Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sooooo colddddd.....

It's been so cold.
Seriously frigid.  Even for the middle of the country.  We've been hit with arctic temps and it's not so much fun.
 I woke up on Sunday morning to -4 degrees F.  By the afternoon when I went to Target, it was up to 4 degrees F.
It was just cold.    You can't really tell the difference when the temperature drops below freezing.
My Girl Scouts had already signed up to be Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army.
It was about 19 degrees F but felt like 11 with the wind chill.
The girls were troopers and last 1.5 hours.  We did give them a few ten minute warm up breaks.
My daughter was a frozen potato as she called herself.
One of the girls showed up in shorts.
No Comment.
One of the other parents had snow pants and long socks in her car and the girl didn't want to wear them.
She tried.
Alli did get some Starbucks to warm her up.
Alli said they received a lot of donations.
I am really proud of the girls for braving the weather
and helping others out.
Clara, Abbi, Sarah and Alli
Abbi and Alli and their poor red noses.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I thought 30 degrees was cold enough. I would not survive in that weather. And my son would totally be the one wearing shorts too.