Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17th

All my trees are on fire!
Not really.
Just me up, as the sun is rising, because my daughter missed the bus...again.
It's pretty though.
And she's at school. So, that's that.
I get in my car to go to work and can't find my keys and key card for the office.
I freak out.  I run back into the house...nope, not there.
Check all through my car...nope, not there either.
Mini panic attack time.
Our normal earlier than she needs to be person has the day off so I have to be there, on time, to get the door open, because everyone else shows up late.
Sigh, I get to work.
I get one of the Children's Division workers to let me in the door.
I call security to get me in my office door.
But, thank goodness, the people who normally show up late, were on time!
I was saved.
And my keys were sitting on my desk.
Yep, totally did that.

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15th: MADE Nationals

MADE Nationals, sigh.

We ended up in second place.  We beat the team that won first place.  Figure that one out.

If you know me, I am not a poor loser.  Oh course I am sad and what not, but if you beat my team fairly, then I’ll just have to move on and get over it.

Sunday morning, my team went into our fourth game 3-0.

We played an extremely tough team and lost fairly.  Our loss was because they were the better team that morning.

So now, our record was tied with South Jersey and Arlington.

South Jersey brought in USARS players from Chicago to field four spots on their team.  Which is all fine and dandy, we beat them with those players.

So here is what it was going to come down to points.  Not point spread but total accumulative points.

This was not going to work unless they took out the scores from the eliminated teams as we did not get to play one of them.

They did eliminate the score from the Hell on Wheels and LeFlore County teams.  So those games were pretty much null and void.  If we would have known that was going to happen, we would not have run the score up on HOW.  That’s not how we do things. 

DC Secret Cervix was beat by Arlington.

South Jersey beat Hell on Wheels.

South Jersey did not want to play their last game against Secret Cervix and just declare themselves winners.  Cervix was not having any of that.  Cervix wanted to play the last game to make it fair.  Like I said before, Cervix is one class act.  They believe in the fairness of the rules.

One of South Jersey’s Chicago players got a concussion in their game against Hell on Wheels.  She was walking around with sunglasses stating the world hurt.

The Cervix takes the track against South Jersey.  The score is super close the entire game.  In the fourth quarter, South Jersey has their concussed player take the track.  Three jams in a row, because Cervix calls a time out and points this out to the refs.  She was removed from the game, but it did effect game play.  Her chasing the jammer down caused the jammer to call off each of those jams.  While no points were scored for either team, it did change game play.

South Jersey ends up taking the win 59-56. 

South Jersey took the trophy.

Next year, we will return and take the trophy back.  FAIRLY AND WITH OUR OWN PLAYERS.  While I know they are proud of their victory, I am proud of my team for player with our players and playing the game according to the rules.

I don’t think I explained things very well, so I am just going to stop now.

Congrats, South Jersey, on your win.

And I’m glad I made new friends from DC and they rock the track.  I cannot wait to play against them again!

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14th: Day Two of Nationals

Day Two: Another 9 am game.  How'd we get so lucky?
It was against the Arlington Derby Avengers.
And they beat us.
That game was rough.
We ended up losing by 11 points.
Despite the 9 am game time, our cheering section was loud and proud!
Hey, my teammates are cooler than your teammates.
Our team did not play the fifth game as the team we were scheduled to play was eliminated.
We were prepared and ready to play that fifth game, but they sent the team home.
Us with the Cervix.  We like the Cervix.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 13: Day One of Nationals

Our first game was scheduled at 9 am against South Jersey.
It was a tough game, but we totally rocked it and pulled out the win.
South Jersey had four players from the Chicago Red Hots and one player from our league (so pretty much half of their roster).
That win was hard, but so amazing and awesome!
Lunch!  We went to Jimmy John's and Tawdry was exiled to the back of the Jeep.
The very back of the Jeep!
She was sad.  Mamba was not sad.
And I just smile in all the pictures.

Our second game was against Hell on Wheels.
Hell on Wheels is a fairly new team.
They do have heart and will be a hard team to beat in the
They ended up forfeiting in the 3rd quarter with a minute
The score was 88-9.
That win didn't feel amazing.

Our third game was against the DC Secret Cervix.  Yes, check out that amazing name.
This group of ladies are a class act.
They played the game with all their own players.
They followed the rules and didn't argue every single call.
They brought it to the track and were the best.
Out of the whole weekend, they were my favorite team to play.
Our team ended up winning by 11 points.  But damn, it wasn't easy.

So, day one in the books. We are 3-0.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 12th - Texas, here we come!

We left about 11 am to make our long journey down to Belton, Texas.
A car full of derby girls!
Johnson drove us...the whole way.
Fire...she had to make lots of stops.
Bomb Pop talks a lot.
So does Thunder.
Oh, hell, I talk a lot too.
We took the way through Missouri, then into Oklahoma and Texas. 
You beat a lot of tolls and traffic going this way.

Fire had to stop at a Mexican restaurant in Muskogee, Oklahoma named
Hamlins for their cheese dip.
She bought a whole big carry out thing of it.
I wasn't a fan.  Neither was my stomach.
Sketch middle of nowhere bathroom for the win!

The sunset in Lake Eufala was amazing.
My picture is not amazing because I'm
sure we were traveling at a high rate of speed.

Dallas was ummm...interesting.
We were stuck in traffic for so long.
It was 7:30 at night, you would have thought
we would have missed it.
But nooooo.....people have to go and hit the things.
Also, we witness a Trump protest.

Also, the McDonald's in Dallas has animals.
Lots and lots of animals.

We made it to Belton around 9:30ish.
So a good long while in the car.
Now, we are all ready to skate the next day!

Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11th

It is finally here!!
I am so excited!
Today, I will be traveling down to Belton, Texas to play in the MADE National Championship.
There are six teams for a round robin tournament with elimination at three losing games.
I received my jersey last Sunday and could not be more proud of it.
I am proud to represent my league and do the best that I can.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10th

I'm linking up with Mama Kat's this Thursday.

8 Things I am Thankful For.

Three Day Weekends!

Yes, working for the government has its perks.  Lots of three day weekends and days off!

Roller Derby

I'm starting to get good at it.  It's fun.  I get to play in the MADE National Championship during my long three day weekend.  I am thankful for all the awesome people I get to spend time with.

Passing Chemistry

Finally done with that class.  I am so thankful for that.

Water and Monster

The two drinks that will get me through the tournament!

Taco Tuesday

Tacos and Margaritas for the win.  Anyone wanna Taco Tuesday with me?

The Library

I like to read.  The library makes this easy without me spending a ton of money.  I like to check out the brand new books.  Also, I have a big long list saved to my library account.

The Awesome Children that are Mine

Enough said.


I love them all!!  Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Years!  YAY!

November 9th

I took this from Girl Scouts.
Be your own hero.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 8th

I voted.
I voted because women fought for me right to vote.
I voted for the people I thought would be represent me.
I clearly live in the wrong state.
Remember this flag when women decide not to vote.
I know it is a choice, but that choice was very hard fought for.

The National Women's Party held a non-violent, silent protest in front of the White House.
They were treated poorly, called unpatriotic and spit upon and assaulted while police officers stood by and watched. The women were arrested for "obstructing traffic"

When the demonstrations started in other cities, the same things happened.  They were arrested for not breaking the law.  They went to prison for refusing to pay the fine under the principal that they did not break any laws.

On March 4, 1918 A US Federal Appeals court declared unconstitutional the detainment of all White House suffrage pickets. No one was prosecuted or even in trouble for their unlawful arrests and imprisonment. And arrests would still go on elsewhere.
In the end, they won. President Wilson changed his position to support women's suffrage. In 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed, allowing women to vote.
Here's my friend, Black Mamba, she plays roller derbs with me and she has the most awesome shirt.

We had the derbs Tuesday evening with the newbies.
They were practicing and reviewing their skills to rock it out next week during testing.
I did blocking and mostly it was the guys that wanted to practice.

Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7th: Make Endurance Yours...

Endurance.  It almost held me back from being drafted and playing on a team.  Endurance is where you have to skate 20 laps in a specified amount of time.  The times have changed from years past.
My first timed endurance attempt. 6:32.  Not good.  It was suppose to be 5:00 and under in 2012.  I had a lot of work to do.  We didn't get to practice a whole lot. I remember this one horrible, horrible practice.  The whole time we did ladder sprints.  They were terrible and horrible ladder sprints.  1 lap, do 10 situps, 2 laps, do 10 situps, 3 laps, do 10 situps, etc... up to 20 laps. And we went back down.  I didn't even make it to the 20 laps.  It was horrible.  Did I tell you, it was horrible?  I felt like I had completely wasted my time going to practice.  It wasn't helping me.  It was making me frustrated and upset.
Come my second endurance attempt: 5:32.  A minute off.  But still not enough.
Third Attempt: 5:12
Fourth Attempt: 5:07
Fifth Attempt: 5:04
Sixth Attempt: 5:02
Seventh Attempt: 5:01  WTF?!?  Why was I torturing myself....
Eight Attempt: 5:00!  Finally!!  On the second to last testing day!!
I, honestly, don't know how I did it.  The last three attempts were all in the same night.  My legs were jelly. 
I was drafted to the Sheilas.  A complete and total surprise to me.  I had no idea they were even looking at me.
I love this picture.
The next year, guess what?!  The endurance guidelines changed.  Not for the easier either, it was MADE to be much tougher.  Now, you had to accomplish 20 laps in 4:30 to be eligible for the house team.  I got 4:29 on the first try.  That's all I did.

Then, it changed again. Now, it was 20 laps in 4:15 to stay on the house team.  I got 4:12.  Making progress, yo.
In 2015, they stayed the same.  Whew!  I got 4:00 after having a week and a half off.  So worth it though.
This year when testing, I got 3:53.  My best time ever.
This weekend, I will be competing the MADE National Championship.
I am beyond excited.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6th

This isn't going to be much of a post, but I need to say it: I FINALLY PASSED MY CHEMISTRY FINAL!  After 7 months of hard work. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

November 5th

This is the Aftermath of a Teen Sleepover.
A whole 2-3 hours of sleep with lots of waking up.
I know I woke up a lot also.
Sleeping on the floor does that to you.
I have found out that after so little sleep,
Alli can rock it out in Volleyball.
It was pretty amazing.
When we got home from volleyball though, we crashed.  We crashed hard.
I slept so many hours.
Then, I read a book, made dinner and just stayed at home.
And that is an okay way to spend a Saturday night.

Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4th

MADE Nationals is just a little over a week now!  I am super excited for this.  Super excited to be on the team and to represent my league.  With that being said, we have had some tough practices this week as my knee will tell you! 
Are all the threes considered lucky?
I am just lucky because that is all it took to fill up my car.
Some of my Girl Scouts participated in a Teen Lock-In.
The theme was Spa Day and it was pretty darn awesome.
The person who coordinated it does wonderful activities with our teen
girls, trying to encourage them to stay in Girl Scouts.
Each adult that goes helps out with various activities. 
I helped in the kitchen for the first half.
The girls each made their own pita bread pizza.
All the adults were shocked at how popular the olives were.
Next time MORE OLIVES! :)
Later in the evening, I helped the girls made Bath Bombs.
These are easy to make, but do require a little bit of time.
Also, you must follow the directions to get them to turn out
correctly.  Other wise they fall apart or they are too soggy and do not
dry properly.  I'll include the recipe for them at the bottom.
Also, I found my girls here.  They had been at the manicure station for an hour, perfecting their nails.

4 oz. baking soda
2 oz. corn starch
2 oz. citric acid
2 oz. Epsom salt

1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons water
1 teaspoon essential oil
1-2 drops food coloring (optional)

In a bowl combine the dry ingredients (the first four listed above). Whisk to remove any clumps, corn starch tends to be clumpy. In a spray bottle stir together the wet ingredients.  Slowly spray the liquid mixture in with the dry mixture, whisking as you go. If you see the mixture fizz or foam, you may be adding the liquid too quickly. Once all the wet ingredients are combined with the dry, take a small amount in your hand and squeeze it together. It should stick together fairly well in one or two big chunks. If it's still too powdery to hold together, just add a tiny bit more water and mix until it does hold together.  I kept telling the girls to get it to brown sugar consistency.

Place the mixture in a mold.  We used hearts and muffin shaped ones.  I put lavender in the bottom for the girls.  Press the mixture firmly.  Once it is in there for a minute or two, extract them from the mold.  If it falls apart, try again.
Once they are out of the mold, let them dry around 8 hours or overnight.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 3rd

Good Morning, Sunshines
(or whatever time of day it might be for you)
Look at my view.
Overcast, heavy with rain.
Kinda cool but not bad for a November day.
How's your view today?

Throwing it back one year on this Thursday.
The Royals had won the World Series against the Mets.
We celebrated with the Parade.
It was amazing.
Last November was amazing.
The next day, I would be going to California
and have a super busy and so much fun five days.
Disneyland, California Adventure, 49ers Game (that they actually won),
lots of time spent together.
I want last November back or some resemblance of it.
I need conversations that are conversations.
I need excitement.
I need things back.
I'm holding out a small amount of hope for that.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2nd

Do you ever just lay in bed and plan your moves for the day?  Like, I am going to wear this and this is where I can locate every piece of clothing I intend to wear and I plan on doing this for lunch and this is what I need to do to make it happen?  Only me?  Okay, fine then.

So today, I woke up and decided I wanted to review a few books I had recently read.  That's what you get...

Bird Box
By Josh Malerman

Malorie survived when most didn’t.  She’s kept two children alive, when most are dead.  She’s done this by not opening her eyes.  The evil is out there and if you look at it, you will become evil and kill others and yourself.  There is no escaping this evil except to keep your eyes closed.
The book flips back and forth from present to past.  Malorie finds out she is pregnant the same day the killings began.  They began in Russia and made their way across the world.  Malorie was living with her sister until it came into their home.  Malorie fled to the safe home she had read about in the newspaper.  She drove slowly but surely navigating herself to a place that would house her for the next five years.
The next five years she lives in a home.  This is the only thing she sees.  When venturing outside, one must be blindfolded.  She learns to rely on her sense of hearing.  Hearing is what saves her.
She was not alone in the house in the beginning.  She had a fellow group of survivors.  In the present, she is by herself with The Girl and The Boy.  She has taught them how to survive.  She has taught them that their sense of hearing will get them to the safe place.  Out of the confines of the home in which they have never left.
They take the river.  Blindfolded.  Only relying on their hearing.
What is it?  Is it a man, is it an animal?  Is it some sort of monster?  Do we ever find out?
I would say, read this.  Post-apocalyptic novel at its best.
Also, you will never guess what the Bird Box actually is.


By Isla Morley

Setting: Eudora, Kansas, who knows what year, I can't quite figure it out because some of the things Blythe says and does and wears are just not consistent with the same time period.  Sometimes she talks like we are back in the day and other times like it's pretty close to modern times. 
Blythe gets kidnapped.  By the school librarian.  Dobbs.  He is a survivalist and just happens to have a missile silo in Eudora.
He locks Blythe away.  For seventeen years.  Blythe spends the first few years desperately trying to get out.  She gets pregnant.  Twice.  One survives.  He kidnaps a boy for her in between.  We don't know what happens to him until the second part of the book.
Blythe's main goal is to survive with her son, Adam, in the missile silo.  Dodds moves down with them around the time Adam is born.  Adam grows restless when he is fifteen.  He doesn't understand why Blythe doesn't get them out of there.  Times are troubled down below.  One day they do escape.  It is not the world Blythe left.
Then the book gets really boring.  I actually skipped a couple of chapters because I was bored out of my mind.
It reminds me of 10 Cloverfield Lane.  Something had gone wrong with the world, but she didn't believe her captor, until it was too late.
Everything ended up okay.  Her social relations sucked.  She didn't see things coming that she should have.  Adam is how you would expect a kid that's lived underground his whole life to act.
I enjoyed the beginning of the book.  I did not enjoy the end.  It had so much potential and could have been so much better. 
Have you read it?  What did you think?

What books have you read lately?  Obviously, I am into the post-apocalyptic types.  Give me a few titles to check out.