Sunday, December 18, 2016

derbies: winter wonderslam

The Sheilas and a few friends decided to participate in a tournament put on by the KC Roller Warriors.
We played a rule set that was completely unfamiliar to us.
We were seeded 8th out of eight teams.
We came in second.
We did all right.

My team needed a place filled about two days before the tournament.
We filled that space with V-Diva of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby fame (you know, the second best team in the country.)
She was super helpful and very patient with us.
She also taught me some amazing WFTDA strategy.  I love strategy.

Here are some more pictures from the event, courtesy of KC Derby Digest.
I jammed.  I got points.

I got to play derbies with V-Diva!  What?!
I survived.

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