Friday, July 1, 2022


 We've made it another week! What a week, huh?

It hasn't been as hot this week and it's been a little easier to keep my plants alive.

On Monday, I had made one of the premade lasagnas from Trader Joe's.  The guy that works there said they always sell out super fast.  I didn't eat before I went to practice, but wanted to make sure the kids had food.  Only one kid got food and Buster decided to eat the rest of it.  Alli and I didn't get a dinner that night and I wanted to see why they sell out so fast.

I ran Roller Derby practice on Monday night.  We did a lot of endurance type things and fun games.  It was a good night and I always appreciate good attitudes.

I received an award for a paper I wrote in Ecology and Environmental Science.  They thought my lesson plan/activity on the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico was wonderful.  I might need to include it in my Ecology unit now.

On Wednesdays, I've been going to my friends skate fit class and love it!  I'm going to be sad when school starts again, but she said she's going to try for more evening class times.

Peyton acquired yet another car.  He is going to keep this one though.  He wanted to take me for a ride and we loaded the dogs up and went around the neighborhood.  Down the main street from our house, we saw a huge bird in the road.  It was a vulture.  I had to get a picture of it because it reminded me of a Facebook post that I saw.  Someone didn't know that vultures lived in Kansas.  Vultures are a vital part to any ecosystem.

Thursday was my once a month payday.  First thing, I paid all my bills for the month.  It was a little  to get used to, getting paid only once a month, but now it's not that bad.  I just pay all my bills and know how much I have for the rest of the month.  They paid out my unused PTO and I had extra duty pay from a weekend leadership camp that I was a chaperone on.

I did some shopping, because I like shopping.  Haha.  I picked up a dress that I will probably wear on the first day of school.  

I did some work on lesson plans.  I rather have them ready to go then wait for the last minute.  (In case, I do get Environmental Science sprung on me).  This is how Draco feels when he sees me working..

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!


  1. You had such a great week Morgan!! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

    Happy weekend

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  2. First time commenting on your blog; came over from AbbyNormal :) Oh my gosh, now I have to try that premade lasagna from Trader Joe's. I like lasagna but it is just so time consuming to make it at home that this could be a great fix for when I want some but don't want to do the effort to make one. Wow with roller derby too! I didn't even know that was still in existence. How fun and great exercise! I'm not sure if I would like getting paid just once a monthly. I was always every 2 weeks and now with my temporary job we get paid weekly. It is kind of fun to see the fruits of your labor coming in every week or maybe I just like to spend money? Have a great weekend too!


  3. Congratulations on your award!

  4. Can't believe we are already talking about back to school. The district I always worked for and now sub for goes back on 08.02. Dear me.

    Congrats on the award. Hope you can use the lesson plan with students this year. I like writing lesson plans and agree, I would rather have them planned ahead that be scrambling at the last moment.

    Hope your friend can figure out a way to continue the skate classes in the evenings once school starts. I bet that is a great stress relief.