Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The House of Cats

I have three cats living in my house now.  My friend needed me to take her baby for a little while.
This is my Maggie.  She's the queen of the cats.  She lets them boys know it also.  She rules the roost and they know not to mess with her.  The tortitude is alive with her.
Here is the middle child, Jaeger or Kibben.   He doesn't know his real name because we just call him Kibben.  He likes boxes.  In fact, I set up a bunch of boxes in one of the bedrooms for the cats and THEY LOVE IT!  I don't need to spend money on expensive cat toys.
This is our visitor, Freddie.  He has already received the nickname of Fredward.  He hated me at first.  I mean, I would hate me at first too.  I was the one that took him from his home and brought him to a strange place.  He bit me.  I've never been bitten by a cat.  It's healed now and didn't get infected, thank goodness.  He loves our family now.  Him and Kibben play all the time.  It's a black cat wrestling match.  He's gigantor.  So big.  He's so cuddly and sweet though.  (And yes, I know I need to have my table redone, I will get there...eventually)
Here is all three of them enjoying the lazy, rainy day.  My couch has lots of blankets so they can lay on them.  Kibben is staring out the window. Mags is enjoying the comfy part of the couch and Freddie is sprawled on the table.
Come over and meet the sweet babies sometime.

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