Sunday, April 10, 2016

the place where the big cats are....

Alli has been wanting to do this for weeks.  Ever since I told her about it, she has wanted to go.  The place with the big cats.  The place where you learn all things about big cats.

We took about a 30 minute drive down south to Louisburg to the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory.

Cats that can roar cannot purr.  Cats that can purr cannot roar.

There's no such thing as a Panther.  The Florida Panther is actually a puma, which isn't even in the Panthera genus, so who knows how that happened.  The Black Panther is actually a spotted leopard with a little more melanin 

This cat is super obsessed with her water bowl.
She's almost two years old and she just loved water all together.
Sisterly love.  These two came from the same litter and are almost
a year old.
She wanted some lovins' and she got some pets from the person
who looks after her.
This is a caracal kitty.  She has long tufts of hair on her ears, her
front legs are shorter than her back legs and she has a little
tail.  She's not endangered in the wild, but people do like to
hunt them because they think they eat their chickens.
The SERVICAL kitty is the one that breds with domestic house cats to get
the Savannah cats.  I want a Savannah cat. 
Fat Bobcat.  Fat happy bobcat
Tanner said the people with us were idiots.  He was right.
Cougar.  Puma,  Mountain Lion. Catamount. Florida Panther.
This guy was adorable.
Someone bought him to be a housecat.
Got him declawed (What vet would do that?)
Then decided he was too big.
So, he's happy here.
Lazy Lions
They have wolves too! 
They were huge!
Here is the spotted leopard!
She's 21 years old and she's healing up so she can go back outside.

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