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Monday, March 21, 2016


Nikki, the one taking the picture, is my friend and Girl Scout Troop leader with me.
She texted me asking what we were doing for Girl Scouts.
I actually didn't have a plan yet.
She did.
See Amelia, a little girl who attends school where she works, has a wish.
A wish that made national news.
A wish that had people clean up their neighborhoods.
Nikki wanted to keep her wish going.
It was a great idea.
We cleaned up the outside area where we have our meetings.
We found a lot of stuff in our 30 minutes doing it.
One of the girls even walked away $20 richer.

Then, we made our own cotton candy.
That thing is pretty cool.

Only four girls showed up to the meeting.
I wouldn't have wanted to miss this one though.

Also, if you want to hear more about Amelia's Wish.  Just google it, there is a ton out there on it.

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