Thursday, June 30, 2022

Monthly Musings :: Summer Travel


Linking up with Holly for the Monthly Musings.

1.  Favorite Summer Destinations:  anywhere!  I love exploring and going to new places, I also love going places I have been before.  I love going to Lake Sammamish in Washington and to the beaches in Destin, Florida.  
2.  Warm or Cold?:  Both!  The summer we went to Alaska was the best!  I loved the weather and enjoyed the colder weather because I knew back home it was crazy hot!  I love hot places too, especially places with less humidity than Kansas.
3.  This summer I have done a few shorter trips:  One to Denver, which I flew there and one for a conference at the Lake of the Ozarks, but I squeezed some vacaying stuff in also.  I am going to go to western Kansas for a long weekend and I want to either go to NW Arkansas or an Oklahoma trip.  I haven't decided yet.  
4.  Ocean, Lake or Mountains?:  All of the above! 
5. Best travel tips to share?  I always give myself plenty of a time cushion, especially when flying.  I rather arrive early, then late.  Be prepared when traveling by car, don't forget to pack that cooler and extras you might need!
6. Vacation Budget Tips?  Not sure....I guess shop around for coupons and deals on tickets and things.  I like to see what free things are offered and outdoor adventure type things.
7. Overpacker or underpacker:  Definitely an overpacker, but never on purpose!  I just can't make up my mind of clothing choices sometimes!
8. Vacation planned in advance or last minute adventures?  I want to do both, but mostly mine are planned way in advanced.  I like to research and come up with a logical plan!
9. Group vacations or immediate family only:  I like to stay with friends, but the traveling part, I do alone.  I like family vacations, but I really enjoy solo vacations!  lol
10.  I do not travel with our pets.  My dog is a ball of anxiety and I cannot even imagine taking him on a road trip.  


  1. I like going to warm places in the winter!

  2. The midwest is an area I really want to get to- I want to see every state but Kansas and Illinois are at the top of the list! :)