Monday, June 27, 2022

Hello Monday!

 Hello, hello!  How is your summer going?  It's been so hot and stormy around here.  It's better today though, Buster will actually go outside and not fight it.  

I love having the summer off.  I don't feel super productive, but why does one always need to be productive?  :) 

I have three more papers to write to finish up my Masters.  This has seriously taken so long, but everyone moves at their own pace and I took a few years off.  I plan on finishing them up this week and being done.  I get a pay raise once my transcript is finalized, that's the end goal, right?

This weekend was the final House team game for Fountain City Roller Derby.  My team came in third.  I feel like I played my best game ever and my team did amazing.  I cannot wait until the next House season.  We had a huge crowd come out to support the league.  All-Gender games start in July.  I am on a new team, the Regulators.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and having fun.  I am still a part of training and I've taken on a few more volunteer duties, like recruiting volunteers for games and writing the newsletter.  

How was your weekend?