Sunday, March 13, 2016


I finished my first class in my Master's Program last week.  It was a science class that integrated all the natural sciences.  Too much info crammed into one class.  But I passed and with a good score, so I don't have any room to complain.
On to my next class,  Chemistry.  I only have to take two of them.  Which I am extremely grateful for.  The rest of my classes concentrate on Biology and the science classroom.
I haven't taken a chemistry class since my sophomore year in high school.  It's been a long time.
I do remember my first day of chemistry class in high school.  The teacher did an experiment thing.  She sprayed some chemicals on a sheet of paper in which she had written with some other type of chemical and the message read "Chem-Is-Try".  So, I'm going to go with that.  I am going to try my best and I'm really not all that worried.
My first week in the class has been completed and my first lab is done.  Hopefully, I can keep the accelerated pace and finish the class in six weeks instead of ten.
First lab...
How in the world am I suppose to measure to 17 mL?!?
This is how exciting a Chemistry webinar is to Peyton.

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