Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Lost Philly Adventures

Megan (Slayer) and I decided after a few days in the Wildwoods we would head to Philly.  Megan was driving back to Kansas City, I was flying.  She might have almost made it home before me.  But, that's another story. 
Our Philly adventure started at the Eastern State Penitentiary.  It was huge and old and glorious! 
We went to the Edgar Allan Poe's house after that.  It was a long walk.  Through a not so awesome part of Philly.  But, hey, I would do it again.
We had to go see the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall.  They are just a must see there, right?  I mean, it could change in a years time....
The Gates of the prison
One of the towers
It's all haunted like...
Why am I so fascinated with this?
Slayer in the yard
Elevator Fail
That's where Capone stayed
Edgar Allan Poe's Creepy Basement.  Tell-tale Heart anyone?
Let's add in that Raven
Liberty Bell
Constitution Hall
Important things happened here.

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