Friday, September 30, 2016

Goodbye downtown....

Today is my last day at my current office.
They have already marked my desk as vacant.
My desk already looks vacant.

I've been here four years.
I'm more excited than I should be about changing offices.
I am getting away from the negativity that surrounds this office.
There have been a lot of changes in the short four years I have been here.

I've had four supervisors.
I've had long periods of time where I didn't even have a supervisor.
(Like right now, I haven't had one since the beginning of August,
a whole story in and of itself)
I've only had to move desks once.
When I started there were 142 people in the office,
now we are down to 35 with three of us being our last day.

I will miss some of the people.
I will miss the availability of lunch options.
That might be about it.

I'm excited for my new challenge and job position.
So goodbye Fletcher Daniels Office Building...

This is all I've accumulated over the four years.
I pack light.

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