Friday, December 7, 2018

What does your name mean?

Hi!  My name is Morgan. 
I am going to write about my name for a short post.
Growing up, I thought my name was the weirdest of the weird names. No one else had my name. Why wasn’t I a Jennifer or Ashley?  It was a few and far between that I would meet another Morgan.  During that time, I thought it was horrible.  Now, I love it.  Even though my name has gained popularity in the recent years, it’s still unique.  I got called Megan a lot growing up. Annoying. I would respond to Megan.  I did an interview over the summer, he called me Megan. I didn’t even correct him.  I didn’t care that much.
Morgan is a Welsh name.  It was traditionally a male’s name, but now is used more for females.   It means “Bright Sea” or “One who dwells by the sea.”  I, unfortunately, have never dwelled by the sea.  I’ve lived in either Kansas or Missouri my whole life.  When those states were part of a sea, no one was around to see.
Doing one of those google internet searches, it tells me traits of myself as a person named Morgan.
My positive traits: hardworking, self-confident, clairvoyant, studious, persistent, helpful, easygoing, charitable, sensible, intuitive, wise and religious. My negatives: hasty, melodramatic (not me, whatevs), short-tempered, cynical and arrogant. I agree with almost all of those, except the arrogant one.  I can’t wrap my head around that one. 
What does your name mean?

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  1. Now that you mention it, I don't know any other Morgans, other than a rabbit whose full name was Rabbit Morgan.
    I like it for a girl's name - strong yet feminine. Work it!