Monday, March 14, 2022

Hello Monday!

 Hello Monday!  Spring Break is here!  What did I spend my first day doing?  Mostly sleeping and resting....but I have a good excuse!  I got back around midnight from a five day trip as a chaperone to the East Coast.  It was an Ivy League college tour + New York Sight Seeing.  We started in Boston and ended up in New York.

It was exhausting, but so much fun.  I have a few takeaways that I will post later.  Here are a few pictures I took.  

Yale is better than Harvard.

Unlocked achievement: Driving through NYC in a snow/sleet storm.

Also: visiting Liberty Island in a snow/sleet storm.

I hope everyone has a happy Monday!


  1. Oh how fun! Just love NY- hope you had a blast :)

  2. Cool field trip! Happy spring break!

  3. What a great kick off to spring break. How many students did you chaperone? I assume they were students. I haven't been to NYC since 1964. Think it has changed any? Hoping to get back there this fall and on to Boston afterward.

    1. We had 15 students! It was a great time! I think we needed an extra day in Boston though.