Sunday, November 1, 2020

Day 1 of 30 Days of Thankful


I have joined The Thankful Project.  I found it on Instagram and we have a Facebook group.  There are only about 30 people in it.  I'll probably share them on here and on the Facebook group mostly.  Maybe a few on Instagram, but I am doing another photo challenge over there this month.

Happy November.  We've made it.  Less than two months left of 2020.  

Today, I am thankful for my silly little menu list.  I made this in the morning after grocery shopping Saturday.  I bought a lot of food.  I shouldn't have to go shopping for a while.  I even loaded up on snacks and drinks.  We might have to make a stop and get some more bread and caffeine though next week.  

I am grateful that I am able to provide this for my family. I know a lot of families are struggling with food insecurity now and that hurts my heart.  At work, I strive to work as quickly and accurately as I can so people can have their Food Stamps to provide for their families.  There are a lot of people on them now that have never had to use this resource before.  It's a scary time for some people.  Each time I go grocery shopping, I pick up a few extra items to put on the community table.  Just this morning, people were in our community group were looking for pantries this week.  I hope they are taking advantage of the free meals offered by the school district for the kiddos.  I noticed that a few of the local churches reached out, that was kind of them.

I usually do not buy this much, but I was subconsciously preparing for this upcoming week and next.  It's such an unknown.

We had our raviolis and salad last night.  We ended up not using the Cesar salad dressing and opted for the Pink Stuff from Old Shawnee Pizza.  (You can buy it at the grocery store)

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