Friday, February 21, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? AKA Fri-YAY! (7)

I feel like I'm so far behind with blogging.  But, I'm getting caught up!  I had the crud of the cruds and all I did was work and go home and veg.  I did have to run a meeting, but that was only an hour, then I went straight home.

I even missed my Fri-YAY post :(
I'm back with it today!

Some fun things happened:
Birds of Prey movie premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse!
So much fun!

Orange soda at Red Robin's for my sister and nieces birthday!

Oh, my little cuddly catos!

Before the Polar Plunge.  Well into my coughing crud phase.  I was trying to look human. 
I did not go into the water, but I had raised money and was there to support my friends.

My friends getting ready to go in!

Packed house at the Roller Derby!
We had 1,291 people attend!  This is the biggest production I have run thus far!

After the game.  Autographs with my friend!

Buster got his Bark Box.  He's like don't take away my toy!

Kibben in his cute little ball!  Oh, it makes my heart happy!

I attempted to make lasange rolls, but it ended up regular lasange.  

If you've read this far, a few more things:
The Ipsy bag we received this month was seriously the best.
Every time Alli works, she gets me a nerds slush when I pick her up.  I tell her to surprise me on the flavor.
I received my order from and it smells so good!  It was one of the room fresheners from Mrs Myers brand.  I stashed it away to my bedroom so the kiddos don't take it.
I visited the Pet Stop and got to see the animals when I got the Chin Chin food (because our Chin Chin food from Chewy was delayed, it's arrived now though)
I made it off the wait list for a training I wanted to do.  I was number 11!  That will be next week, I'm trying to get all my "pre-training" work completed.
The visiting kitten, it has spent the night a few more times and eaten dinner at our house, is our neighbors.  He tried to run to my house when I was letting the dog out and the neighbor grabbed him by the hind legs and threw the kitten inside his house.  So whenever that kitten is out and about, he's more than welcome to stop by for a meal and a warm bed.  WHY WOULD YOU LET A KITTEN OUTSIDE WHEN IT IS NINE DEGREES!! We've named it Don Gato the Cat. :)
Had a good Engage meeting with my sup.  I think there are going to be some positive changes in the air, but some won't be happening with them.  ALSO, we actually get to do what our job actually is!  Go out into the community and support people and give presentations!  I AM SO EXCITED! (I've been stressed 100% on work lately)

How was your week?  Anything fun planned for the weekend?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Three Things for February!

Three things I like about January
  • There was some pretty snow
  • New YEAR!
  • A few extra days off work!

Three things I like about February
  • Birthdays! My mom, sister and niece
  • The Chiefs won the Super Bowl
  • It's one month closer to Spring!

Three vegetables I eat the most
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Yellow Squash

Three grocery items I buy every week
  • Chicken
  • Milk
  • Cheerios

Three things we go through like crazy in my house
  • Milk and Cheerios (my son)
  • Cat Food
  • Hair Brushes (don't ask, they always disappear)

Three things I always have time for
  • working (cause I gotta do it)
  • Driving (because I gotta do that too)
  • Brushing my teeth

Three things I never have time for
  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Having Fun  (okay, I'm exaggerating a little on this, but this is how I feel sometimes)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hump Day Confessions

Welcome to my confessions....
It's been a minute....
I've been sick and then just couldn't get back into the groove.
I had lots of link ups ready, but I will just wait until next month to try and participate again.
Work has been hell....we are supposed to operate at 10 people, we've had 8 regularly, until they sent someone to another office, so we have 7 regular.  Last week, we were operating on 5 people because people took leave time.  It was miserable.  We were busy as ever and it compounded with so few staff, made it a not good working environment.
I am not enjoying derby right now.  Being in leadership is hard.  People do not allow you to practice and enjoy derby.  Everyone wants an answer to their question right now.  I don't get paid to do all the work that I do for the league.  People need to understand that I have a job that pays my bills, a family and things I enjoy outside of derby.
That stray kitten.  Belongs to my neighbor.  He's a bad pet owner to let the kitten outside when it's only 9 degrees out.  I'm glad the kitten likes to come to my house to eat dinner and spend the night.  The kitten is welcome anytime.

My biggest confession is.....I just want this to be a good week. :)


Friday, February 7, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? aka Fri-YAY! (6)

Happy Friday, friends!  What a busy week it has been!!  I'm exhausted, but in a good way!

Monday was busy at work!  And we only had five people.  We somehow managed.  I saw 40+ please on my own.  I worked late.  It was the day that never ended. Haha.  When I did make it home, I took Alli to work.  Once I got back home and came in the front door, both of the black cats were at the door pawing and meowing.  I looked outside and there was a kitten there.  Meowing back.  I went outside to check for a collar, there was not one.  I got my cats fed and I gave the kitten some food.  He gobbled it right up.  He kept trying to get into the house.  We did let him in the house.  Mainly because it was going to be below freezing that night.  We set up a temporary litter box and food station in Peyton's room and he spent the night.  I checked him for signs of illness or injury (there were none)  The next day, he did want to go back outside and we let him.  He journeyed off to wherever he belonged.  We could tell he was not a stray.  He was super friendly, very clean, knew how to use the litter box and was not skinny.  Maybe he just needed a night off?  My plan was to take him to the vet to see if he had a chip and I had posted in our neighborhood group.  Here's a picture of him.  He was super cute.
Tuesday was typical.    Alli had a game she was cheering at and I had practice. 
I made some delicious Butter Chicken in the instapot and we had some jasmine rice and naan bread with it.  I ended up eating that on Wednesday night too since the kiddos went to their dads.

On Wednesday, Alli came to work with me.  Peyton declined.  I worked until noon and then went to the Super Bowl Parade with Alli.  I work within walking distance.  We got there in perfect time.  About five minutes after we arrived, the Trophy rolled by following by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce!  They partied it up!  As they should!  They had just won the freaking Super Bowl.  All the players were so happy and having the time of their lives!  It was so great to see!

Afterwards, Alli and I stopped by Gates BBQ and had lunch!  

Wednesday was the arrival of my first Imperfect produce box.  I was impressed.  I got things other than produce.  I received some granola type bars, popcorn, chocolate and almonds.  I got some maple syrup spray.  The kids love pancakes, so I figured we could try it out.  We got a box full of stuff.  Definitely worth it!

Wednesday was a practice night.  We didn't have very many people there, but we got stuff done and everyone improved in the time we were there.

Royals parade and Chiefs Parade!

Thursday night was the Birds of Prey premiere night.  The Kansas City Roller Warriors were the special guests for the night.  Do you know how fun it is to skate around a movie theatre?  So much!  
We judged the Canary Call contest, gave away free tickets, took lots of pictures and had so much delicious food!  We watched the movie later in the evening.  It's okay, not something I would take myself to see at the theatres.  I know a lot of people will love it though.  There were some good previews!

How was your week?  What fun things did you do?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


This is one of my favorite link up's every month!  I love reading everyone's response!  Happy Wednesday all!

Link Up: Anne In Residence

lovingembracingtastingwearing, and preparing.

Loving -- All the family time this past weekend!
Embracing -- The fact that I work downtown, three blocks from the Super Bowl Parade, and I don't have to worry about parking!  

Tasting -- Peach Bellini! 

Wearing - RED and warm clothing for the Parade this afternoon!  

Preparing -- I am preparing for my Vixens game this weekend!  Also, Alli and I are preparing her room for her new bed.  Fred says hi.  Yes, the cat gets under the comforter.  :)

A Monday Minute (yes, I know it's Wednesday)

Happy Monday!  I know it's late, but today was a killer!  I didn't actually get inside my house until almost 7 pm!  So late!
This weekend was a fun one!!
Friday night was pretty typical.  Work and then Alli cheered at a game.  I picked her up and her friend came over to hang out.
On Saturday (a not fun part), Alli and her friends attended a visitation.  One of their friends died the previous weekend.  : (  She said the service honored him well.
Saturday was my Mom's Birthday! We celebrated by going to iFly and eating dinner at Cinzetti's.  It was so much fun.  If you've never done iFly, I 10/10 recommend.  Our server at Cinzetti's only charged me the kiddos price for my 16 and 14 year old.  I was pleasantly surprised at the bill.  
SUNDAY WAS SUPER BOWL DAY AND THE CHIEFS PULLED OFF THE WIN!!  It was such an exciting game.  Peyton and I hung out at my mom's house, had some Papa Murphy's pizza and enjoyed the game.  We did have to go pick up Alli from work during the third quarter.  I apologize so hard.  As soon as we got home though, they Chiefs came out with their come from behind victory!

How was your weekend?!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February Goals

February 2020 Goals
  • Make an emergency car kit -- since I didn't get that done last month 
  • Read a book set in Iceland.  I saw this on Pinterest and it sounded fun.  I don't think I've ever read a book set in Iceland.
  • Celebrate National Pizza Day  -- February 9th
  • Continue to put money into the savings accounts.  Also, look into the cash back checking account offered by my bank.
  • Attend the Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing Event.  -- February 29th
  • Celebrate Leap Day!  It's on a Saturday after all.
  • Room of Focus will be my Dining Room.  
  • Call around for cheaper home and car insurance.
  • Go on a Winter Hike!!

January 2020 Goals - Recap
How'd I do?

Clean out car -- I keep doing this but I don't get far. :(,
get new tires Check! , get the oil changed check! and make an emergency kit moved to February

Make four soup recipes Check!

Learn how to bullet journal - I'm doing it on my calendar!

Go on a winter hike - nooooooo.....but I'm going to try in February

Stick to a budget and savings plan - YES! I threw a
lot of money in those savings accounts!

Room of focus: Living Room (starting with the easiest) -
Definitely was the easiest!

Plan Vacations for the year - I've priced Disneyland (hotel, plane,
tickets and transportation!),
and a trip to AZ with friends in April (it can be a
belated birthday getaway), also I have a rough draft
for the Grand Canyon trip!!