Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Field Trip: Ernie Miller Park

I passed my background check.  Yes, you now have to pass background checks to go on Field Trips with your children.  Which is all fine and dandy.  My Girl Scout background check took a total of five minutes to come back to me, I was pretty boring.  I do know of a couple of parents who haven't passed the Girl Scout background check.  One because she had a sex offender living with her (so she was 86ed from volunteering) and the other one had a felony.  Her felony was littering in a river during a float trip.  Missouri is serious about their rivers.  She was able to volunteer but they had to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't litter again.

Anyway, I went on a field trip with Peyton on Monday.  I had the day off because it was Truman Day!  As long as I work for the State of Missouri I will have that day off.  It's written in the State Constitution. 

We went to Ernie Miller Park.  They put on a pretty awesome ecology program for the children.  During our scavenger hunt part, I found deer poop and a huge garter snake.  Those things smell so bad.

We visited a couple of ponds.  Abundant with amphibians.  Which is a good sign!  You know why, right?

This was a fourteen year old tree.  We counted the rings.
The creek was a little polluted.  We have had some big rain storms and it washes everything that is unwanted into the creek.

The kids had fun.  I shared my lunch with about 12 other kids.  I always bring extra because, honestly, what the school provides for the kiddos suck.  It was a ham sandwich, carrots and applesauce.  That is not enough for a bunch of fifth graders.  My son shared his lunch also.

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