Thursday, April 28, 2016

Things Peyton have said...

Peyton:  I went to church with Papa.

Me: How did that go?

Peyton:  The neighbors were there.

Me:  Oh

Peyton:  I prayed they would move away.


Peyton:  Are you doing Chemistry?

Me: Yes

Peyton:  Are you making things blow up?

Me: No

Peyton:  That's kinda lame.

An hour later, he was sleeping on the couch.  I made something kinda blow up.
He missed it.


At the library

Peyton:  Why is that guy staring at you?

Me: He asked me if I came to the library to use the internet.

Peyton: What did you say?

Me: I said no, I came to look at books.

Peyton: What did he say?

Me: He asked me if I was married.

Peyton:  What did you tell him?

Me: I said yes

Peyton: But you aren't married, why did you tell him that?

Me: So he would leave me alone.  It worked.  He got up and walked to that table.

Peyton: But he's still staring at you.  Do I need to talk to him?


Peyton:  Mom, can we go to Chick-fil-a

Me: Yes, are you buying?

Peyton:  I'm buying myself my free frozen lemonade. You take care of the rest.


Peyton: Mom, I promise to take showers if you buy me bar soap.


Peyton: Mom, I like wearing almost the same thing everyday.

Mom: That's okay as long as it's clean.

Peyton:  Yeah, I don't want to be the smelly kid.


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  1. Kids see things so differently. Refreshing.

  2. These are so awesome. I prayed they would move away? lol! At least he's praying I suppose! ;)

    1. They are the "annoying" neighbor. lol. I think he wants someone that he can play with and they want destroy things.

  3. Kids are so honest. We all need more of that!

  4. Laugh out loud funny...prayed they would move!!!