creatures making their noises.
We had a pretty decent weekend!
I came home on Friday and this is what I saw when I looked up.  Buster, looking like a ghost!, in my daughters window.  It made me jump a little. :)
Friday night was football night.  They lost. Again.  They have yet to score this season :(
The football team is in a hard division.  
But on another note!  The soccer and volleyball teams are blowing everyone out of the water!
The kids both spent the night at friends. 
 Peyton mowed lawns the next morning before the down pour.  That kid makes a few dollars mowing lawns!
I picked up Alli and we went to a little Chinese Restaurant.  This was my fortune.  My daughter said "It's about time I get a boyfriend"  I laughed out loud! 
After we ate, we ventured to the Cider Hill Family Orchard!
We attempted to pick apples, but didn't find enough to actually take home with the purpose we had for them.  We did have fun walking around the trees and trying to find apples.
We got a dozen apple cider donuts and an apple cider slush.
We met up with my mom and saw "It, Chapter Two".  It was good.  Scary, but good. 
Isn't this house adorbs? 
Walking to the orchard! 
Trying to pick an apple! 
The apple trees! 
Picture of us two! 
I spy pumpkins! 
The doughnuts! 
Sunday morning, I had an early practice with the Sheilas.
We are playing in the Championship game on Saturday. 
After practice, I went home and cleaned up for Vixens Team Pictures.
Here are some fun ones we took.
I can't wait for these to come back.  We all looked so good! 

The Hocus Pocus outdoor movie was canceled because of the wet and soggy weekend.  They said they will be rescheduling it though.
How was your weekend?  What did you enjoy?

Friday, September 20, 2019 day ever...

Friends!  We’ve made it through another week!  What awesome things happened for you?  Anything you need to confess?  Any peeves make an appearance?

It’s been a slightly less busy week.
Monday night, we stayed at home.  I worked on the derby league calendar for the year.  For three hours.  My eyes crossed for looking at the same thing for so long.  I made a few errors on it, but I’ll go back and correct them this weekend. 

I did a Costco run.  Mainly because they had a jacket that I wanted and a three pack of the cereal Peyton likes.  The Count Chocula and the other two that go along with it.  Boo Berry?  I can’t remember. (But I just found a pic!)  They also had some pretzel with s’more toppings and I picked up some apple cider.  I picked up some Cascones pasta sauce.  They no longer carry it at Wal-mart, plus it’s the same price for two of them at Costco as it was for one of them at Wal-mart.  Sometimes, I just like wandering around Costco. 

Wednesday night, we had a team practice followed by Black and White Scrimmage.  I stayed for around two and a half hours, people started getting cray about then.  They ended up calling the scrimmage shortly afterwards.  I got kicked by one of my own teammates when he fell.  He left a decent wheel mark.  It hasn’t bruised yet, but sometimes that takes a few days.
 The week has been long!

 We were exhausted.

Peyton had a baseball double header on Thursday.  He hit a triple and had three people batted in.  Such a good job!

I was surprised when I received an email stating I had a FabFitFun box being shipped to me.  I had canceled that!  Or I thought I did.  Sigh.  I was charged $50 for the box.  I received notification of what is going to be the box and I can say, it’s a bummer.  It’s a lot of bath and lotion stuff. (I already have a ton)  They are sending me a cheese board set, which is okay.  I made sure to cancel it all the way through this time!! 
But, I did get a Walmart Beauty box with useful products!  It was $5 and it shipped within a couple of weeks.  I did research on other Beauty Boxes and Target has a men's one.  I am going to get those for the boys for Christmas.  It has all their "beauty" products they like to use.

My FitBit Versa that I have had less than a month went caput, but FitBit replaced it for free!  Thank goodness, I would have been a super sad panda if it was not been replaced.
I started planning our vacations out for next year!  I have the date sets for the summer road trip and for Disneyland! 
Road Trip will be through Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  I still want to do my ultimate Utah road trip that I have been researching for years. 

What do you have planned for this weekend?
Friday night is football!  Alli is cheerleading at the game.  After that, the kids are going to their dads house for the weekend.
Saturday, I think I’m going to clean out my closet, get a manicure and see a movie.  I will, most likely, go to Marshalls and IKEA to browse, since they are all in the same area.   I’m going to attempt to be productive!
Sunday, I have a team practice, team pictures with my other team and then I am taking the kids to a Hocus Pocus movie night at Grinders.  It’s a restaurant in an area called the Crossroads and I love it.  They are going to have the showing outside and food will be available. 
From the game last weekend.  I slipped by her on the inside line. :)

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Favorites: Fall Home Tour

It's time to link up again!  I don't have a lot going on in my home for Fall Decorations...yet.  It's still been in the 90s daily and I'm having a hard time keeping the mums alive! After viewing some people's home, I know my decorating game is not the best.  I like fall and I love the little things I have.  When it cools down some, the front porch is going to be extra lovely!
Here is my front door!  I was given this autumn wreath and I absolutely adore it. I have hung it up for the last five years!
Here is the start of my front porch.  Where the mums are now will be pumpkins soon.  I am going to get stands and put the mums on either side of the door.  I have two more plants that you can't see in the picture. I am going to add some more orange to the display. 
Do you see my black cat decoration shadow on the bottom?
Freddie ran by as I was taking the picture.  Cute little pumpkins I found at Target. 
The black plants are not staying there.  I am going to put them on the side table soon, I am just looking for another thing to go with them before it happens.

My pumpkin "C" 
Here is my mantle.  It is a hot mess.  I have been looking for a buffalo check banner to put on here.  It's my goal for this weekend.  I purchased another set of lights to hang with it.
I love the woodland creatures and the pumpkins, they are staying.
My hurricane lamps are always up there.  I love them so hard.
My mantle is also super weird and as soon as I figure out how to get another one up there, it's going to happen.  The previous owners concreted the large wooden things into the fire place.  I'm prob going to have to build something around it.