Friday, May 31, 2019

Happy Friday! Last Day in May!

Happy Friday!  Fred is here to greet you!!  He's laying right in the middle of the floor, sure to trip you up as you wander through the house.  It's his fav pastime.  He, also, enjoys the catnip treats that Kibben knocks off the top shelf for all the enjoy.
We've made it to the weekend!  It was a nice, short work week!
We did a little dog sitting last week.  Here's our friend, Woody!  He is one of the kiddos dogs at their dads house.  He's a sweet little thing and I luv him.  It makes me miss having a dog.  I might have to start searching the shelters for a doggo for our home.

Tuesday was supposed to be the start of Baseball Season!  But a little visitor showed up in the area instead.  They called the game around 3 pm, before anything started happening.  Homes and businesses were destroyed, but there were very few injuries and no fatalities.  The news was on top of it and they should be given the credit for keeping everyone safe.
We did get to have our first game on Thursday though! 
It was a chilly night!  This was a sneak attack picture.  He never lets me take his pic voluntarily.  He's taller than me now, but an inch or two.
Two weekends ago, I volunteered out at Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park.
I helped with the animal care team.  We made sure all the baby goats had their dewormer/delicer, their hooves taken care of, their tags cleaned and their fur brushed. 
And here's a derby picture...this is my friend, Zero Cool.  Which movie does her derby name come from?  Hackers!  That great 90s movie.  It's on Prime right meow, so check it out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Currently....May -- plus my goals for May

Today I’m  linking up with Anne In Residence for her Currently link up. May’s prompt words are: admiring, playing, borrowing, remembering, and finishing. Here’s what I’m currently up to!

Admiring --
The Sky on the last day of April.


Playing --
Roller Derby
Borrowing --
Books from the library and the Game of Thrones series from there too.

Remembering --
To post my book exchange books!  I got some lovely beach reads!  I cannot wait to dive in.
 To water my flowers.  The rain has helped the last few days.
Finishing --
The kiddos are finishing up school  You know we are almost done when award ceremonies are held.

And what the heck is going on with all my pictures?!?!  I cannot get them to turn the correct way.  Sorry.  I will figure it out and repost them.

May Goals
  • 8k steps per day
  • Finish seasons four of Game of Thrones
  • Prep for Garage Sale on June 1st
  • Work enough OT to purchase the fridge I want with cash
  • Weekend Trip to Oklahoma
  • Participate in a book swap
  • Pay off Alli's Costa Rica trip and help her pack her bags!
  • Have fun :)