Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The Kansas City Roller Warrior mid season draft was announced yesterday!  I am officially a Victory Vixen!  Sissy (I also refer to her as Sarah) is also a Victory Vixen.  I am super excited we are teammies and we get to play the sport we love together. 

Kansas City Roller Warriors draft a little differently than Fountain City does.

Fountain City has the captains and coaches pick who they would like to draft out of a draft pool.  They pick who they want and who will be most advantageous to the team in terms of kicking the pants off of the other teams.

KCRW has a selection committee that decides which place you will best fit.  They rank your skills on a number scale.  They look at which teams needs that level of skilled players and that is where you go.  This is advantageous from a business stand point as all teams will be more evenly matched.  They said they started doing this when they noticed attendance was down because some games were blow outs and you know, those are not fun to watch. 

I'm going to include some videos so you can see the difference between styles of game play.

This one is KCRW, playing the WFTDA rule set.

KCRW 2017 Home Team Season Opener: Game 1 (KO vs. VV) from KCRollerWarriors on Vimeo.

This one is FCRD, playing the MADE Ruleset.

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