Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Hi friends!  Short and sweet post!  I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Have fun, be safe!

Alli has to work and then she is dog sitting for my mom.  I am making a big dinner for myself, Alli and Peyton.  Nothing too exciting around here!

Thank you to everyone for making my blog year fun!  Here's to another one! 

Friday, December 27, 2019

The last Friday of the Year...Decade!

First off, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, whichever ones you happen to celebrate!  

My Christmas was wonderful.  It was a nice day celebrating with my family.  Everyone was happy with their gifts and the food was delicious!

It's been a week since my last post! We have a lot to catch up on!

Last Friday, I completed a CPR/AED Certification class.  It's always a good refresher.  (and core workout!)
 It was also our Resource Centers holiday party!  I made a cheeseball.  It was super simple and super yummy.  Cream Cheese, mozzarella cheese, garlic (both minced and powder) and parm cheese.  
 My coworker brought adorable sugar cookies!
 Friday night, Alli was housesitting for my mom.  I ended up staying the night too, I didn't want to drive home and then drive back first thing in the morning.  Alli and I watched "Us".  Ya'll, I still don't get it all the way.  I might need to rewatch it again.  We had a deep dish pizza from Wal-mart, so good!  I didn't even know they had a deep dish.  You can see here that Cookie and Sophie were wanting in on the pizza business.
 I had everything wrapped before Christmas Eve.  It was a miracle.  Actually, it was because I couldn't sleep and I made myself productive in hopes of tiring myself out.
 On Saturday, Alli and I went to my friends house to decorate gingerbread houses!  Always a fun time!

 Saturday night, I went back over to my moms and we made the candies.  Peanut butter balls, almond mounds, peanut clusters and fudge.  Yummy!
 The puzzle is finished.
 Started and finished another one.  
 That evening, we went to Ernie Miller Park for their solstice event.  They did a nice job on it!  Much less crowded than the other ones around because they limit the number of people to 40 per session.  We heard stories, learned about owls, made a wish, hiked and had hot chocolate.  We looked around at the creatures inside.  The snakes were super active.

Sunday night, we had a movie night for our league.  It was Secret Skater reveal too! So much fun.  We watched Elf, ate food and opened gifts. 

Monday was a pretty typical Monday work wise.   Busy.  We didn't have anything to do that evening, that's always great.

Tuesday, I worked in a small town office.  I had to drive 1.25 hours to get there, work for 2.25 hours and then drive back.  The Governor closed state offices at 1 pm on Christmas Eve.  Something that has never happened before.  I am actually owed an hour of comp/OT since I didn't take a lunch break because of all the driving.  I'm glad I got off early. There was a scary incident that happened to one of the kids.  I won't post about it until an arrest is made, which is imminent because the criminal was/is stoopid.

I saw Knives Out with my mom and one of her friends!  Go see it!  We ate at the movie theater.  Their food is good, but expensive!  But hey, that's the movies for ya!

Christmas Day was good!  I will post up pictures and things later.

On Thursday, I worked in the same small office, but was there longer.  It was pretty busy with drop off, mail and faxed in items.  I did see about 11 people though.  I filled up the tank to the state car.  I wasn't about to be "that" one that leaves the tank on E for the next person. I'm just happy not to have to drive my car and pay for gas.  (So is the state, they don't want to pay me out mileage)

I signed up for the Beat the Backlist challenge over at NovelKnight's Blog.  I have so many books to catch up on.

I'm happy it's Friday!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Only Two Fridays Left!

Happy Friday everyone!  Can you believe there are only two Fridays left this year?!  Of this decade?!  How will you be spending yours?

Today, I have a CPR class in the AM and we are having our work party when everyone is back in the office in the afternoon.  Alli is cheering at a basketball game and then housesitting for my mom.  Lots of driving for me, but it's all okay.  The kiddos have late start, so they have to ride the bus.  They normally don't in the morning, so I had to call the bus barn to make sure they get picked up.  The school district they are in operates independently, including the buses.  

So, what's happened this week?  

Saturday night was game night for the Victory Vixens.  We took a loss, but it's okay and we will only work harder.  One of my leaguemates did my makeup.  They did a nice job on it.  Don't mind all my smile wrinkles and that my lipstick has faded. :)
One of my jobs in the league is bout production, so everything from start to finish.  It's exhausting, but I love it.  I had delegated some tasks out.  The afterparty food task.  I get a message from the person who was supposed to plan it...she said the food truck pulled out...  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  Solution: buy 20 pizzas and bring them to the bar.  I talked with a few of my leaguemates, at first it was suggested  to charge people.  People don't carry cash.  It was decided to just purchase pizza for people using the leagues money.  I ordered Pizza Hut over the phone.  I figured over the phone they wouldn't call me again to verify.  Haha.   They did.  I went and picked up the 20 pizzas.  I was so tired at that point.  Delivered to the bar and everyone at the bar ate.  Pizza Hut has a pretty good deal running for pizzas and it didn't cost the league a ton.  Everyone was fed and happy.  Even the empty beer glass.
 I already have an email in to have a dedicated food truck each game.  So, this problem doesn't arrive again.  I'm asked why I don't delegate....well, I ended up having to pick up the pieces anyway.

Sunday was when the snow came.  The kiddos and I went to McDs in the morning to get breakfast.  After that my car was literally stuck at the bottom of the hill.  I live on a private road that is not city maintained.  I actually have to go through an easement and up a neighbors driveway to get to the road.  The neighbor didn't do anything with his driveway, which is the upgrade and my car would not make it past his house.  I didn't go to work Monday because I was stuck.  I tried numerous times and it failed.  I never call off work, never!  I have a ton of sick and vacation time and even comp time for working over.  Finally around 12:30 pm, I caught my neighbors son outside and asked if he had a shovel....we took turns shoveling his driveway, so I could get my car up the hill.  It worked!  I went to the grocery store and put air in one of my tires.  I did not dare park my car in the driveway that day as it was still snowing and I didn't want the same problem.  I parked up at the church.  I actually did that until Thursday. My neighbor did also.  That car actually slide down the hill and off into the woods.  Glad she got it out.  Now, the driveways and road are fine and my car will make it up as long as the traction control is off.
Here's a look going down the hill.  It doesn't look like much and I think that's why it is the worse.
This is from where I parked at the church.  My house is down the hill and around the corner and quite a bit down the easement.  I have to walk down the side of the church and through the woods to get to my house.  Someone was watching me while I did it and actually yelled at me that it wasn't my property.  It actually is, but I'm glad people are looking out. :) 
The snow day on Monday lead to cuddles with kitties.
I worked on establishing my new years goals and january goals. And my 40 before 40 list.
I went through my magazines and cut out recipes and put them in my recipe box.
I plan on bringing the magazines to work for people to look at and take home.
Three cats on top of me.  The boxes in the background are presents I need to wrap.  Can you see all three of them?  I feel like Fred and Kibben blend together.
I've been wearing a lot of cozy socks!  I love them.  The cozy socks combined with my furry boots keep my feets nice and toasty.  Cold feet are the worse.

Tuesday was a league meeting and then All-Stars practice.  The meeting went okay.  I felt there was a lot of good discussion.  The kiddos go to their dads on Tuesday, so I ate ramen noodles for dinner.  I wasn't motivated to make anything else.  Plus they hit the spot.  I had some crackers with cheese to go along with it and I was a happy clam.
On Tuesday, I paid the deposit for me and Alli to journey to Japan in 2021.  I am so flipping excited.  We both got early bird discounts and because Alli is a repeat traveler, she got another discount.  She has also decided to use $30 from her paychecks each month to make a payment for her trip.  I feel this is super responsible of her.

Wednesday was a Black and White Scrimmage and All-Star scrimmage.  I had a lot of fun at both despite not feeling the best.  No, I'm not sick.  I decided to stop drinking energy drinks.  For a few reasons.  My head and stomach have been hurting.  I know why.  My stomach is a lot better now, but I still get the occasional headache.  I know the drinks are not good for me and I know it's best for me.  I also know it takes a couple of weeks to get over the withdrawal.  I am having small amounts of caffeine, so not completely cold turkey.
Alli and Peyton hung out with their friends at our house for while.  I made some frozen pizzas.  Peyton went to church.  Everyone was happy.
This was my view driving into work.  The whole city is actually right in front of me, but the fog was so thick, you couldn't see anything.
I did my first book review on my #bookstagram account.  

Thursday night, Alli worked and I went to Marshall's to get the last things for my co-worker gifts. I did a little cleaning and made tacos for dinner.  All in all a good night.

How was your week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Most Wonderful Day of the Week!

It's the most wonderful day of the week!  It's Friday!  

Let's share our week!  How'd it go?  The good, the bad, the ugly?

I had an interview on Monday, found out on Thursday, I did not get it.  I asked for feedback and I am going to meet with my old manager on Monday to discuss.  This is the first time when I've asked for feedback that I've actually gotten a response.  I'm more than qualified for it.  I did apply for another position within the agency on Wednesday.  Maybe that will be the reason I haven't gotten any others?  Who knows?  

On Wednesday, some of my Vixens teammates met up.  We had a vegan chili which was delicious and played a game called Salem.  It was a lot of fun!  I love games of that type.

Work has been work.  Nothing exciting to see around here.  Just trying to survive the rest of the year.

Peyton is doing a lot better in school and his grades are going in the correct direction!

Check out the video below!  Our team was featured in a youtube video, which has received a lot of hits.  I'm even in it a few times.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sleeping in on the Weekends...

So, not really. :)  But here is a picture of Peyton passed out on Friday night at my mom's house.  He ate dinner, then laid on the couch.  It was all over then. Middle School is rough.
Friday was a good one.  We celebrated my BIL's birthday.  He hit the milestone one of 40.  My sister said we are saving his candles for mine.  Haha.  I have a minute before that happens.  We had some steak, salad, homemade spin/artichoke dip (it had some heat!), twice baked potatoes, bread and a pie.  It was all delicious.  Family was visiting from Seattle.  I wished they lived closer.  Or we lived closer to them. Our family is so small.
Sephora has seasonal #lipstories.  They renamed these "Cabin Fever" and "Campfire Cutie".  I put the Cabin Fever on first, followed by the Campfire Cutie.  I liked the combo. 
Saturday night, we ventured out to Worlds of Fun's Winterfest.  We rode the carousel and a few other rides, we saw all the lights, visited the animals and it was all so pretty. 
The fake snow.  My niece is trying to eat it.  Yuck. 
She wanted a picture with me. She was so happy.  Well, she always is, but look at that smile. 
Snow in my hair. 
Lindsey and Violett hanging with the Coke Polar Bears. 
This camel wanted treats so bad, but people were not supposed to feed him. 
This sheep.  He had me captivated.   
Some of the lights! 
On Sunday, we had our last team practice before the game.
I tried the "But Coffee First" #lipstories 
Unsure how I feel on this one.  Will try again later. 
Peyton and Buster did not want to get up for school on Monday.
He is getting his grades up though.  The struggle has been real. 
Alli was supposed to work on Monday.  After I dropped her off, she found out they didn't need her.  We took a trip to Marshall's instead.  
My office decided to adopt two children: a girl and a boy.  Both of the children's parents are incarcerated.  Alli and I had so much fun shopping for her!  We found her a mermaid onesie. 
Alli also picked up gifts for her friend and her little sister on cheer.  I was able to get my stuff for my secret santa person from derby.  I put a few presents in the cart for Alli too and she didn't even notice.

I had my interview for the Supervisor position.  It was with one of my old mangers, my just old manager that I had for three years and knows everything work related about me and my brand new manager.  It was six short questions.  Cross your fingers for me.

Alli messaged me that there is a meeting to join the Japan trip on Thursday.  She has to work, so I'll email the teacher for the link to sign up.  Alli will be going, Peyton doesn't want to go and I plan on going as a Chaperone.  The trip will be in 2021.  So between her Jr and Sr year.  I would like to convince Peyton to go with us.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

Friday, December 6, 2019


It's time again for another Fri-YAY post!  It's my fav day of the week!

I only worked three days this week.  
Monday was a dentist appointment for me.  All went well, no cavities, my bone is healing well from my previous dental surgery, so I can prepare for the next step soon. (Like, when I have the money saved up for it).  I took the entire day off, because you never know how dental appointments will go.  Afterwards, I stopped by the thrift shop to browse.  I didn't buy anything.  I did notice that there were a ton of Lularoe leggings there though.  Are they not a popular MLM anymore?  I peaked at their book section and didn't see anything that I was interested in.  I looked at the games, just to see if they had any card games I could play with the kids.  I didn't find anything there either.  
Alli had to work Monday evening.  While she was at work, I put the tree together.  I do a decor post later.  I need to get some pics of it first. :)
Tuesday was a typically busy day at work.  My new manager was downstairs with us for a while.  I like her.  I think she's going to be quiet, but she knows her stuff.  I got an email for an interview on a position I applied for.  It's going to be on Monday.  It's with my old manager, my new manager and one other manager.  That's going to be weird?  My old manager knows all the stuff about me already.  I was on her team for three years and she's done all my reviews. 
Here's a picture of Maggie cuddles.  I love my front room table, but would like to refinish it!  It's become a little banged up in the last few years.
Alli worked again on Wednesday and it was corn dog day!  She said it was the busiest it has ever been.  People were ordering 16 corn dogs at a time!  Who eats 16 corn dogs in a setting? :) She brought me home a cherry limeade though.  I do enjoy those.  We had team scrimmage in derby and welcomed a new teammate.  We are welcoming so many skaters into the league and it's great.  I tried out my new derby wheels and I luv them!  I haven't had new wheels for a couple of years, so they were overdue.
Lucky odometer reading?
Thursday was a tough day, but guess what, everyone survived it.  Peyton had an ortho appt in the morning.  I cannot wait until those braces are off.
Look at this cute cuddle puddle I woke up to?!?  Freddie is laying his head on Buster.  He likes the back end of Buster, just not his face.  I didn't know how this was going to turn out, but all was okay, until Buster tried to move his head. :)
Thursday is my Amazon delivery day.  I got a ton of things that I ordered for Christmas and what I ordered for the league.  I ordered us a safe to keep money and the ipads in.  That way a couple of us didn't have to transport them around all the time.  I always worry something will happen to them.  Now, we just need to get it bolted to the floor in our building, so nobody walks off with the whole safe of things.
I have all the episodes of Prodigal Son recorded.  I started the first episode last night.  It is so good!  I can't wait to watch more of them.
Alli got her first paycheck and is now learning about taxes and pay periods. :)
We've made it to Friday.  Typical work day.  Alli works tonight too.  I am going to my mom's house for my brother in laws birthday dinner.  My family is visiting from the Seattle area, I am excited to see them.  There are a few things going on this weekend and I'm not sure which one I want to do.  
At home, I would like to go through my buffet.  I feel like I have a lot of things dumped inside of it right now and they need to be donated or given away or put in their proper places.  

What are your weekend plans?  Anything exciting?  Anything not exciting, but still awesome?

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


It's time for the monthly currently post!  You can find the link party over at Anne In Residence.

Well, unwrapping!  This is the best money I have spent on Groupon lately!  The cats adore it!  They were even excited while I was unwrapping it.

As for wrapping, I have all gifts wrapped except an odd shaped one for my son.  I'll probably have to get a bag for that.

Since Thanksgiving just passed, we can share our baking things.  Candied Sweet Potatoes, Made from Scratch Green Bean Casserole and the meat and cheese platter shaped like a turkey.  I did make cranberry sauce with some garlic in it.  It was so good with the ritz crackers!  I think because they were shaped like snowflakes, it made them taste better.

The Christmas Tree!  I thought I misplaced my lights and I purchased new ones.  Then, I found them in the bottom of my decorations bin.  Why in the world did I put them there?  I have extra lights now and they are up on the tree.  Also, enjoy the Kibben.

I sent a book swap out.  I am going to attempt Christmas/Holiday cards!

Time with Family!  Love their faces!