Monday, November 23, 2020

Weekend to a short week!

 I start my new employment today!  What?  I am so excited.  I have a meeting with HR to virtually do my ID process,  First Day Orientation online and a meeting with my new manager.  I don't have my computer yet.  HR said it's on it's way.  I can do all the things listed above on my own computer, so it works out just fine.  Nice, easy first week!  I think I made the right choice on starting this week.

It's been a busy morning already.  I met with Alli's remote teacher.  She is on target with most of her classes.  She can use the holiday break to get caught up in one of the them, but the other one she is sitting on a test that has to be supervised.  She will have to wait until next week.  I met with Peyton's geography teacher.  Peyton is doing a good job, has attended all the virtual meetings and his teacher said he can still do the project he is missing.  I know Peyton had started on it, just not sure where he is at with it.  I am going to have him turn it in this week.  I had already warned the kids if they have missing work, they would be doing it over Thanksgiving Break.  Thank goodness, neither of them have a lot missing.  

This weekend I decorated the front room.  I've also been going through things.  I found a couple of boxes with DVDs.  Probably around 100 of them.  Maybe more.  Half of them are missing.  That means they are floating around this house somewhere.  I will donate a majority of them.  A few I am keeping because they are classics or favorites and can be passed down.

Here is Kibben in the tree before I can even get the lights on it.  He hasn't gotten up in it since I put the ornaments on.  I let him have his fun for a few minutes.  :)

I went shopping on Sunday.  Aldi's has a bunch of fancy cheeses for not fancy prices.  I am making a charcuterie board for Thanksgiving.  I bought a bunch of meats, cheeses and crackers.  We are not having Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Our family needed to postpone until Sunday.  My niece was exposed to COVID 19 and quarantine ends for them on Saturday.  So far negative tests and no symptoms.  Whew!  On Thursday, my mom, the kids and myself are going to my grandpas apartment and having a small dinner.  Chicken, scalloped potatoes, rolls and a cake.  My grandpa is making the cake.  He has been wanting to bake one for a while.

I picked up a few things for him at the store and brought them out to him on Sunday.  We are keeping him out of the stores as much as we can with the rising cases.  Gotta keep him safe.  :)   My mom shopped for him yesterday, but he had forgotten a few things.  We watched a little TV and I told him about Big Sky, I figured he would like that.  He plans on watching it on Tuesday when the episode airs. 

I did some online shopping and worked on gift lists and what I need to purchase.  I need a few more ideas for my teenage boy.  He will probably end up with some money for shoes.  It will make him happy though.  

Peyton attempted his permit test on Friday. He missed it by two questions.  He will have to try again.  It took Alli a few times to pass also.  Some of those signs are ones that you do not see often.

Here are some pictures of Peyton.  He loves those doggos and they were helping me sort socks....kinda.

We can't forget a picture of Freddie, sunning himself on the bench.

I'm just going to watch my First Day video and wait for my computer to arrive.  It should be around 10 am!  Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Drats on the permit test. My nieces had to take it again too.
    We just got rid of a load of DVD's & I have a shelf of my favorites to keep.
    Congrats on the new job!!!

  2. Happy new job day!
    I remember those years of checking for missing assignments - always something!
    Your cat looks like jungle cat in that tree!

  3. Fun pet pics. Our kitties think we have a park in our house when we put up the tree. When they snuggles underneath its branches, I say they are at the park.
    I had a time getting my older daughter to hand in work!! That was a million years ago when school was face to face. Remember those days? I can't imagine trying to keep up with all of it online. God bless you!!

  4. Too bad about the permit test! Good luck with the job.