Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello March...

March is here...yay?

I don't talk about work a lot.  I don't like to talk about work.  It's work.  But, I'm going to talk about it for a second.  The monthly staff meeting was today.  It had to be earlier than normal because we had to take a "test".  Anyway, I normally sit in the same spot every meeting. The back table by the windows.  I have to be able to distract myself from some of the idiotic people I work with.  The window helps.  I walk in and someone is in my space.  Joking around I said "you are in my space" with a smile on my face.  She's like "No, this is the State of Missouri's property and anyone that works here can sit here."  Okay then.  "You can't sit at this table, I'm saving the spots for people"  This is not a big deal.  I wasn't going to sit there anyway.  I found a chair, without a table (not enough room for everyone at a table), and just sat there.  I was behind her.  Someone else comes in and asks me why I messed up the row of chairs (yes, I totally displaced the chair from a row, but WHO CARES?!) and I jokingly said "Oh, <insert name here> took my spot I always sit in".  Again smiling about it, obviously not serious.  Well, she went into her little thing about whose property it was.  I said something pretty much along the lines of chill.  It's not a big deal, I was making a joke.  Anyway, the meeting went on.  Shortest meeting in a while.  Thank goodness....

So fast forward an hour.  Working at my desk with my headphones in.  I felt someone put their hand on my back.   Startled, because NO ONE ever comes back to my desk, I turn around.  It was grumpy person from the meeting.  "I wanted to tell you I was sorry.  I've had a lot of problems with <insert problem here> and it's made me kinda mad all the time.  I kept praying and praying over the way I treated you and I knew I needed to come apologize"  I must have had a real dumbfounded look on my face, I said it was fine and it wasn't a big deal.  She told me it was a big deal to her and she shouldn't have treated me like that.... I appreciate her apology.  I didn't expect it or even think anything of it after the meeting. 

This is an example of things that happen to me at work.  I have much better ones.

Wanna know what I was listening to?  I know you do.  I was listening to the Mystery Show podcast.
It has given me some good laughs over the last two days. But I'm done with them now.

You figure out the logo in the third one.


  1. She actually said all that about it being the property of the state?!?! I would have DIED.

    1. I was trying very hard not to laugh. I figured it might make things worse. :)