Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!    I can't believe it's almost the end of May.  I haven't been up to much.  
I do have a few pictures to share.  It's been almost 20 days since I've written anything :(

Work from home is going well.  I am enjoying it and it looks like we will be able to continue to do so for a while.  

The kiddos finished up school!  Woo hoo!  It was tough.  They both ended up with good grades.  Peyton earned an award for being the best Virtual Learner on his team.  Alli received an award for Achievement Honor Roll.  We turned in the MacBooks and I really hope school isn't at home in the fall.
Peyton making a healthy dessert for his FACS class.

I've done a little outdoor skating.  I signed up for a "Skate the Bay" skating challenge.  I've done about 14 miles.  My goal is 44!  I'm doing the Half Bay, not the full marathon!  If I make it the 44, I will up the goal.
Speaking of Roller Derby, my job on the board is to be over the Practice Committee and Bout Production.  Trying to figure out when and how to restart practices is a handful.  We are trying to come up with a solid and safe plan for everyone.

On Mother's Day, we did a dinner at my mom's house.  We got to meet her new kitten, Pebbles.
All three kiddos!  I love their facial expressions.
I have a lot of pictures of my animal coworkers!

I want to get a rug for under my kitchen table.  My daughter doesn't think I should.  What do you think?  I feel like it would look nice.

Alli is still working!  She's making quite a bit since everyone wants ice cream right now.  She's not complaining.

Peyton finally had his ortho appt.  It was two months overdue.  I wasn't allowed to go in.  I had to wait in the car.  They said his teeth look good.  He was too scared to schedule his own appointment, so I'll need to call them later to set up his next one.

My grandpa had his birthday!  We visited him this past Sunday.  We were outside, social distancing and wearing masks.    He wanted to visit with Tanner before he deployed.

Afterwards, we went to my mom's house for Tanner's deployment party.  It was just immediate family.  We had a taco bar and some brownies.  Tanner leaves on June 3rd.  He is going to be spending his 21st birthday deployed.  I am going to be sending him a huge box of stuff.  I am hoping other's will send cards for him.  I might be planning a glitter bomb of some sorts. :)

That's about all I have.  I'm not very exciting at the moment.  I did make a list for the kids to deep clean the front room tomorrow.  I did deep clean my dining room today.  The floor looks so good right now.  This was when I pulled out the shelving to clean the baseboards.  The cats were enjoying the sliver of sunshine.
I've been going for walks a lot.  This little squirrel at one of the walking parks let me get right next to him.  Such a cute little guy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your day!  I'll be back more often.  Now to catch up on blog reading. 


  1. I wondered where you'd been. We have to turn in our Chrome books today. Kids aren't so happy! Gabbie has her next orthodontist appointment on Monday.

  2. Thanks for checking in! Best wishes to Tanner and you all for his deployment.
    Happy belated Mother's Day!