Monday, December 21, 2020

Winter Solstice

 The days are going to get a little longer now.  

Saturday night, my family attended the Winter Solstice Event at the Ernie Miller Nature Park.  We went last year and it was super cute and decided to attend again.  They only allowed 30 people per session and it's a nice sized park.  There was night trail hiking (my advice: don't turn your flashlight on, it totally ruins your night vision and others night vision and makes it more difficult to navigate and see the stars), moon viewing, star gazing, storytelling and wish making.  My niece wished for a poodle.  She told me as soon as she stepped through the wishing tree. 

Tonight, we got to view The Great Conjunction!  The last one was in 1632, when telescopes were in their infancy and Galileo (he made his first telescope 14 years before) was alive.  I drove somewhere to see it because I knew I wouldn't be able to see it from my home.

It made my little nerd heart happy.

You can see two separate planets!  This was right at 6 pm.  Did you get to see it?

Today was Peyton's last in person day before Winter Break.  We gave all his teachers Thank You cards with a Target gift card inside.  I know High School teachers normally do not get recognized as much as lower great teachers.  They all deserve a little something this year. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!  


  1. We saw the planets but it just looked like a star!

  2. Looks like a good covid safe way to celebrate the solstice :)
    Glad you saw the great conjunction. Our view was obscured and I was too lazy to go somewhere else. Enjoy the school break!