Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Status Report: Spring To Do List

Here is my short list of things I would like to do this Spring:
Make a Bird Feeder  -- not yet!
Clean Up the Front Porch -- this seems to be the never ending project!  
Read a Book or two or ten  -- In progress...I've had a hard time reading lately.  I'm about finished with a book and am going to do a random draw on what to read next.
Dye Easter Eggs  -- we did a few, but didn't get very far.
Plant Sunflowers  -- I'm still trying to figure this one out.
Buy some flowers (and keep them alive!)  -- So far, I've kept the strawberries alive.  The doggo dug up the peonies, I tried to save them...we will see.  I still have the herbs to plant and the catnip!  I got the cats a little present so they will stop eating my fern.
Go on a hike  -- I did this!  I did four miles on the Cabin Fever Trail at Smithville Lake.  I am looking at other area trails to do some more.
Spring Cleaning Weekend  -- honestly, I feel like I am cleaning ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW!! and my house still doesn't feel clean.  I think it's in my head.
Work some OT  - I have been doing this.  They restricted it to weekends only for a while, but now we are back to weekday OT.  
Have a bonfire!  -- I've started my burn pile!  
Finish one of the new puzzles  -- working on this one!  I'm slow, but I did order a puzzle board so I don't have to worry about cats knocking pieces off the table.  I finished the cat puzzle!  There were two pieces missing, but I found them...chewed up by doggos.  But I was still able to get it done!
Send Postcards - I've sent letters out and I grabbed my postcards today to mail out!  I'm out of Kansas postcards, but I have bookish ones that I can send.  Also, if you want to exchange letters/postcards, let me know!

If things are better:
Short Road Trip  - Not yet
Go to the Zoo - Not Open Yet
Bowling with the Fam - Not Open Yet
Farmers Market  - Not Open Yet, but I have been ordering from one of the fruits and veggie vendors and picking it up at the facility.
Zombie Maze at Union Station - Not Open Yet

What's on your list?  And what have you done so far?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Thoughts:
5:00 am - why am I awake already?
5:30 am - It's raining...again...
6:00 am - Which black leggings should I wear today?
6:30 am - Why is the cat chewing a plastic wrapper?
7:00 am - I should probably get out of bed

Hi everyone!  I hope your weekend was nice!  The most exciting thing to happen to me was someone from Albany, NY using my Hulu sign in.  I got to spend three minutes removing their device and changing my password. :)

I did laundry, make some food, worked a little OT and took Alli to and from work.  We worked on some school work.

Friday:  Just normal work hours.  During my lunch, I ventured to the book store to pick up books I had ordered for a book exchange.  I said if they couldn't find items on the list, just to pick some out for her.  They bring your books out and set them on a table.  On the way back to work, I picked up a burger and fries at Culvers.  
Friday night:  I did my weekly grocery shopping.  Picked up the RedBox movies I reserved.  Saw a longtime friend at the grocery store.  We exchanged pleasantries from a six foot plus distance.  I went home, made the pizza I picked up at the grocery and Peyton and I watched the new Jumanji.  It was pretty decent.  P fell asleep.  Shocker on that one.
Freddie is looking fondly outside, wishing for the rain to stop.
I picked up Alli from work.  I didn't take the doggos with me because they were pretty relaxed and chilling in the front room.  Peyton was still sleeping on the chair when we got back home.  Alli ate some pizza, took a bath and went to bed.

I went down to bed after that.  Peyton was still sleeping in the front room, but later that night, he was in his room with the dogs.

Saturday:  I did OT in the morning.  Stopping by for my McDonald's breakfast.   I worked for about three hours.  Sent my OT in for the week and sent my OT schedule to my boss for this week.  Do you spy my cute little juggling bean bags?  A friend mailed them to me.  I've been practicing with them when I need a brain break.  My desk is a lot smaller than my main desk, but I prefer being in the back office.  Plus, we desk share and my coworker is using that one.  
After the OT, I spent time doing laundry and I watched "Like a Boss".  I was an okay movie.  I stumbled upon "Pretty Big Lies" on Hulu.  It is so good!  I watched 12 of the 14 episodes this weekend.  I cannot wait to finish the last two.   I finished my book up.  
Alli and I worked on some of her English Assignments.  We read "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes and I really enjoyed it.  Baby Dog decided it was okay to stand on my table.  I was like WTH!? and laughed then got him off the table.
I took Alli to work and went home and watched more of the show.  I finally opened some of the subscription boxes I received.  Peyton played Xbox a lot of the day.  It was too wet outside to mow lawns or do any yard work.  It did dry up later in the day, but by that time, I was out.
 This is the SingleSwag Welcome box.  It has some cute stuff in it.  Alli has already claimed the socks.  And she said "Of course, a book, like you need another book!" :)
This one is the Therabox.  I am excited about the Grateful journal.  I really liked the stuff in this one.  I can't wait to try to the dry shampoo.

I made the kids favorite shrimp quesadillas.  I put brown sugar, Sriacha and garlic powder in a skillet and melt it down slightly.  I add the shrimp in and let them sit and simmer.  I clean it all up and then make the quesadillas.  I was so happy that the store had the Quesadilla cheese.  The last few weeks they have been out.  Peyton ate them right up and so did Alli when she got home.

I picked her up at 10:15 from work.  I took the doggos with me cause they like car rides.  Alli sat in the back with the baby dog because Buster took the front seat.  Alli wanted to stop by Taco Bell and get a Crunchwrap supreme.  So we did.  She ate a crunch wrap supreme, chalupa and the shrimp quesadilla.  Apparently, work made her really hungry.
Sunday:  I got out of bed and made some breakfast.  The dogs ate Allis before she got out of bed.   I had set it on her dresser for her and woke her up.  Opps.  I did have extra food though.  I spent the morning cleaning the laundry room.  Honestly, I don't know why my kitkats are so messy!  
I spent some time watching the show.  

Peyton took the lawnmower and went to go mow peoples lawns.  He made about $100 doing so. (All social distancing practices were followed)

I took Alli to work and she got the doggos some pup cups. 
I ordered dinner for myself and Peyton.  We ate our dinner.  I started reading, "The Starless Sea" and got quite a bit read.

I went to pick up Alli and she asked what I made for dinner.  I told her nothing and she's like "I can't believe you went somewhere without me"  I gave her a look and said "Seriously?"  She, then, started laughing.  She remembered that I had gotten dinner from Sonic and she brought it out for me.  Haha.  She asked to go by Taco Bell again.  We made a quick run through the drive through.  Peyton was already asleep by the time we had gotten home.  I went to bed soon after.

How was your weekend?  

Friday, April 24, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? AKA FRIYAY! (15)

I don't really have a lot.
I work.
I come home.
I hep the kids with their school.
I make dinner.
I walk the doggos.
I clean the house.
I watch TV.
I read.
I go to bed..
Repeat. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Weekend that came...and went....

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday, do you know how disappointed I was when I remembered it was only Tuesday!  Monday wasn't bad, but it just lasted forever.

Friday night was an exciting one.  I came home, took care of the animals and gathered the laundry to go dry it.  Drying only took about 30 minutes.  I was able to stick everything in one huge dryer.  I will one day fix my dryer.  Only two other people were there, including the person who works there.  I didn't stay inside, I took a short walk.
While there I ordered WingStop to pick up on the way home.  I tried to do delivery, but they didn't have any drivers available?  When I got to WingStop, I had to wait in my car until my time came.  While I was sitting there a gentleman knocked on my window and he had a young girl with him.  He was begging for money.  Saying someone bought him a pizza (the daughter said he bought it and he told her to shush) and milk and juice for his family.  He said he got approved for Food Stamps, but wouldn't get them to the last of the month (LIE!  Considering, you know, that's one of the programs I work with for a living).  I told him I didn't have cash to give and apologized.  I really dislike it when people knock on my windows when I'm in my car.  Working downtown, it happens a lot at stoplights (I try not to get stuck at them)  I've had it happen at the grocery store a lot.  Does this happen to anyone else?
I got home, ate my WingStop and then cleaned the kids rooms.  They were at their dads this weekend and Alli worked all weekend.  I came out with a big basket of laundry for Alli.  I washed that all on Saturday and threw the few pieces of clothing that Peyton and I had in with it.  HOW DOES SHE GO THROUGH ALL THAT CLOTHING STAYING AT HOME!?!?!

Saturday, I woke up, took care of the animals and headed into work.  Here is a pic entering downtown.  It's a beautiful Saturday morning, so it would be packed with people going to the City Market or the river park.
I grabbed McDs for breakfast and settled in to work for four hours.  It went by really fast.
I came home afterwards and made some lunch.  Honestly, I don't remember what I did in the afternoon.  Probably just did things around the house.  I didn't go anywhere.  I tried out the new Ipsy box nail color.  It's called "Slow Down" :)  The doggos were also exhausted.  I must have let them play outside a lot.
I know that evening, I watched "The Florida Project".  I was sad.  But not how you would think.  I saw a mother trying to do everything she knew how to do for her child and her child trying to live her best life.   The ending got me.  Ugh.
Sunday -- nothing too excited.  Woke up, let the dogs out, made breakfast, sat down for a while and read.  I went to go walk to the Cabin Fever Trail.  I went four miles.  It wasn't a bad trail at all and it wasn't busy until I was almost back to the trail head.  The parking area had gotten full.  Glad I got there when I did!
Peyton came home from his dads.  We made some shrimp in the air fryer for dinner.  I had mine with a salad.
I went and picked up Alli from work at 9 and went to bed.
I was tired.

How was your weekend?  Beginning of the week?

Friday, April 17, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? (14)

Hi all!  Happy Fri-YAY!

I hope everyone is doing well!  Here's a picture of Furby the Chin Chin. Isn't he the cutest?!

Last night, Peyton and I were up until 11 pm doing school work!  We had a lot to catch up on because mom has been tired this week after work.

We completed all his social studies, science, PE, math and FACS work.  We still have three assignments to do in English.  We did one last night and then I realized what time it was and I should probably head to bed. :) We will get them done tonight.  We still have three FACS assignments from the previous two weeks to do, but this week we are all caught up!  We are still super behind in Journalism.  I hope we can get that all caught up this weekend.  

I'm not forgetting Alli, she's doing her things.  I make a list every week of all their assignments.  Mostly, so I can check up on them.

Thursday we did a pajama day at work!  We never get to do things like this when we are open to the public, so it was a lot of fun and everyone participated!  My coworker took pics of everyone.  When she finishes her collage I will post it up!   I wore slippers, my pajama pants, a Polar Plunge T-shirt with a side pony and total bedhead.  For the picture, I borrowed a teddy bear that someone brought.  I made a lunch run to McDs for my coworkers.  Thursday was a good day all around.

Last night it snowed in some part of the KC area.  I only saw a few big flakes in my area, but nothing was sticking.  I brought my fern and strawberry plant back inside.  They were only back out there for a day.  I want to get another fern.  I really do love it (as do the cats!)  What are some other cat friendly fern/plants that I can hang inside?  I would like one for the corner in my front room.  This one is a Boston Fern. (And yes, I totally looked it up to make sure it was cat safe before I brought it in the house)

I made a chicken parm for dinner with some garlic bread.  I totally could never be a food blogger, my food pics are not pretty.  
I made some banana peanut butter muffins the other day.   They are so easy to make.
1 c of sugar
1/3 c of veg oil (I actually use canola because that's what I have)
1 egg
2 soft bananas
1 c of peanut butter
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 c of flour
pinch of salt

You mix those all together than bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes.  I usually have my go a little longer.

I have a short list of things I want to do this weekend.  I plan on working a little OT this weekend.  I still have 40 hours of OT to go before paying off our Disneyland vacation this fall.  I'm also putting the money towards the Japan trip for next summer.

What are your plans?  New puzzles?  New books?  New recipes?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Half-way through the week!

Time feels like it's just blending together.   I can't believe it's Wednesday already.
Even sitting at my desk, working, time is being weird.  Like I thought we just had our 9 am meeting when my FitBit told me I hadn't gotten up to move in an hour.  It was 10:50 am.  I don't even know what I accomplished during that time.
I have my list of things to do once work is over.  It's definitely not as long as the weekend list.
I emailed Peyton's Bear Time teacher today, just checking in.  He's getting all his science work in, but hasn't been doing the Bear Time Check Ins daily.  Peyton tells me he does, but there is no way of telling either way.  I guess I'll just have to make him do it in front of me, since those are the only two that got completed last week.  I made a list of all of his and Alli's assignments.  I want everything caught up by this weekend.  Alli has a lot of little things to do.  Peyton has three science assignments, four for both social studies and english, two for math, daily check ins for PE and a ton for journalism.  I am so behind with him on that class.  Things have changed a lot in the 23 years since I've taken a journalism class.  We might have to spend a complete day just working on that class.
Peyton worked on his FACS class last night.  He made us Tacos, washed the dishes (i left them in there for him, haha) and did a kitchen scavenger hunt.  We only have seven more things to do to get caught up in that class.  One is to create a book of favorite recipes, he only needs four and it counts for two items.  One we worked on last night, but didn't type up and send in was creating a menu for a dinner.  We will get it typed up tonight and turned in.  I'll have him help with laundry this weekend and maybe we can get the bathroom cleaning done.  That will just leave us two more things to do.  FACS isn't hard, some of it is just time consuming and it's quicker for me to do those things myself. :)

Buster and Peyton waiting for me so we could go grab ice cream.

The Bark Box CAME!  Buster couldn't wait to see what was it in. 

Look at how cute this is!  A little Speakeasy!

The Ipsy Box with all our add-ons came also!
I used the over night mask and lip scrub last night!

Peyton making tacos.

Peyton washing dishes.  The cat water fountain is in the other side.  I had to scrub it out, somehow (the dog) got food all in it and it was gross.  It's all lovely and working again now.

Peyton enjoying his tacos.  They actually were quite delicious.

I was putting together the little planter kits.  I went into the other room to get something and came back to my Kibben drinking the water.  My strawberry plant is inside right now because it's been below freezing the last few nights.  I moved the fern inside too.  The cats love that thing.

I check on the nest...one of the eggs is missing.  I did find it in the driveway. :(

The little plants.  One is Cosmos and the other is a Daisy.  I put them in the window until it warms up a little.

I spent a lot of time cleaning up the kitchen and dining room last night.  I got all the trash gathered for pick up on Thursday, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned off the appliances and cabinets.  It's a lot of busy work.  I think the busy work is helping me since I don't have other things to keep me busy right now.
I made my meal plan and grocery list.  I checked on what I already had in the cabinets and fridge.  The grocery list is pretty short.  It's a lot of snacks and drinks for the kiddos and side items.  Peyton requested Tostinos pizza, but I haven't been able to find them for a few weeks.  Maybe they will be there today, or I can find some little microwavable ones.   

I hope everyone is well and that you are able to enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Recipes and Things...

I had stuffed the eggs full of this goodness the night before.  Well, just a the little stuff.  The bigger stuff, I put out with the kiddos breakfast.

I made cinnamon rolls shaped like bunnies (sort of) and bacon.
My kids really need to appreciate me more!
Fred is watching the breakfast happenings.

The night before I sat out the rolls to rise and rise they did.
Peyton thought the rolls were ugly. lol. so he poked his fingers in some and they deflated.  I made him eat those.

I made Deviled Eggs

The recipe is simple.
Egg insides, mayo, mustard, garlic, paprika and chopped up pickles and pickle juice.  Totally added a secret ingredient.  Turned out pretty well!

Our whole spread:
Ham with a brown sugar pineapple glaze
Scalloped Potatoes from a BOX! :)
Garlic and Butter Green Beans
Deviled Eggs

I made Sugar Cookies -- from a box with bunny shapes on them.

Everyone enjoyed the food.  Even P with his sideways glance.
I made the perfect amount of food.
We had some eggs left over and ham.  Only about a serving of potatoes and green beans were left.
It was hard cooking for so few people on a holiday. (AND WEIRD!)

I had a decent hair day.

That evening I relaxed with a face mask and a foot mask!
Those pizza socks are seriously so cuddly!

How was your weekend?