Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  This week is off  to a busy start.  It's okay busy, not overwhelming busy.  Tell me something good that has been going on! 
Here are somethings around these parts:
  • Alli had an amazing time in Costa Rica! 
  • The A/C is getting fixed today! (It was supposed to be last Friday but freak Thunderstorms were happening)
  • My new kitchen table is arriving today!
  • Book exchange is arriving this week!
  • The Vixens won!
  • Derby again this weekend with the Sheilas! 
  • Peyton has two baseball games this week!
  • Alli and I saw Aladdin this last weekend.  I really enjoyed it. 
Introducing our new doggo!
 His name is Buster and we found him at the Great Plains SPCA.  I got my two cats from here also.
He's an Australian Cattle Dog.
He has lots of energy and loves to be outside.
He doesn't run away, he runs around the yard though, having a good old time.
He likes his rope.  He won't sleep on his bed, but he will sleep right next to it.
He uses the ottoman to be the king of the window and guard all the things.
 His best dog friend is my mom's dog, Sophie.  They play and play and play until they are both passed out.
 He was seeing Alli off to Costa Rica.  He's like hoooman doonnn''tttt leave me!
 Peyton and Buster are best buds.  Common sight. 
 Peyton sleeping on the couch and Buster protecting him.
This UNO Flip game is so much fun!  We have played it so many times this week.  I found it at Target and definitely recommend it for family fun.  We tried to teach Buster, but he rather play with  his rope.  Who knew?!


  1. Congratulations on Buster! Australian Cattle Dogs are great! My son has one. The people at the shelter where we got Penny think she has some Australian Cattle Dog in her, but she's so small...