Friday, May 12, 2017

Finishing Vacation Plans

I was finally able to finish our vacation plans for when we leave Yellowstone.  It's been a big blank on the slate for a while now.  I figured less than two weeks out that I should probably get it done.

Once we leave Yellowstone, we will head south to Rawlins. 

In Rawlins, they have a small museum called the Carbon County Museum.  It contains some interesting artifacts.  Like shoes made from a man.  The story is interesting.  Also, it's free.

I like visiting historical prisons.  They are fun and so much history involved with them.  We will visit the Wyoming Territorial Prison located in Laramie.
There are actually two historical prisons fairly close to one another.  There is also the Wyoming Frontier Prison.  The cost difference to enter one vs the other is how I made my decision.  One would cost my family $39 to enter and the other would cost $10.  Pretty easy decision there.  The other one does look awesome though and I think one of them was on Ghost Adventures at some time or another.  I can't remember which one though.

That night, we will stay in Cheyenne.

From Cheyenne, we head back to the great state of Kansas.  There are a lot of unique and cray natural features in Kansas and we will stop at a few of them.  We will stay one night in Hays, Kansas.  Super exciting stop over, right?

Kansas Things we are going to hit up: 
Monument Rocks
Castle Rock
The Bison Statue
The Sunflower Painting
Mushroom Rock State Park
Coronado Heights Castle
Jeffcoat Studio Museum

All of the Kansas things are free!  That's a big plus, especially at the end of a long vacation.

Now, I need to finish up some school work so I don't have to worry about it while on my vacation.


  1. You are so organized! That should really make for a fun and stress free vacation. I usually leave that job to my husband, he's so much better at it.

    And... hold the phone... shoes made FROM a MAN?!

    1. He was a naughty man who pissed off the wrong person. The doctor that took his skin for shoes was on a train that was delayed by the train robber and he needed his sweet revenge.

  2. That's going to be a wonderful adventure!

  3. That sounds like a fun trip. I'm not sure what to think of those shoes made from a man, though? Ew.

    With Love,