Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Currently (6) .....

HI everyone!  It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means it is the Currently Link Up hosted by In Residence.  It is my absolute favorite link up!  I was quiet in May and I am not sure why.  Times are different and odd.

So, let’s move on to our prompts:


Tired of Social Media.  People are mean.  People are hateful.  It’s hard to even log in to Facebook at this point.  I don’t post a lot.  I don’t feel comfortable posting anything now.  I used to use Facebook as a timeline for myself.  Sometimes, I still do that.  Making posts only visible to me.  I love Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.  Yes, TikTok.  

Like I’m done with Roller Derby.  I love it.  I still want to skate.  I love my leadership role.  I am just tired of drama and how draining it is.  I’m not the best by any means, I’m a medium player and I had fun doing it.  It just doesn’t feel fun anymore.  I want to skate, learn new things and get better.  Derby doesn’t seem like that anymore.  I don’t know my decision on this topic.  It might take a bit of soul searching to reach a conclusion.  Here is a fun pic from 2015 though, when I was having fun.  A hobby should be fun.


I’ve decided it’s okay to wear shorts.  I haven’t really done so in years because i don’t like how I look.  And my skates. I've been skating at skate parks and on trails. I prefer skate parks 100%.

But mainly, I’ve been wearing yoga/leggings and tanks to work.  Since I just have to go from my bedroom to the kitchen.


I finished up my kitchen wall.  The cow and pig pictures are my last additions.  I purchased those from Hobby Lobby recently.  I might want one more smaller picture, but I haven’t found the right one yet. Sorry for the glare on the big chicken.

I used my Super Cash from Old Navy and purchased some shirts and shorts.


Vacations.  I have so much vacation time now since I’ve had two long weekend getaways canceled.  I guess I will start planning road trips for next summer.  We still have Disneyland to look forward to in November though.


Current Events.  I will leave it at that. Discussions need to be had and I hope progress is being made in the world.

I would like to be discussing books and TV shows and new movies.

I hope everyone is doing all right!


  1. I'm craving travel too. I'm sorry about roller derby being stressful for you when it should be fun!

  2. I agree with you on soial media - it is not talking to each other, just talking at each other. And I miss travel too - even little day trips would be considered luxurious vacations right now. But soon, I hope! At least we are closer to "soon" than we used to be.

  3. Yes, lots of discussing... I love your gallery wall, how fun!

  4. Social media has some great information and people coming together and sharing things that should be shared, but it can still be draining and emotional and upsetting. I definitely think I need to use it a bit less these days for my own mental health.

    I could really use a vacation right about now too!! I think most of us could, but somewhere relaxing sounds so lovely.


  5. I had to take a break from Facebook. It wasn't doing any favors for my mental health. Lol.

    I would love to be planning a trip right now!

  6. Your kitchen wall is super cute! I really like the farm animal pictures...and have several in my basement. Maybe even one or two of those from Hobby Lobby:) I'm with you...SO tired of social media!!

  7. Exhausting week, huh? I am tired of social media, too. Facebook most of all. I haven't tried TikTok but at this point, I don't want to add something else to my plate. At least with Instagram, it is just a 'like' and usually the posts are photos. Less controversial.
    Great job using your ON cash to get those cute things. I have always been uncomfortable wearing shorts and more so, the older I get. But this year, I am saying to heck with it, I am wearing them!! We hit 110* today. I wore shorts.
    Love your kitchen wall. Adorable. I am kind of partial to cows. So cute. And smart.