Thursday, July 27, 2017

writers workshop: throwback thursday

On this day, eighteen years ago, I became a mother.
Tanner.  He's eighteen now.
I have an eighteen year old.
Here are a "few" pictures for his throwback.
Party is tomorrow night so everyone can join.
Ruby Beach
Recreation of a picture of when he was one.
Seattle Aquarium
Lake Sammamish
He was so little.
Jasmine is a big dog.
Dancing at Lauren's wedding
Another big pup
First Day of Eighth Grade
Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi
In Florida, holding a gator. NBD
Lighting his sisters birthday candles
It was so cold that night!  Brrr....
He really hates animals.  Can you tell?
Pinewood Derby
Tanner with both of his sisters.  Born on the same day. That's another
story for a later time.
At the Platte County Fair!  It was so hot!
I miss that pup.
First Day of High School
That one time the dog dragged you through the glass door.
Got his license.
Driving us through Iowa.
17th Birthday Dinner at Dave & Busters
13th Birthday.  The beginning of teenage hood.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Girl Scout Day Camp

The girls made it through Resident camp and went straight to Day Camp!  Alli absolutely loved resident camp and she is wanting to go on the Survival Camp next year.  She needs to start fundraising early then!
At Day Camp, the girls are teens.  The teens run all the programs for younger campers, help out with units and run the Flag Ceremonies and Singing Tree.
They do a lot of work. 
This years theme was "Wacky and Wonderful".  It was a STEM theme and they had some really cool activity stations set up.
Opening Flag.  Abbi and Alli form the bridge for everyone to go under.
I drove Alli to camp each day as the camp was closer to our house than the bus stop was.  Using my resources wisely.  We usually arrived first.  The buses usually came around 20 minutes after us. 
The teens would do the Flag Ceremony each morning.  Alli was the Color Guard on two of them.  Once for opening and the other for the Flag Retirement. 
I was signed up as an adult to attend camp.  It's a lot different when your girls are teens though.  I sat around the majority of the day.  I would hike around and get sneaky pictures of the girls.  On the first day, I did help with an activity because the person running it wasn't exactly sure on what to do. 
The pond with BIG FISHES!
The activity was to create a camp stove out of an aluminum can.  It's pretty easy.  You have two can bottoms, you fit them together and poke holes in it.  Three holes on the top to let the fuel in and holes all around the sides for the actual "stove" part.
We made a chocolate fondue and it was lovely.
Alli and her many faces
Alli and Abbi hiking
The found a tadpole that was transitioning into froghood and it was great.  They showed the younger girls and they LOVED it!
On the first day, there was a mix up with the schedules and the teen who was supposed to be leading an activity didn't show up.  The girls stepped in, read the directions and lead the Daisy troop to a fun art activity.
I do have a video of this.  The girls filled film canisters with paint.  The paint was diluted with water.  They then added an alka seltzer tablet and watched it explode. The paint created a splatter effect on the paper.  The little ones absolutely loved it!
All of the teens!
Opening Flag Ceremony
Opening Flag with Skittles, Spiker, Goggles, Arrows and Dipper Pines

The girls lead an art session on Pet Rocks.  Here is the example they made.
Their pet rock and it's habitat.

They lead a session on making slime!  The younger girls used a highlighter and the older girls used iron oxide.  The campers loved this!  The troop leaders did not.  They said it would get on their clothes (camp clothes are not supposed to be nice clothes) and when they got home it would get in the carpet and on the furniture, etc, etc....  Whatevs.
Flag Retirement Ceremony
Flag Retirement Ceremony.
I do have a video of this, but was told I couldn't share it because Alli thought she looked dumb.  I thought she looked great.  I might post it here one day. :)
The leaders complained about this also.
Because they said there wasn't enough explaining.  The little girls were upset because a flag was being cut up and burned.  This is when the leaders explain it to them.  I don't think it's the teen responsibility to stop a ceremony and explain it.
The teens did a great job.  The ceremony is great.
This flag was being retired because someone dropped it.  It was a nice flag and the coordinator was sad to see it go. 
This was about 930 am on the day after our overnight.  I don't blame her and she had a nice little nap.
The person who was supposed to cook for the whole camp, decided to leave without fulfilling her volunteer obligations.  I took over cooking duties.  I had a small handful of girls helping me out.  We cooked and served the dinner for the overnight.  We woke up at 530 am to prepare, cook and serve breakfast to the entire camp by 715 am.  Alli, Abbi and Clara were a big help.  They scrambled eggs, make the gravy for the biscuits, put the hashbrowns on the trays for cooking.  They were able to eat before everyone else.  They helped with serving the food.  They did such an excellent job.  They deserve lots of kudos for helping feed the entire camp!
The night before the girls had slept on a tarp with their sleeping bag.  Their choice.  I slept in my car.  It wasn't my best night of sleep.
The last day they did a marble painting activity.  Shaving cream, paint and marbles in a plastic bag.