Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Iron Throne Read Along

I’ve decided to take the leap!  I’m going to read The Song of Fire and Ice series.  I found a nice pacing and reading guidelines on a blog that I follow and decided to join in.  I know I’m a few days late, so lots of reading to do tonight.  It’s a good thing I have all the books in my possession (except book 6, of course) and I do not have to get them from anywhere.
I have not finished the entire Game of Thrones series.  I am in the middle of season four.  It’s so good.  I’m afraid to reach the end because I have heard it’s a hot mess. 
Please check out Novel Knight’s blog for full instructions and an amazing spreadsheet.  It looks so pretty.  Use the hashtag: #IronThroneReadalong and jump into the fun!

A GAME OF THRONES (Book 1) Reading Schedule
June 2 to June 8 → Prologue – Chapter 15
June 9 to June 15 → Chapter 16 – Chapter 29
June 16 to June 22 → Chapter 30 – Chapter 41
June 23 to June 29 → Chapter 42 – Chapter 55
June 30 to July 6 → Chapter 56 – Chapter 72

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  1. Happy reading! I've never done a reading challenge/schedule, but this looks like a fun idea to keep away mindless distractions.