Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday isn't camel day?!?

How's your week been?  We are almost to the weekend!  It's been a busy week at work.  Everyone is trying to get their Christmas Food Stamps or Cash assistance (honestly, it's too late to get cash assistance in time for Christmas, it's a thirty day process, but it doesn't stop people from trying) 
On Monday, I came home with treats for the kiddos.  I've been ending up with a lot lately.  My friend is a security officer in the building I work in.  Everyone gives them a ton of treats and other things.  He's not a big sweets fan.  He'll eat one and he's done.  So, I've been bringing home quite a few things for the kids to eat.  We didn't even make it out of the school parking lot after cheerleading practice when she got into the chocolate covered pretzels.  She left some cookies for her brothers and she did the whole "Eat your cookies, Peyton, you fat lard."  I was cracking up.  If you've ever seen Peyton, you know he's the skinniest, tallest thing.

I told my friend that Alli did this and I ended up showing him a bunch of scenes from Napoleon Dynamite.  This movie makes me laugh until I cry.  I don't know why.  It's completely pointless, but it's so funny.  He's never seen it.  Idea for a Christmas gift?  I'll have to see how much it is on Amazon. What's your favorite Napoleon Dynamite scene?  The tots scene and the dance one is high on my list.  All the Tina scenes.  Llamas for life!
I get kitty cuddles every night!  Fred, the cat we are watching for now, likes to lay on my legs.  He's super heavy though, so I have to kinda kick him to the side of my legs because after a while it hurts to have him on there.  Maggie, my sweet baby Maggie, likes to lay right next to me.  Kibben is usually on my chest.  He also lets me move him over where I can cuddle him.  Haha.  Who said black cats were evil?!  They are the sweetest of the sweet.
Here is an idea I saw....who wants a Christmas card? :)

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