Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Currently....May -- plus my goals for May

Today I’m  linking up with Anne In Residence for her Currently link up. May’s prompt words are: admiring, playing, borrowing, remembering, and finishing. Here’s what I’m currently up to!

Admiring --
The Sky on the last day of April.


Playing --
Roller Derby
Borrowing --
Books from the library and the Game of Thrones series from there too.

Remembering --
To post my book exchange books!  I got some lovely beach reads!  I cannot wait to dive in.
 To water my flowers.  The rain has helped the last few days.
Finishing --
The kiddos are finishing up school  You know we are almost done when award ceremonies are held.

And what the heck is going on with all my pictures?!?!  I cannot get them to turn the correct way.  Sorry.  I will figure it out and repost them.

May Goals
  • 8k steps per day
  • Finish seasons four of Game of Thrones
  • Prep for Garage Sale on June 1st
  • Work enough OT to purchase the fridge I want with cash
  • Weekend Trip to Oklahoma
  • Participate in a book swap
  • Pay off Alli's Costa Rica trip and help her pack her bags!
  • Have fun :) 


  1. we saw the rainbow too! Pretty amazing!

  2. Happy May! I'm still waiting for the sun :(
    Alli's going to Cost Rica?!

  3. I think my comment got lost so I apologize if this is a duplicate!
    I think your flowers are lovely - that planter is everything! I really want one for my front porch. It's been raining a lot here too so we haven't been able to do much with our garden but our grass is this wild whoa!
    I love your roller derby gear!

  4. Costa Rica? Do you think I'd fit in her bag? :-P

    Those images from the last day of April are lovely. Don't you love when rain leads to a rainbow?