Thursday, October 11, 2018

One Night: Two Trophies

The Sheilas:  we have been second place too many times to count.  We make it to the championship game, just to be in second place.  This year it changed.  We won.  We won the trophy.  We won all the bananas!  The Sheilas had won a championship while I was on the team, I had not been rostered for that game, so it wasn't my championship.  It wasn't my trophy, it wasn't my win.  This one was. 
The Usual Suspects:  This is four years in the waiting.  We have built our team up to a strong, unbeatable team.  And we won.  We were the underdogs.  For three years, we had our asses handed to us.  I am one of the three remaining founding members of the team.  Now, I can "retire" from coed with a happy heart. 
I got to hold two trophies!  I am one of two people in my league that won two trophies that night with my teams.  Such a long time coming.  Hard work and determination.
My friends from work came to watch!  :)

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